Thursday, February 18, 2010

Q: Are We There Yet?

A: Almost!

You may not remember, but a year ago when RBTB moved back to these digs from myLifetime, I told you some big things were in store for RBTB. Well, we’re working into the final phase. Knowing that shift was coming, I made the decision recently to wrap up my time at, where I created with them their first romance fiction blog, “Heart to Heart.” I really enjoyed writing about romance there, but, as you know, Romance: B(u)y the Book’s been my heart since 2005.

Back in February of 2006, this blog was born in the RIP-form of Romance: By the Blog. And one of the first posts I wrote was called, “Toe Curling Hotties,” in which I asked my two viewers who was the hotter Olympic curling-team skip, TEAM USA’s Pete Fenson, or TEAM Canada’s Brad Gushue.

If you know anything about those sexy guys who brave the ice with sweepers in hand, who thrust their stones with gusto while their mates cheer them on, then you agree there’s nothing like a curling man to thrill a girl while he shows her a slow, easy and controlled slide to the button.

So in honor of the fourth anni of this RBTB blog, and our USA Men’s Curling Team from l’Etoile de Nord -- the great state of MN, soon to be my home-again home – I ask you:

Which team do you find hotter? Team USA (above, RT)? Or our Neighbors to the Nord, Team Canada (Left)? Hint: This team's got a cutie who realized if he let his hair grow out, he’d be ready for reality…*

*It’s actually a pretty moving story (photo, right).
Cheer on TEAM USA in all the events. Click the pic to head to the official site of the US Olympic Committee. Catch the latest news -- like whether the Dudes from Duluth can wing-and-prayer it -- and sign up for exclusive updates through the rest of the games.


Becke Davis said...

Chris' story is wonderful, I'm so glad you shared it with us.

I'm sad about losing you at B&N, but I'm VERY excited to be part of the renaissance of RBTB.


Marilyn Shoemaker said...

I agree it will be a shame but I can certainlly understand, you wear so many hats. You are such an inspiration to the romance community! xx

Great post by the way.

Monica Burns said...

Aww man, you're gonna make me PICK! That's tough. I had to go with the smiles. I don't know who the two cuties are on the right in the US team shot, but DAYUM they are hot!

And while I'm sorry you're not going to be over at B&N in the future, I know you're going to be happy to go back to MN. And I'm delighted you're going to be back here a little more often.

Becke's right. You RAWK!

David B. said...

Intersting how the Olympic stage can make rock stars out of rock sliders. I'm partial to the Swedish women's team myself.

Male Perpsective Guy

Keri Stevens said...

Curling? Isn't that the sport where a buncha guys drinking beer squint at the Roomba while it vacuums?

(*runs away*)

My captcha is "seshun" as in--Good luck in the next seshun of your life, Michelle. It will be fun to hop in the sidecar once in awhile.

amy kennedy said...

I happen to remember that first post. I'm going with team USA, first, 'cause they're cute, second, 'cause they're from my state, third, 'cause I love the story you shared with us , Michelle.

Oh, and this is moi doing a dancing for joy dance, I cannot wait to have Michelle back here in Minn -- where we can giggle about cute dads, and make everything a cocktail party.

Becke Davis said...

Amy, I'm happy because you and Michelle are happy, but at least when she was in Illinois there was the possibility of seeing her (when my family doesn't book all my time). I'll have to tag along on some of my husband's business trips to MN!

Gabriella Edwards said...

Hi Michelle, everyone! Pretty new to Belladom, I've enjoyed myself following along and joining in on the fun. And I'm looking forward to more, more, more!

Today, Becke left me a message stating she thought I should check out this particular blog...hmm, I wonder why? *grin*

She knows me all too well and since I'm ever so fickle and couldn't decide on which team I like more ( I want them both!) I had to flip a coin and the Canadian team has my vote. Yeah, they make me want to belt out "Oh, Canada..."

I could really, really go in so many different directions with this topic, but I'm proving to my skeptics that I can contain myself faced with two hunky Olympic teams. We erotic romance writers are so often misunderstood.

And Keri, AKA Captcha Princess, my captcha is "stush" Oh, yeah, I'm behaving myself! *squirm*

Joan said...

Hi Michelle!!
I think I'm getting the hang of things around here!!

Amy & Becke- you guys are sooooo lucky to be so close... I'm all the way on the east coast- NY! Phooey!! I would love to have a tea party w/ Michelle but THANK GOD for the internet or I would've never had the gift of knowing Michelle. Thank you for the gift of you Michelle; you are an inspiration and a ray of sunshine in my day!


Becke Davis said...

Joan - I think what we should all do is fly south for the winter. I'm so sick of cold weather!

Tiona said...

I must admitt that Team USA does have cuter guys and the guy there on the right is sure a cutie, hehe.

Helen Brenna said...

Okay, did I read that correctly? You're moving back to MN? kewl.

Helen Brenna said...

Oh, and the curlers are HOT, too! lol

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Becke, it's amazing what folks overcome when they reach out to be the best at something. Going to the Olympics is a big deal for any sport. And imagine how it would have been for his folks...

Thanks, Marilyn. That's great praise coming from someone who's such a good connector in the comm'ty. And, really, how can someone write a bad post when curling is the subject; it's so dynamic. :)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thanks, Mon! Really, this kid Plys is like a rock star now. It will be fun, but I love having my hostesses, um, i mean team members when I'm not around. : ) Every time i see your cover, i think, wow. still.

MPG, would that be the Swedish bikini team? I've heard you might like to take up the fast-paced world of curling once we head back to MN. I find that very sexy.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

omg, keri, only your brain fires in that oh, so special way, no? I can't stop laughing because my mom and brother have those. But you're right; I hear team usa's training involves a strict schedule of playing cards and drinking brewski.

amy, only prob is our kids are in separate schools now. Parent teacher meetings just aren't going to be the same w/out you/I standing in the corner giggling about naughty things.

becke, we'd love to see you! Amy and I once kept blogger stacy in our clutches for 7 hours of gossip and mcmochas.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Rosie, I should know better than to have you erom types around here, what with your finding something dirty in everything. I can't approve of that.

I think your choice of Canada is a good one. Those boys are very polite. Always with the please-and-thankyou. and folks used to use the the word snaxy around here. you should coin a term and we'll soak it up.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Joan, you're way too nice to me. But I love having you here! I think we've lured you over, and we should have a day talking about Karen Marie Moning soon...

Principessa, somehow I knew you'd like him...

Helen! You're so not going to believe this, but my attorney literally sent me an article about you just hours ago. From the Star Trib, I think. It was great.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Michelle, I'll miss you over at B&N, but if it means we get more of you here, I can live with that!

Eva Gale said...

Did you hear me scream? No? Now? I got my Laura Kinsale books I won and I just wanted to thank Laura, you, Sourcebooks for making my day.



ev said...

What would my b'day be without you pulling up roots in one way or another? Sometimes I am afraid to look. LOL

I hope you hit the winter sales before the move and have lots of warm clothes with you.

On the other hand, maybe I'll be around more with you doing the same thing. I get discombobulated to easily when I never know who's doing what here.

So many blogs, so little time any more.

And the curling teams here definately have a drinking componete in the contest!!

pjpuppymom said...

You flew the romance flag high over at and you'll be missed there but it will be wonderful to have you back here more often.

Good luck with your move back to MN!

I'm loving the Olympics. Many lovely athletes to cheer for! *grin*

Stacy~ said...

It will be sad to see you go, but I know that you have your reasons. Good luck with the move. I'll look fondly on those hours I was trapped, er, enjoying your company. That was a fun day with you and Amy :)

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Interesting choice of words you use when saying you decided to wrap up your time at B& when originally you couldn't make your blog at Lifetime work and they fired/let you go there. I think that same thing happen to you at B&N and they knew you could accomplish anything there either.

Keri Stevens said...

Yup, you're right, you brave, anonymous commenter, you: Michelle (and I quote you) "could accomplish anything . . ."

She certainly could . . . and can!

Thanks again for all you do Michelle to raise the profile and spirits (and improve the livelihoods) of those of us who love romance.

Becke Davis said...

Michelle's leaving B&N was her own choice, so she could focus on the new direction she's taking here at RBTB.

In addition to that, she's been blogging every single day at Heart to Heart while simultaneously taking take of two kids and preparing for an out of state move. Is it any wonder she decided to focus on the aspects of her life that were most important by freeing herself from something very draining on her time?

I know Michelle won't respond because she never does engage in badmouthing others, no matter how often she is baited and unfairly treated.

Michelle developed the Heart to Heart column for B&N and she brought in more followers and commenters than just about any other blog there. I still work for Barnes & Noble and you will not find one word said against Michelle at

I'm sorry you felt the need to post such a mean-spirited comment. Be assured that if it was you who had made a career change -- whoever you are -- Michelle would not have done the same to you, nor would any of us here.

Monica Burns said...

Initial reaction…damn, this person is missing a set of balls for not putting their name where their mouth is.

Second reaction—hypocrite since anonymous posters elsewhere are vilified for not posting their name with negative comments.

I visit lots of blogs and may or may not agree with the posts/comments I read. However, if I have comments to share, popular OR unpopular I don’t post anonymous, I post under my name. And I HAVE had my share of unpopular posts/comments with subsequent public annihilation, but I post my comments openly, which as Monica Burns, author, I just did.

Michelle can defend herself if she chooses. Me, I’m commenting because cowards don’t deserve my respect.

The Reading Frenzy said...

Interesting choice of words when you spew trash.

If you knew anything at all you'd know that
1) B&N did NOT get rid of Michelle. Thank You Very Much!!!!
2) That Michelle is one of the nicest, most real people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.
3) If don't have anything nice to say. SHUT UP!
And like Monica said if you had any integrity you'd put your name where your mouth is.

And now on to business the answer to Michelle's quiestion why team USA of course.

Michelle I like millions of fans will miss you at B&N but you know every morning after I'm done with all my book clubs over there I simply skip over here anyway so I'll still keep up.
One of your true fans and friends