Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Ciao, Bellas: RBTB Says Arrivederci

Well, OK. Not forever. Just, you know, for the summer.

My kids now are going through their second out-of-state move in less than two years, their third in the last six. And if you’ve got children or nieces/nephews or moved around a lot growing up, you know it can wear on a family’s spirit. So rather than drag my young’ns across state lines, killing myself working while trying to take care of them as well as set up new digs and everything that accompanies relocation, this go-round I’ve decided to take time off to attend to their needs.

Sure, it means putting on hold that cool, final phase of the RBTB project I’ve been telling you about. But last night, hanging out with my kids -- playing Bananagrams here at the hotel where we’ll be staying the next two months until we close on our new house -- I realized they don’t just need more of my time since my husband, aka Male Perspective Guy, is on the road so much. I need a little more time with them; I’m looking forward to upping my daily simple, silly pleasure quotient.

Knowing how greatly I value being alive – remember, we just celebrated National Transplantation/Organ Donation Awareness Month – you’d think I’d make every day count. But sometimes even I need something to drag me to a screeching halt, to make me slow it down and remember there’ll always be more romances to write about, so there’s no reason not to sit back and do a little nothing but love on my family for awhile. Oh, and I’ll probably send out a newsletter or two.

When fall comes back around, I hope you’ll head back this way, too, as I reach out to you again to spend time dishing on all the great stuff romance books bring to our lives. I surely have loved what they – and you -- have brought to mine since 2005.

Before you head back out to the rest of your day – and enjoy your spring and summer -- you may wanna’ click here to take a listen to Black Sunshine’s powerful “Once In My Life,” my new favorite crank-the-karma tune. See you soon!

Encore! What do I suggest you read this summer? Anna Campbell’s “My Reckless Surrender,” Toni Blake’s “Sugar Creek ,” Julianne MacLean’s “The Mistress Diaries,” Mary Balogh’s “A Secret Affair,” Lori Handeland’s “Chaos Bites,” Michele Hauf’s “Her Vampire Husband,” Annie West’s “Forgotten Mistress, Secret Love-Child,” Kaki Warner’s “Open Country,” Lori Foster, et al benefit anthologyThe Gift of Love.”
Encore due! Si! I will be watching Italia spank everyone in sight at the FIFA World Cup from South Africa. Azzurri Rules! But, sadly, I think Canna, he will not play…
Encore tre! Make sure you jump on board the RBTB NEWs so you don't miss out on any of the upcoming new stuff happening. You'll only get the advance deets if you take part. So please join here, won't you?!


Santa said...

I know I've been MIA for a while but I've lurked faithfully. Life happens and it's been happening here with a vengence.

Deep breaths, carina. I look forward to a fabulous Fall with you here.

pjpuppymom said...

Michelle, you know I'm going to miss you and my daily dose of RBTB but I totally understand (and agree)with your decision to take the summer off. You, and your family, need this time together.

Enjoy, recharge those batteries and I'll be here waiting for all the fun and excitement your return in the Fall is sure to bring!


Deb said...

Michelle, I, too, have been lurking here the last few weeks by checking in every day. I will miss RBTB this summer, but I agree with PJ that your family comes first. You need to be there for them and enjoy your time with them.

Take care!


Gannon Carr said...

Michelle, enjoy you well-deserved time with your family! Fall will be here before we know it, and RBTB will be hopping!



Vanessa Kelly said...

Michelle, we'll miss you! Take care of yourself and your family, and we'll see you back in the fall.


Anna Campbell said...

Michelle, we'll miss you! Come back and see us! I hope the move goes smoothly and the family settles in and everything is rosy in the garden! Happy summer!

Oh, and thanks for mentioning My Reckless Surrender, well, not MY reckless surrender, my upcoming book, LOL!

Annie West said...

Michelle, I hope you enjoy the time with the family, despite the difficulties of the move! You're so right about the importance of that time. Have a brilliant break away from RBTB so you can come back refreshed.

Am so chuffed that you recommended my 'Forgotten Mistress, Secret Love-Child' for summer reading. I'm looking forward to finishing my current project so I can get into some more reading myself.

Leigh Duncan said...

Enjoy the summer, Michelle! Kids are kids only once, and it's now or miss out. I'll keep RBTB on my dashboard and look for you again this fall.
Hugs and best wishes. Leigh

Anonymous said...

SSSOOOO going to miss you I have you on my favs list and vist everyday to see whats up. I too have moved alot first with my Dad in the airforce. Then with my husband 9Xs in 35 years. Taking care of your family comes first.
Peace to You,

Anonymous said...

Good for you. Keep those priorities where they belong--time waits for no Mom. Good luck with your move, and I'll be looking for you in the Fall.

Becke Davis said...

Much as we love you, Queen Bella, your kids need you more. And having done a few of those cross country (and even intercontinental) moves myself, I know how stressful it can be.

Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then have a frou-frou cocktail and lots of chocolate. Served by a hot, shirtless cabana boy.

What was I saying? I was distracted by that image . . . Anyway, get some sun and have a great summer. I hope the move goes smoothly!

amy kennedy said...

I've said it before, you are the hardest working woman in Romance, and with that, you are entitled to anything you want.

You'll have a ball this summer...and I'll help. But you're on your own with the cabana boy, oh, okay, I'll help with that too.

Are there hot, shirtless cabana boys in the midwest? I better start researching that...

pjpuppymom said...

Amy, having grown up in the midwest I can confirm that yes, there are hot, shirtless cabana boys up there. We called them lifeguards and, hey, if they can save lives they can certainly learn to serve margaritas! *g*

The Reading Frenzy said...

Michelle, my main bella.
Your kids and that handsome guy that nabbed you takes first precedent over us. That's a big yes!!
I will miss you terribly and will count the days until your return. Until then arrivederci for now.
Bye mom enjoy the summer with the kiddos

Unknown said...

Enjoy the time with your family. You will adore it, of course. I'll be waiting here for you to come back, refreshed happy and all moved in!

Lucy Monroe said...

Oh, man...do I remember those days. And you are so right! Your kids need you and you need them. Nothing is more important than family and I think everyone here realizes how beautifully you adhere to that principle. Mega hugs, hon! See you in the fall!

Isabella Bradford/Susan Holloway Scott said...

Michelle, Michelle! I'll miss the daily does of Bella Wisdom, but your place is with those lovely children. They're only kids for a little while -- enjoy every last tile of those Banagrams! We'll be here for you whenever you return.

Have a great summer and an uneventful move, and may this new home really, really be the last one for a while. Hugs to you!!

amy kennedy said...

PJ, that's why I like to go to the pool...but, I'll tell you the difference between a Cabana boy and a lifeguard, one caters to your every wish and the other ignores you, unless your drowning.

Still...maybe that's what it will take to get Michelle to go to the pool with me.

Anne B said...

Have a wonderful summer, Michelle - we'll miss you like crazy but fall will be here before you know it. Have fun...


Tiona said...

Sniffle! What am I gonna do without my RBTB fix all summer?
Guess I'll have to read those books you suggested, QB!
Have a great summer, everyone, and good luck with the move, QB!

pjpuppymom said...

Training, Amy. It's all in the training. *vbg*

cara elliott said...

Have a wonderful summer with your kids and Azzurri. We'll miss you, but will be looking forward to fall!

Keri Stevens said...

I was going to post something warm and inspiring, but up the thread Becke mentioned hot shirtless men, and I lost my train of thought. Again.

Kim said...

Have a nice summer with your children. The blog will still be here, but time with your children is a precious thing.

Playground Monitor said...

I'm late checking in. I've been terribly unfaithful to Belladom while I've been going thru the divorce from hell.

Good luck with your move. Love on your kids a lot. Have fun with them because believe me when I tell you they will be grown before you can blink. My "babies" are 27 and 31 now, and my granddaughter will be FOUR next month. How'd that happen???


Playground Monitor said...

Forgot to recommend a read -- I got an ARC of Christie Ridgway's CRUSH ON YOU. The heroine is Italian and the hero is a true hunk. Takes place in Napa wine country. Lots of sassy dialogue. I enjoyed every minute. It will be released June 1.

Jane said...

Enjoy the summer. See you in a few months.

Becke Davis said...

Missing you! Hope the move is going well.

The Reading Frenzy said...

I ditto Becke, girlfriend especially the missing you part

Jill Kemerer said...

Enjoy your summer with the kiddos! You'll never regret it. And we can't wait to have you back in the fall.

Unknown said...

I know what you mean about life getting crazy, I'm busy trying to balance kid stuff with deadlines and it isn't always easy :(
So go spend a lovely summer with your little darlings!

Rekaya Gibson said...

Okay, I could not figure out why I wasn't getting any news from you, so I visited the site. Dumb me, I did not read this last post until today. I guess after I moved across country in April, my mind was fried. Then I did not get Internet until April 26. All this and you are doing the same. I look forward to hearing from you in the fall. Have a great summer!

Adult Dating Site Reviews said...

Everyone needs a break Michelle and your kids need you more than us! :) We love to read your blogs but you deserve a nice break and then we will get more refreshed writing from you. Come back soooon!

The Reading Frenzy said...

Just checking in, it's almost time for school to start. I'm excited to get you back Michelle, are you ready for us ;-)


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Missing your posts. Hope the move went well and the fam is finding something close to normal. (we just oved at the beginning of the summer, too. I still have boxes)


ev said...

Summer is over. It's time to come back. Where are you????

Pat L. said...

Yeah, 2nd that - miss you. Are you coming back?

Pat L.

ev said...

I don't think she's ever coming back. sigh.

Unknown said...

Good luck with everything. I hope you do come back!

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Thank you!
Kelly Moran

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