Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Art Of The Sale

TODAY, Monday, March 15, I’m visiting to teach Media Kits 101!

Even if you’re not a romance author, please join us to learn about collecting/creating stuff for a media kit that helps you sell your product, whatever that might be. And I’ll give you a little perspective on how and when to use your digital- or hard-copy media kit.

The rest of the week is really wild fun! Wednesday, meet Lydia Dare, author of a wild new back2back series that begins with "A Certain Wolfish Charm." Lydia's got a double-secret-insiders-only bit of scoopy dish for you!

Friday, RBTB Contributing Editor Tracy Montoya's got another great read to start your weekend right!

In addition to this fun, I'll be enjoying more tedious hours of packing and "staging" as we put our house on the market in a little over a week. Yikers.

Now, if you've ever sold a home, you know the experience runs the gamut from ridiculously tedious to majorly frustrating. This being the third time we've in six years, we should really know the drill. But in this market, who knows what's gonna do the trick of moving a home.

Some folks say we should bury a statue of St Joseph in the yard, because it always miraculously speeds up the sale process. But nobody can quite agree the orientation at interment. Head up. Definitely. No, rather he's supposed to be buried near the For Sale sign, feet to the sky. Or is that feet facing the front door...

At least it's not like the old, old days, when folks buried a cat under the threshold for good luck. Although that would solve the problem of what to do with the ornery, 16-pound Sophia when potential buyers walk through.

One of the hardest parts about moving is culling and packing books. It seems that after a couple years, the "keepers" I thought two years earlier I needed so I could read them into my dotage, aren't as alluring. And that's sad; I want to box em' all. But that's not possible.

So I'm wondering, when you've moved, how did you decide which books to pack, and which to hand off to others? And what's your take on the St. Joe orientation? What other tricks have you heard are sure to sell a home?


Monica Burns said...

Ugh, selling a house can be a major pain. Although we've always had good experiences and have generally sold with 45 days of the sign going up. I firmly believe it's because of the angel symbols I printed out and hid it close to the door where people would enter and leave.

Good luck culling those books. I have a hard time throwing anything away. *sigh*

Emma Holly said...

Hey, good luck with your move! Hope you're going someplace fun! Re: St. Joe - I don't think the particular method matters, as long as you choose one that makes *you* feel more optimistic. The guy's a saint, right? So he's going to forgive you whatever you do with him. :-)

Kara said...

I don't know what I would do with all my books if I decided to move. That would be a tough decision. I would definitely keep my rereads, and if I've collected a series...I wouldn't want to break up the set. I would keep the ones I invested money in...the ones I bought retail. Then, of course, there are my favorites...ACK!!! I don't know what I would do...LOLOL!!

Good luck with selling your house and packing up.

pjpuppymom said...

Well, St. Joseph has been in my front yard since the For Sale sign went up and no luck yet. Maybe this will be my lucky year.

Michelle, I've tried to pare down the number of books I'm keeping but it's really hard to do, especially when you consider that many of them are signed copies. I finally rented a storage unit, boxed them up in Rubbermaid containers and moved them over there. They're out of the house but I don't have to make a decision about them just yet.

Good luck with the house. I hope it sells quickly!

Keri Stevens said...

St. Joe goes in head down (or so I have heard).

When I have moved I always look for two things in a "keeper" book: Will I ever read it again (really?) or do I want my kids to read it? I find it's much easier to cull books when moving them costs me so-much-per-pound per mile.

David B. said...

Michelle was kind in neglecting to mention that during this packing/staging/moving process, my singular focus is to throw out everything that's not nailed to the floor. Clearly Michelle's respect for books is appropriate and reasonable. But we'll probably have no fewer than 14 boxes of books coming wth us to Minnesota. That kinda makes me scratch my head and roll my neck because those suckers are heavy. But I must say she is doing a good job of "culling the herd."

Lisa Hendrix said...

Hi, Michelle -- Your Romance U link goes only to a GoDaddy park page. It should should be a .org, not a .com.

Morgan Malone said...

St. Joe goes in head down and facing the front door...or so I've been told.
Books? I hate to get rid of any but have been quietly disposing of paperbacks, unless they are Nora's or Elizabeth Lowell's. I tend to keep series, certain authors and ones I re-read. Need to keep culling as I hope to move next year. Good luck!

ev said...

Why do you think I went digital? Absolutely no room left in the inn. I have books in plastic storage containers in the storage unit. Ugh. Most will end up at the VA I am sure at some point. Except for certain HC's that I will never part with.

So where are you moving to? Again? LOL remember- 12 years later and I am still unpacking!

Lucy Monroe said...

Okay, so rather than culling, we got another room for bookcases. LOL And yep, I've gone digital on pretty much all of my current buys (they aren't all available for Kindle or Sony) so we don't have to expand the library yet again. Though I am considering having custom bookcases floor to ceiling installed - that's more important than a new car, right? ;-)

David - I'd say you sounded like Hubcap, but truth is? The man has as many board games (classic and present), models, electronic toys and dragons - not to mention his sword collection (nothing like yours Monica - they're cheap but cool looking), that he has to have his own room too. The kids (young adults now) love to use his room to host their gaming get togethers though and they use my library for video parties (yes, I allowed a projector TV to be installed and the screen drops down over the window). So, it's all good.

Good luck on the culling, the selling and the move!

Becke Davis said...

I just stopped over at Romance University - I bookmarked it; I need to check out Stephanie's site. Great, informative post!

Oh - moving. Don't talk to me about moving. We've moved back and forth across the ocean and from Chicago to New Jersey and back. It's been 17 years since we moved from Chicago to Cincinnati; one of these days we'll be moving from our biggish house to a smallish condo or townhouse.

Every time we move the books are the biggest nightmare. When we moved here all those years ago, we had roughly 70 cartons of books and that number has easily doubled. I can't offer any advice - we just bring them all.

lisadh said...

I've had quite a few moves from apartment to apartment and then finally to a house and then to our current house. Probably about 9-10 times. And since I began reading and buying my own books in high school, I've had to cull through and sell many a book.
How did I decide? Mostly the same that have been mentioned - were they favorites, will I read them again - that sort of thing.
In hindsight, there are some that I wish I still had as they aren't readily available, had the original covers, etc. In particular, the Velvet Saga by Jude Deveraux, and some old Karen Robards. I did have the presence of mind to keep all my Judith McNaughts and so I still have (what I believe to be) an original release of "Whitney, My Love".
Just this weekend, I had to box up some books so that I have room for the newer stuff (DH won't get more bookcases, can you believe that? LOL). Same criteria, but not as dis-heartening because I know they'll still be in the house, just put in another room. Much easier to do that way.

amy kennedy said...

St. Joseph: feet up, face (his) facing front door. But I like Emma's idea -- whatever makes you feel comfortable.

And Keri -- I thought I was the only one who kept books for my kids to read. I mean every house needs a copy of Jane Eyre, right?

Michelle,when I have to get rid of books, I always think to myself, I can buy them again if I need to, or go to the library...but I hate it anyway. Put your sunglasses on and show no mercy. Think of the next person who will read your book and how happy they'll be.

Then said...

Yikes, is right on that "staging", Michelle! Good luck!

Poor St. Joe definitely goes head first into the loam. At least that's what my Catholic mother always says.

As for books, when I moved three years ago I packed every one of them. Can't bear to lose a single old friend! :)

Tiona said...

QB, I am actually in the pre-process of moving. As in I will be moving here in a few months as I currently in negotiations for funding for a house for me. Yes, I said FOR ME! Yay! I'll be moving out of my rental and into a brand-spanking new house! So exciting!
But yes, the first thing I thought of was 'What about all of these books?'
There are a few I am going to sell at yard-sale, a couple more I'm going to be giving to the library and some I am keeping. Those keepers are the one's like Kresley Cole's that I KNOW I'll be reading again. It's so difficult to part with ANY of them, though, no matter their keeper status. Or, it is to me, hehe.

The Reading Frenzy said...

Michelle, good luck on the sale and move. I would leave the encyclopedias behind and make sure all the HEAs are loaded in the truck.

Oh and Dave, you might want to check with UPS/Fed-Ex or USPS to see what might meet you when you get there.
Oh Michelle, I didn't give away any secrets did I ;-)

Great lecture btw, teach!


Joan said...

Hey QB! I can't give specific advise there- I'm in too big of a mess myself!! In general I'd say go with your heart and what feels right to you. I'll be thinking of you and hope all goes well:) Joan

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