Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lydia Dare GuestBlog: 2 For 1 -- Or -- My Shocking Secret Revealed Here First!

CONTEST TODAY!!! 10 randomly chosen commenters win copies of Lydia’s “A Certain Wolfish Charm!” Pls have email in comment or avail in blogger accnt to enter.

From Lydia: Psst! Have we got a secret for you! That’s right, we said we. Allow us to introduce ourselves. I’m Lydia Dare, and well…she’s Lydia Dare too. There are two of us that make of the writing team of Lydia Dare – Jodie and Tammy or Tammy and Jodie.* (We’d hate for one of us to get top billing over the other).

Our first book, "A Certain Wolfish Charm," hits shelves April 6th. It’s set in a world that combines the elegance and refinement of Regency England with that of mysterious and secretive Lycans -- Or werewolves for you non-paranormal readers. At first glance these two worlds are vastly different, which was why it took two of us. Neither of us could have created this world without the other one.

You see, Jodie pretty much lives in the nineteenth century and can quote more truths about the Regency Era than an encyclopedia. And Tammy lives in a world where alpha-beast howl at the moon or bite their lady-love, in the most pleasurable and hottest ways of course.

But together, well, together we can combine our strengths and create something that is truly magical. At least it is for us when we write together, and we hope it’s magical for readers as well. The two of us have been friends for a few years and when we decided to embark on this quest together, neither of us was quite sure it was going to be successful. But we had nothing lose and a lot to gain.

It has been quite the journey. There is something special in having a partner to share this wonderful experience – from The Call, to the editorial notes, to the line edits, to the… ok, most of this is wonderful and some a little painful. But even in that, it’s reassuring to know that when you want to pull your hair out and cry, your writing partner is right there beside you, experiencing the same things.

Honestly, that’s about all we have in common, however. We are vastly different people with very different lives. How we are able to make this work is as much a mystery to us as it is to everyone who knows us. Yet it does somehow work. A "Certain Wolfish Charm" is only the first in our back-to-back-to-back trilogy chronicling The Westfield Wolves. And we are currently working on four more books that start up where the Westfield brothers leave off.

How about you? Have you ever thought of pairing up with a friend to create something, a bit out of each of your comfort zones? And if so, was it magical? Or a mess?

*Jodie Pearson and Tammy Falkner
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Unknown said...

How fun! Your book sounds fantastic, I would love to win a copy, but not to worry it will be on my reading list just incase I don't!

I have never thought to have a friend and I team up, more or less because none of my friends really read let alone have the desire to write. A shame really, but I do know that they will read my book to support me!

Fun post!

host said...

Sounds fun! I love working in a team, I love debating and sharing ideas. I find it easier to finish anything if I have a partner :)

Book of Secrets said...

Jodie and Tammy, I'm looking forward to reading your new book! I love historical and paranormal romances (especially werewolves). Other than school projects years ago, I haven't done much "team work." My cousin and I have talked about opening a coffee shop/bakery/used bookstore someday, but for now that's just a dream...


Lydia Dare said...

Jodie: Hello, everyone!

Let me first say thanks to Michelle for hosting us today. We really appreciate it.

And Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Jen - Thanks for putting us on your TBR list.
And my non-writer friends are the same way. I have a lot that don't read. Tammy and I actually met through our local RWA chapter, which is amazing. I'm fairly shy and was really nervous about joining because we have some big name stars in the group. But as soon as I walked in the door it was like having 100 instant friends who all wrote. Tammy and I joined at the same time and kind of latched on to each other.

Host - Having a partner was great! Each book in this trilogy only took us two months a piece. So much faster than I would normally write. We do nag each other when one of us takes too long.

Diana - I hope you enjoy the books. And running a coffee shop/bakery/used book store with your cousin sounds fun. Don't stop dreaming about it.

Kirsten said...
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Catherine Gayle said...

Hi ladies! I think its fascinating to learn how your partnership came about. It sounds like you really are playing to each of your strengths in a way to make something else stronger than either of you could have done on your own. I tend to be a control freak, so I'm not sure how I would do if I got into a writing partnership like this. Maybe someday I'll give it a shot and find out, though.

Clarissa Southwick said...

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at this book, and it truly is magic the way you two weave words together. Try as I might, I can't figure out where Jodie starts or Tammy ends. I don't usually like werewolves, but I'm definitely hooked on this series. I can't wait to order copies for all the romance readers in my family.

Unknown said...

The book looks good. Always like the paranormal types, and throw in romance and it's a sure hit with me! Well, unless it's a certain overly-advertised series I can think of. I'd love to read this one though!

Lydia Dare said...


Kirsten - I hope you enjoy the books. Quilting together sounds like so much fun. You must work well together.

Catherine - LOL. Tammy and I are both control freaks in our own way too. None of our family members thought this would last. What we had going for us was a couple of things. (1) We both had the same goal of making the story the best it could be - even if the idea belonged to the other one. (2) We trusted each other's judgment.

Gail - Thanks! You are so sweet. I'm glad you enjoyed the sneak peak at these books, and like our werewolves despite the fact that they're werewolves. ;)

Elizabeth - Thanks for saying you like the look of these books. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did writing them.

Amy DeTrempe said...

My brother and I discussed writing a Civil War romance. He would be more the history/war and I would be the romance. Maybe someday we will. It is actually started - five whole pages.
I cannot wait to read your wolf series. Love the covers. said...

I completely agree with Gail. I was not a werewolf fan in the least. But Jodie and Tammy won me over early on in the first book. A Certain Wolfish Charm is so fun. I can't wait to get my copies of all the books.

I joke with one of my friends about writing together, but although we help each other out, our voices are very different. Plus, we write the same genre. I wouldn't rule out teaming with another author. Sounds like a fun adventure.

Lucy Monroe said...

Hey, gals...what a fun post! I love the idea of writing in a team, but don't think I could pull it off like you two are doing. I'm far too bossy. Yes, I admit it. The only kid in our family who ever felt like she was older than me (even though 4 were) was my oldest sister. When we played school as children (I was about 4), I played teacher. LOL Bet a psychotherapist would have fun with that one!

Anyway, your books sound fabulous - I love shapechangers! Your sound particularly fun. :) What a way to turn Regency England on its ear. LOL

Sissa said...

Hi Lydia,
Your book sounds wonderful! Hmmm my sister and i once teamed up to create a cake that looked like Mario's castle for our brothers birthday. It was a bit out of our comfort zone because we've never really made anything that fancy. Just your basic one layer cake. It turned out a cross between mess and pretty good work. The castle turned out to be a bit of a Colosseum and kinda of kept tipping over. I have to say we made the courtyard look fabulous and the cake was editable. lol


Lydia Dare said...


Amy - Writing a story with your brother. Wow. I love mine, but I don't know that we could ever collaborate. Good luck with that.

Samantha (who is a critique partner of ours) - I'm so glad we won you over with our wolves.

Lucy - believe me, we are each bossy in our own way. That's one of the reasons neither of our families thought we could make this work. LOL. So, of course, we had to prove them wrong. And actually, we had A LOT of fun writing these. I hope you'll enjoy them.

Melissa - Great story! And a messy cake tastes just as good as a pretty one, sometimes better depending on the amount of frosting. ;)

Vanessa Kelly said...

Lydia, it sounds like great fun. Can't wait to read it!

I'm also part of a romance writing team, working away with my husband. It's sometimes a challenge to synch writing styles and visions, but, really, it's twice the fun!

Margay Leah Justice said...

I tried that once years ago and it was a mess. I did all of the actual writing and she didn't like any of the ideas that I came up with, so I was basically writing her book for her. Needless to say, nothing came of the story.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Bellas and welcome "Lydia," if that's even your real pen name...


So nice to have you here, and contratulazione on your series! Werewolves in London? Who'd believe it?

It's always fascinating to hear of writing teams, how it works out and authors end up inspiring one another, riffing on ea other's strengths, shoring ea other up. Always amazing when the voice ends up so seamless.

I love collaborating and recently have been fortunate to find a couple folks who really click. I become better at what I do because of them, and love not having to be the idea chick all the time. The infusion of energy and creativity is tremendous, and there's not an issue for me with control because it's about sharing a vision as well as credit. If I'm wise enough to hook up w/bright, talented folks, I figure it only makes me look and become better.

I've been frustrated in the past, however, wanting to work w/folks, inviting them to create projects, then having them kind of fold or peter out, maybe get overwhelmed or intimidated by the work. I understand completely, but I find that incredibly disappointing, not because they've let me down or anything, but because I was really looking forward to the ride, which is the best part of the vision/accomplishment process. Does that make sense?

Jamie said...

Can't wait to read your book. I know it has been ages in the works!

Shoshana said...

Yes! Yes! I cannot wait for this book to come out. You guys are wonderful and I am so glad that you worked well together and produce magical books.

I've paired up with a friend to study and make As in college and we're quite successful. We shared many junk food meals...and shared many jogs together to make sure we stay size 1....but it was fun.

Please include me in this wonderful giveaway.

I hope you're writing about the witches next.

s7anna said...

You're a new author for me and I'm thrilled to have learnt about your's just been added to my buylist b/c there's nothing better than a great paranormal romance. :)

Congratulations on your upcoming release!!!

As for your question, I have actually collaborated with my Mum a lot of times in designing certain clothing/jewellery pieces that she's designed and they've always been a very fun experience. We have such different tastes but they always somehow amalgamate into a end product that satisfied us both.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Lydia Dare said...


Vanessa - how fun to write with your husband! Good for you.

Margay - I'm so sorry. What an exhausting experience that ended so badly. Maybe you can find someone out there you'll mesh with much better. :)

Michelle - Thanks again for having us today. We do appreciate it.

And - Lydia is our real pen name. It took us forever to agree. Honestly, it was easier naming our children than it was to name ourselves.

I'm so glad your recent collaborations have turned out so well. It's great when there's a certain trust and connection between people working together for a common goal. :)

Jamie - How sweet you are to drop by! And, it does feel like this journey has been forever.

Shoshana - I'm excited you're excited! And you'll be happy to know that we are working on some witch books right now. :)

s7anna - I hope you'll love the books. What a great story of working with your mother. I bet the pieces were lovely.

Bethany said...

These sound really fun and happen to be two areas where I'm trying to expand my reading.

I'll be looking at the store!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodie & Tammy!

I am so excited about this series. Hum, I think you two are braver than I am or less selfish. See, my name is Brande and I am a control freak. As much I would love to work well with others it is hard for me. I am not against a little brainstorming, but if I don't have control I feel like everything around me is falling apart.


elaing8 said...

This series sounds so good.I've read about it as a series to watch.Love the covers too.
I'm too much of a control freak to do something creative with a friend or family member.I'd just take over the project and fighting would ensue.So it better if I just went at it alone.


Reading said...

I usually don't team up with friends to get things done. I am way too much of a control freak for that. I a much better one my own.

lizzi0915 at aol dot com

Michelle Santiago said...

sounds like a fun writing team and a fun series! i haven't read a book written by a writing team yet.

as for teaming up with a friend, i can't do it. the only time i ever teamed up with anyone was in high school or college when we HAVE to work in groups for presentations and i just usually ended up doing all the work b/c everyone else were procrastinators and i'm a control freak who wants it done now.

bookmakeupreview AT gmail DOT com

katsrus said...

I have thought to join up as a team with a friend either. Sounds like fun. I think it is interesting you wrote a book together. Love the cover and it sounds wonderful. Adding it to my to read pile. Thanks for being here.
Sue Brandes

Unknown said...

How wonderful to be able to write together! I went and joimed gmail so that posting here is easy. I will be honest I haven't read these books but boy I want to now!
Peace To All,

Lydia Dare said...


Bethany - I hope you enjoy the merging of the two sub-genres.

Brande -I totally get the control freak thing. We are both that way, but we had areas of control that the other one respected. And we've had an occasional fight here and there. ;)

Chelleyreads - I know just what you mean. My son is in his first year of middle school and he has had his first "team" project and he moaned forever about no one else pulling their weight. I told him it was a learning experience for working in Corporate America.

Sue - Thanks for putting us in your TBR pile. I hope you'll enjoy the stories.

Bernie - Thanks for commenting! I'm glad we've piqued your interest.

Elaing8 - I'm glad you like the covers. I'm a little partial to them myself. And I SO could not work with a family member. We have too much history.

Bethie - Thanks for posting! It's always best to know your strengths. :)

Becke Davis said...

This sounds like my kind of book!

Becke Davis said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

May your troubles be less,
And your blessing be more.
And nothing but happiness,
Come through your door.

Andrea I said...

I enjoyed the interview. It's interesting how two authors with different backgrounds can come together to create a book combining the two. I would love to win it, but if not it will be on my TBB list.

throuthehaze said...

Your book sounds interesting! Will definitely add to my TBR pile

Then said...

I am SO excited about this series! Sexy Regency hunks with a valid excuse to be all "You're my woman!" and a dash of humor thrown in? Where do I sign up? :)

I just co-wrote an article for a magazine with a friend, and I finally understand how finding the right writing partner can really work. Kudos to you two for finding each other and making it work to all our benefit!

Michele said...

UM. I've had the EXTREME pleasure, honor and totally awesome opportunity to read the first one already for a review site I belong to. I cannot find the words to express how much fun reading Tall, Dark & Wolfish was. Well, I have, it's in the review, *gg*

That said, I usually stay away from historical romances but the lure of the wolf totally hooked me.
I am in queue to review the other two as well and I refer to them affectionately as my 'wolfie books'. I got dibs. lol

I had no idea there were two of you. The writing is seamless, engrossing and delicious. I congratulate both of you on a unique perspective and the ability to draw in a non-historical reader.

And four more books? Oh please please tell me it's that family with the many brothers. You painted SUCH a delightful picture of men who need handling by the right women. In fact I found the whole family dynamic endearing and grin inducing.

Even if they are pure historical, you can count me in as a reader. I love your style!

Eva S said...

Regency and werewolves, two of my favorites! Looking forward to reading the books.

As for teaming up with a friend the only time I've done it is at work when we are doing some projects.

Lydia Dare said...


Becke - Love the poem! Very St. Paddy's Day.

Andrea - Thanks for saying such nice things. We find it interesting too, I assure you.

Throughthehaze - Thanks for stopping by!

Katharine - Have you met our heroes? That's exactly like something they'd say. :) Thanks for your sweet sentiments.

Michele! - You got to read Ben's story? Tammy and I differ on which hero is our favorite. For me it's a toss up between Ben and Will depending on the day. (She loves Simon). I'm so glad you liked the books despite their historical setting. LOL.

And the next four - Well... between you, me, and everyone reading this - book 4 is a "bridge" book which will connect this trilogy to a vampyre trilogy that is due out next Spring. And the three vamps are sort of related. Not sure if that answered your question.

Lydia Dare said...

Eva - I'm so glad a couple of your favorite topics. And I've teamed up at work too (but there if I'm not in charge I get grumpy.) ;)

Jane said...

Congrats on your debut release, Jodie and Tammy. I think I work well with others, but have never thought of trying to create or start a business with a friend or relative.

Jane said...

Sorry, forgot to leave my email.

janie1215 AT excite DOT com

Michele said...

Well, Lydia ...
You sort of answered my question - no brothers. As far as I can tell from your answer. So, I'm going to put a bug in your ear and BEG for Emory. I know I can't get into detail but those other sisters- ROTFL - what characters you wrote. Perfect foils. And Pierce! Come on...someone simply has to unstuff his stuffed shirt. Oh the possibilities! Like I said, I loved your writing. I think your world building really drew me in because here I am wanting to talk about this person and that, and how I enjoyed their interaction - and I can't ::pouts::

BUT - vampires? That's another "hook" for me. More bite. Tee hee . So, since it's a bridge, will that continue your unique thread and keep it in the historical category?

And I like Simon AND Ben the best. Will's had some great secondary characterizations which are rich and varied enough to revisit in the future ::hint-hint:: but I lean towards the alpha kind of guy, which is Simon, and Ben - well, he was well played against Elspeth.

But we have to wait until 2011 for the vampire romances? That is soooo far away! :-)
Thank you for sharing that with us tho. I am so excited to have something awesome to look forward to for next year.

I'm SO happy to be a Bella. I get to personally WOOT and ::high five:: to a pair of fine writers. Thank you!!!

Lydia Dare said...

Jane - Thanks for the kind sentiment. And working as a team isn't for everyone. :)

Michele - OH! You meant Prisca's brothers? Sorry, I must be a little dense today. Those 5 are certainly in the backs of our minds.

And the bridge book and vampyre books next Spring will still be in the Regency. That's where I live, it would be hard for me to go anywhere else. :)

LSUReader said...

Congratulations on the release of your book. It sounds great. Writing as a team must be so difficult; glad to see it is successful for you. Happy St. Pat's Day.

Michele said...

LOL! Yes! Yes, to Prisca's brothers! tee hee... and I'm THRILLED to hear they are perculating. Yay! and ooooh, Vampires in the Regency period are so doable. I mean their late night partying always seems a perfect match. And, they all loved pale skin anyway. I can't wait to see what you come up with for conflicts, sexy shannigans and mesmerizing talent.

And you're not 'dense'. lol - I'm thinking your characters are talking to you and distracting you.
I can see Emory nudging you and saying, "Yes, us. You have to save us from Prisca! You know she's going to make us pay." He shudders at the thought. **snicker** - Like I said, that family dynamic is ripe for fun.

Heather M. said...

I happen know these lovely ladies from our writers group! I really, really don't know how they both come together to write a book. As a writer myself this just seems impossible BUT these two have seemed to make it happen! So congrats to them both! I read an exerpt from a certain wolfish charm on Amazon and I loved it :)

Lydia Dare said...


LSUreader - Thanks so much! And Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too.

Michele - All I can say is I come from a big family. Those dynamics are well engrained.

Heather - How sweet you are to stop by and visit! Thanks so much.

Unknown said...

I am more than excited to read these books. I've been hearing about them since last summer! Congrats to both of you ladies!

Lydia Dare said...


Diane - Oh, thanks! We really appreciate it. :)

Nicole Zoltack said...

I've never thought about pairing up and writing with a friend before. Sounds like hard work! But my sister also writes, so maybe we could come up with something together.... Now there's an idea....

Nicole.Zoltack AT

Heather Boyd said...

I've thought about pairing up with a friend to write, but I'm so worried I'd let her down! LOL I cannot wait to read these!

Lydia Dare said...


Nicole - If you give it a whirl, good luck.

Heather - You struck on something that worked for us. It's easy to let yourself down, but it was a lot of pressure to make sure you didn't hold on to pages too long, etc. So it was a motivator for us. :)

Pamela Keener said...

A friend of mine wants to start a candle making web business when she retires & wants me to set up the website. I don't know much about web design but am willing to learn. This is a timely subject for me. I think it can be beneficial to both of us and am considering it.

Good luck with your series it sounds like a great start.
Love & Hugs,

Unknown said...

those sounds like intering reads.


GladysMP said...

The old saying, "Two heads are better tha one," certainly doesn't mean on the same body. In my case my daughter and I team up quite often, but I might mention how we designed unique Christmas tree ornaments out of whatever felt, sequins, rhinestones, ribbons, etc. we had in our handwork holders. Together we came up with some darling ornaments and get gobs of compliments on them every Christmas. Working together is fun and inspiring.

Barbara E. said...

Oh wow, a paranormal regency? I so want to read this book, or actually this series, since it looks like there are more coming.
As far as pairing up with someone on a project, I seem to work better alone, at my own pace. It's nice to brainstorm with someone, but for actually doing any kind of project, I'm kind of a loner, so it would certainly be out of my comfort zone. If the right person and project came along though, I'd be willing to give it a try.

Gabriella Edwards said...

The books sound great, combining two favorite genres--how can these not be hits!

As for writing with someone, good question! I've met so many fabulous people on my way to publication, I can't imagine having a problem writing with any one of them. But...I don't know. Something about it makes me hesitant. I'll have to think about that a bit more.

Looking forward to reading your work, ladies!


Lydia Dare said...


Pamela - What a great plan that sounds like. I'm sure you can do the web design. (I can't - I'm electronically challenged, but I'm sure you can.)

blackroze37 - Thanks! We appreciate it.

Gladys - Heavens! Just the way you describe the ornaments sounds lovely. (I love ornament, they're my favorite gift to give.) It's so great you can do that with your daughter.

Barbara - That's the attitude we had. Eh, we'll give it a try. It worked for us because we each brought something else to the table and complimented each other's weakness.

Gabriella - We were definitely hesitant, and just as surprised as everyone else that it worked out. Thanks for commenting!

Karyn Gerrard said...

I am kind of a lone wolf (no pun intended) when it comes to getting things done!

Book sounds fab, all the best with it!


Lydia Dare said...


Drew - Thanks for the laugh. :) Have a great night.

Gannon Carr said...

Sorry I'm late to the party. :-)

I'm so looking forward to reading this series, Jodie and Tammy!

Lydia Dare said...


Gannon - Thanks so much. We hope you'll enjoy it.

Lydia Dare said...

Michelle - It has been such a wonderful day. Thank you again for hosting us and making us feel so welcome. We've loved being your guest today and hope everyone has a delightful night!

~ Jodie & Tammy

Unknown said...

woohoo looking forward to reading this book!

amandasaucy at gmail dot com

Sue A. said...

I wish I could say I'd paired up with a friend to take on a new adventure, but that's never happened for me with any of my friends. We usually ended up going on our adventures separately.

alternate email from blogger
magenta 2 red [at] gmail [dot] com

Laurie G said...

Congrats on your writing SUCCESS! the books sound great! I like the idea of a writing duo... lot's of support and encouragement from your partner!

I'm still just starting to delve into paranormals. I'd love to win yours "A Certan Wolfish Charm"!

Carol L. said...

Hi Lydias,
Congratulations on your book. I love stories with were wolves in them.
once upon a time a friend and I thought of getting together to write about our exploits and the events in our lives because of funny they were. Thankfully we didn't and just continued to amuse family and friends with our tales. :)
Carol L.

Kim said...

It sounds interesting. I keep seeing this book mentioned on different blogs.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great read! I love pairing up with friends and working together as a team. We did this back when I was in school!


mariska said...

i was once joined with a friend to sell clothes, shoes,bags. well, it was so success at first but then after 6 months. we just couldn't be a team anymore. my friend was so busy doing other things. too bad !

uniquas at ymail dot com

Anonymous said...

I got my copy via Amazon already! I LOVE IT and can't wait to continue reading!

evision said...
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