Monday, April 19, 2010

Nutty Buddy

Later this week, learn all 'bout Friend of Bella -- and one of the most lovely, genuine people I know -- Dianne Castell's sexy/zany new read, "Hot Summer Nights." Becke Davis tells why you'll love the unlikely hero.

But in the meantime, I want to remind you that the Lori Foster-Dianne Castell Reader and Author Get Together is just around the corner, June 4 - 6! This is literally THE -- and I rarely write all caps, Bellas -- conference I'd go to if I only could choose one to spend my hard-earned cash on. Plus, proceeds from awesome basket raffles this year benefit One Way Farm home for abused and abandoned children.

Readers, you'll meet tons of top authors, your online cyberpals and make new reader friends in an atmosphere that's fun enough to make it worth the trip away from home -- yet intimate enough that you get to spend serious elbow-rubbin' time with your faves. And authors can set up sit-downs with top agents and editors, as well as meet an incredibly eager and respectful bunch of readers.

Check out cool vid action with readers and authors at last year's Get Together -- and Stella Cameron giving a book pitch to HQN editor Margo Lipschultz! -- here. But below's a little piece with Dianne in which she gives the inside scoop on what it's like to be best pals with Lori Foster. It's exactly the kind of convo you might end up having with her if you attend the Foster/Castell Get Together June. She's kind of a nut. But in a really, really good way.

Finally! The winners of the Lydia Dare "A Certain Wolfish Charm" Contest are: Catherine Gayle; Shoshana;Eva S; Nicole Z; Drew s; Amanda; Carol L; Gladysmp; Jedisakora; DianaO-E ! Congratulazione, Bellas! Thanks for your patience. You're being contacted for your snail mails now.
Make sure you jump on board the RBTB NEWs so you don't miss out on any of the upcoming new stuff happening. You'll only get the advance deets if you take part. So please join here, won't you?!


Becke Davis said...

How do I love Lori and Dianne's event? Let me count the ways.

*I did my first ever editor pitch at their event

*I did my first ever (and now hugely embarrassing) agent pitch at one of their earlier events

*I laughed myself silly with my Ohio Valley RWA chapter friends at last years event

*I learned about some positions I didn't know were physically possible from info at one of last year's publisher workshops

*I learned how wonderful Lori and Dianne are -- and B&N's amazing Linda Keller, too

*I met Big Bad Barb and the others who make this event run smoothly

*I spent a fortune at the auction, knowing the proceeds were going to a good cause (hint: bring address labels to stick on the tickets)

*I get the opportunity to share the wealth by donating tote bags of books in the auction

*I've won some very cool books (and, last year, a funky hat box and a bottle of wine) in the auction

*I've had the opportunity to meet readers, writers and a lot of my favorite authors in a setting that is fun and casual and, compared to RWA National, laid back and almost relaxed. Although I'm sure Lori and Dianne are anything but relaxed.

*Last year's event was especially memorable because, even though I knew Michelle online, that's when I finally got to meet La Bella in person. My life hasn't been the same since then!

*One word of warning: sleep for 24 hours before you come to this event. Sleep is NOT on the agenda - there's too much going on!

Keri Stevens said...

You have it spot on. So looking forward to this year.

I love this interview with Dianne: "Say yes to everything"--and then go back to the people whom you love and trust to figure out how to do what you want to do.

(Of course, my motto is "Leap! And love will catch you," so it figures I would love that!)

Captcha is "sublem" as in, "Play that video backwards to catch the subliminal messages!"

Becke Davis said...

The first year I attended I went by myself and was overwhelmed by how friendly everyone was. I thought all those famous authors would be kind of standoffish, but I've since learned that authors are some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet!

Dianne Castell said...

I'm thrilled you all had a great time at the get-together. This year we have over 30 workshops/presentations/agent-editor appointments. Something for everyone if they want to take part but sitting and chatting and catching up with old friends and making new ones is fun too.

Can't wait to see everyone! Thanks for talking about the get-together and Hot Southern Nights. It was a fun to write! A bit more mystery and lots of fun in the South.

Hugs, Dianne

Becke Davis said...

Dianne - I hope people will come back when Michelle posts the blog about Hot Southern Nights later in the week.

You've had so many books come out recently, PLUS you are working on the event. Where do you find the time?

Dianne Castell said...

Hi, Becke!!!!

Lori and I love doing the get-together. We look forward to it each year. There's always time to do the fun things in life. :-)

Sissa said...

The event is way to far for me to go, but it sounds wonderful! I hope lots of money is raised for the One Way Farm. ^^

Thanks again for being chosen to win "A Certain Wolfish Charm". ^^ I've sent my snail mail to you.


Drea Becraft said...

I am all booked and ready for the event!

This is my first year going but I do have friends that have already been and are going again! I am so looking forward to it!

Thanks Gals!

smarthotblondie said...

I agree, it is the one event NOT to be missed! Dianne and Lori do a fabulous job, the authors (and I am one this year)are friendly and helpful and the readers are friendly and helpful and you don't have to know anyone because before you leave you will have made friends for life!
Dianne is a true lady in all the best ways and "Hot Southern Nights" is a MUST read for summer! It is her best book yet and that is saying a lot.
See you all in Cincy!

Dianne Castell said...

Hi, Andrea!
Can't wait to see you at the get-togehter! We have a welcoming committee who will make you feel right at home.
We'll have a blast!

Dianne Castell said...

Hi, Debbi!!!!

I'm thrilled you enjoyed Hot Southern Nights. I loved writing the Jersey gangster morphing into a Southern gent to not get caught by the mob. So much fun. The South may never be the same.


Becke Davis said...

Dianne - the scene with the hair dye was HILARIOUS!

Patricia Sargeant said...

Hi, Dianne!

I'm looking forward to the Get Together and to reading Hot Southern Nights. I love your books.

Huge hugs!!!


Kay Stockham said...

I loooooove Lori and Dianne's event! It is so much fun. It's so nice to go to an event and be 'casual', get to meet readers and friends, and talk about the books we love. I haven't missed a year yet, and I hope I never have to!

Dianne, CONGRATS on the release!


Becke Davis said...

Hi Kay and Patricia - great to see you here! If you haven't read Kay and Patricia's books yet,add them to your list!

Gabriella Edwards said...

Check, check, check to everything Becke mentioned in loving the event. I'm looking forward to my second a published author this time. I'm armed with bookmarks and pens and magnets and-can you tell I'm excited?

And I can't say it enough, thanks to Dianne and Lori and the many others who make this happen. You rock!

The Reading Frenzy said...

Hi bellas, good morning.
If there was one place I could go it would be to this event. And Oh Becke remember getting thrown out of someplace last year, was that here with Michelle?
I don't remember, you get thrown out of so many places. ;-)

Becke Davis said...

Gabriella - ciao, bella! We are going to have SO MUCH FUN!!!

Debbie - yep, Michelle and I were first kicked out of the bar (we were behaving; it was closing) and then at 2:30 a.m. they kicked us out of the lobby. We tend to get carried away when we start talking! Wish you could join us!

Dianne Castell said...

Howdy, all.

Sorry I was MIA...had to work.
I work at this upscale consignment shop in Cincy and we had our designer sale. Where else can you get a Coach bag in great condition for thirty bucks, an Armani suit for a sixty bucks and DKNY for a fraction of the cost. Sooo, we were busy and I had to work!
If you get to Cincy let me know and we'll shop the Snoot!

I'm off to Zumba today for an hour to get my poor body back in shape. Any other Zumba buddies out there?

Today is give-away book day! I'll give away three copies of Hot Southern Nights from the list of respondees today. It's my May release and got 4 stars from RT...always fun to get good reviews and the readers seem to be enjoying it a buch too.

Let me know what's happening in your neck of the woods today!!

Hugs, Dianne

Becke Davis said...

Dianne! I totally forgot about the sale - we drove past there when it was closed the other day and I noticed the sale sign. Rats!!

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