Friday, January 08, 2010

Robin Kaye GuestBlog: The Nice Italian (Bad) Boy's Guide To Breakfast In Bed

CONTEST!!! Molto Bene! 2 randomly chosen lucky commenting Bellas (LCBs) each win a set of Robin’s Italian-spiced trio "Romeo, Romeo," "Too Hot to Handle" and "Breakfast in Bed! Pls have your email in comment or blogger profile to enter. Grazie!

From Michelle: If you've spent any time round this joint, you know the place has a little Italian flavor to it, and in 2008, RWA Golden Heart winner Robin Kaye's "Romeo, Romeo" won the first Year's Best Contemporary ItRom (ITalian-themed ROMance). Today, Robin introduces us to a nice Italian (bad) boy who can sweet-talk his way into just about any woman's -- kitchen? Please offer Robin your warmest "TGIFlippin-hot Italian Hero Day" Bella buongiorno...
From Robin: Ciao, Bellas! Buon anno! Or as my Grandfather would say in broken English “Hoppin-you-ass!” (You have to say it fast to get the full effect.)

As you can probably guess, I’m Italian. All my books, "Romeo, Romeo," "Too Hot to Handle," and my latest release, "Breakfast in Bed" take place in Brooklyn, New York, and a majority of my characters are Italian. I took the old adage "write what you know" literally.

Believe me when I say I know Italian men like my hero in Breakfast in Bed, Rich Ronaldi. Growing up Italian for him meant that while his sisters were busy learning to cook and clean, Rich was treated like the second coming, or was getting into trouble. Over the years, he’s cleaned up his act—in a matter of speaking. He stopped getting arrested and now has three post-secondary degrees and is a psychology professor at an Ivy League college; too bad he’s still a Domestic Dud.

Rich is pressured by his boss to settle down and then dumped by his girlfriend for not being marriage material on the same day. He decides it’s time he learns the fine art of becoming a Domestic God to win back his girlfriend and secure his job. After all, a man can only expect his mother to do his laundry, clean his apartment, and cook his meals for only so long.

So how does a man go from Domestic Dud to Domestic Stud? He enlists the help or blackmails (depending upon how you look at it) his sister's best friend Becca Larsen to be his coach.

What would you do if you were Becca Larsen and due to no fault of your own, found yourself stuck living with a man you don't like? Sure Rich looks like the Italian version of a Greek God, but he comes complete with cocky attitude, a killer smile, and absolutely no idea how to do anything but teach psychology and charm the panties off women. The answer is simple; you have fun watching the show while he learns the ins and outs of cleaning and housework. The best part is you don't have to do any of it yourself. You get to supervise.

And tell me ladies, what is sexier than a man scrubbing the bathroom? If that man looks like Rich Ronaldi—not much.

So if you were training your very own Domestic God,
what would you put on his to do list?
This week's contest winners w/be announced Monday! Thanks for your patience. :)


Pamela Keener said...

I would love to supervise him cleaning the shower area and tub so I can admire his taut arm muscles as he scrubs the walls. Then he would have to be on his knees bending over scrub a dubbing the tub. I'd get to admire his hunky rump and the rippling abs.
Love & Hugs,

Robin Kaye said...

Hi Pamela~ That's #7 on my Top Ten Reason's Women Love Domestic Gods List. "A Domestic God knows there's nothing sexier than a man cleaning the bathtub for the woman in his life and then joining her in it."

Great minds and all that *grin* The rest of the list is on my website if you want to check it out.

Diana Cosby said...

LOL, great story to wake up to. Yeah, gotta love those cocky guys with zip housesense. I'm hoping you had a wonderful holiday season, and may 2010 see you fulfill more of your dreams! ^5

Diana Cosby
Romance Edged With Danger

Laura said...

Hi, Robin,

Cool blog! I loved your first two books - can't wait to read this one!

Let's be serious - ANYthing a man does around the house that I don't have to do is sexy! But if I have to choose - My primo choice would have to be cleaning windows. Full 360-degree view :D

... Course, your descriptions of Romeo vacuuming were mighty hot!


Keena Kincaid said...

Hi, Robin. I like to see men running a vacuum. It's a power tool, after all, and to do it well takes a lot of style.

Anonymous said...

Robin, having read and thoroughly enjoyed ROMEO,ROMEO and being raised with an Italian father/Greek Mother I can truly relate to RICH!--I have a brother we still refer to as the PRINCE! My sister and I are amazed that he can call MAYBE once a month and she is overjoyed. We, on the other hand talk to her almost daily (I live nearby but my sister is still in NY!) and we're certain she doesn't rave to our brother about such things! HA. NOW, I am married to a GREEK GOD--Domestic does not enter THE GREEK GOD LANGUAGE! But, I'm trying! LOL...Look forward to reading your other books!
All the best,
Ruth Giachino Zavitsanos
author of THE VILLA DOG

Leigh Duncan said...

I'd leave the cleaning to the housekeeper, but a man who cooks for me? Ah, that's a man worth keeping around.

Sissa said...

If i was training my own domestic God i would first train in the ways of the rabbit. The ways of the rabbit would be perfect training for his domestic duties. Rabbits like to have their pen spotless (they're clean freaks you know) the thing is that they like you to make it spotless for them. He is about to make white vinegar his best friend (WV is non-toxic and is a natural disinfectant and deodorizer) Therefore he'd first learn how to clean and refill the litter pans, mop and scrub the bunny pen floors (no poo or pee may be left) and all bunny heads must be petted in the process (unless you left them out to wander and then you must watch that they don't chew or get into anything). Then afterwards you must please the bunny by giving them a treat for they let you have the privilege of entering their home.

I believe this would be perfect training into the next step i would have him do. The Dishes. They must be spotless.

Finally i would teach him to clean the household. Cleaning the household is much the same as cleaning a bunny pen. It must be spotless and everything in it's place.

I'd let him off with not doing laundry. I prefer to do my own anyways.


mariska said...

i always find that A man that cook for me is a Sexy one. Tasting the food that he made with a lick at the spoon..yummmm :)

uniquas at ymail dot com

Robin Kaye said...

Diana~Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I have a soft spot for the domestically challenged--especially when they're trying to correct the problem.

Laura~ I love the way you think and I'm so glad you enjoyed Romeo, Romeo and Too Hot to Handle. I hope you enjoy Breakfast in Bed as much. Oh, and I thought I should disclose a little bit of information, when my DH and I were dating, he would always help me clean on Saturdays, when my mother and I walked into the living room an caught him lifting the couch with one hand and vacuuming under it. My mother stopped dead in her tracks and said "Marry him." so I did.

Keena~ In my house vacuums, sewing machines, dishwashers, and washers and dryers are all considered power tools. When my daughter bought ribbons for her point shoes, the sales lady asked if I knew how to sew them. My daughter shook her head and said, "No, my dad does all the sewing in the family. He used to be a boy scout, now he's a Domestic God."

Hi Ruth~Thanks for stopping by. I'll never forget my grandmother's reaction to my aunt expecting my uncle to even help clear the table when they were first married. She couldn't believe my aunt would expect the prince to help with the dishes!

I've decided to stop the whole prince thing in my house. My son is expected to do the dishes and help his father and sisters clean the house. Now if only I could get him to do all of the above well. *shrugs* Good luck with your Greek God.

Leigh~ Oh yeah, cooking is a real winner with me too. Every woman wants a man who is as good in the kitchen as he is in the bedroom.

Jedisakora~ Well, it's always good to have a plan. Love the bunny example!

Mariska~ Thanks for dropping by. Cooking is definitely sexy. There's something so sensual about food.

Scorpio M. said...

Wow, Michelle, first Laura Kinsale and now Robin Kaye. This is the best week ever!

Hi Robin,

I was born & raised in Brooklyn, too! (Williamsburg to be exact) not Italian but had lovely Italian neighbors: a Marie, a Rosemarie, another Marie and "Big" Rocco so as not to be confused with lil' Rocco...who incidentily was a handsome devil but I was just a little girl and he was my "big" brother =( but I digress. So, I totally get your books & characters.

Domestic God Training List:
#1 - make me a to-die-for spaghetti alla vongole

#2 - fix something, anything

#3 - push the big cart at Costco

This will do for starters. Thanks for visiting, this is so much fun.
I WANT your trilogy!


Judi Fennell said...

Foot massage. Then a full body one.

Without expecting me to reciprocate. LOL.

And I'm half-Italian and I totally get the Prince thing. Ugh.

Rebekah E. said...

I don't mind cleaning the house myself, but a man that can cook. Now that is priceless.

Robin Kaye said...

Hi Scorpio~You're making me hungry! I love the idea of a handy Domestic God, as a matter of fact, I have one of my own and he looks almost as god in his tool belt as he does in his apron.

Oh Judi~ Great addition to the list. I love it!

Laney4 said...

I'm thinking that humour is a good beginning. How about watching him "organize" kitchen shelves with lots of containers and their lids, preferably on upper shelves. Just as he squeezes them all in, along comes something else that has to fit too.

Yesterday, my DH fixed our Lazy Susan. Now THAT was sexy. Perhaps there could be something to "fix", or items on a Lazy Susan could spin off, so he could have to reach way in to get them out.

Baking cookies could provide dough sampling for both (with lots of spoons, of course).

So many possibilities ... so little time. Thanks for the blog. It's great reading all these possibilities!

Diane G said...

Hey Robin,
A man with a big tool (wink, wink) always turns me on whether it's a vacuum, mop, squeegee, toilet brush, or any other useful hard thing. And I don't mind helping him learn how to use it right.
I hope Breakfast in Bed flies off the shelves!

Unknown said...

Oh I would love to have a domestic god, I would train him to cook, clean do laundry, wash dishes, you name it he would do it, even mow the lawn.


Gannon Carr said...

Hi, Robin! My husband is half Italian, but fortunately he will help around the house...if I ask. ;) My FIL was a typical Italian male--housework? What's that?

Having lived in Italy for 2 years, we saw first hand how the Italian mamas dote on their boys. Ah, but they are gorgeous boys! LOL

Nothing sexier than a man scrubbing the bathroom, especially if he's wearing only a towel that is dangerously close to falling off. Ooops.

After the cleaning, he can give me a full body massage, followed by a gourmet bed! Aren't fantasies great?!

Robin Kaye said...

Rebkah~ Cooking is definitely a skill I can get behind.

Laney~ Sense of humor is a must in any Domestic God, Love the cookie dough idea!

Diane~ As my DH says, you have to have the right tools, and if they're hard...all the better!

Virginia~ I love a man who can multi-task!

Gannon~ Oh yeah, a man cleaning the bathroom wearing a towel...or not. Fantasies are great!

Becke Davis said...

Sometimes I feel as if I need a visa for this place. I also feel a tad awkward since, as Michelle knows, I have not a drop of Italian blood. I'm pretty sure my husband does, but we haven't been able to trace his family tree very far back. Either way, I think I qualify for admittance because Michelle and Rosie and all my Italian friends have saturated me in Italian vibes. And I do love Italian food -- does that get me points?

Sue A. said...

I really appreciate a man who knows his way around, either the kitchen or his tool box. I've been having to manage my brother's house on my own while he's been sick until a plumber was called in and volunteered to help me update the kitchen in his spare time. He's been awesome!

Becke Davis said...

"And tell me ladies, what is sexier than a man scrubbing the bathroom? If that man looks like Rich Ronaldi—not much."

I think it depends what Rich (or any equally sexy man) is wearing while scrubbing the bathroom, don't you?

But I'm so shallow, I might be tempted to read Romeo, Romeo just for the cover. Love the tease on Too Hot to Handle, and the chest (for my collection!) on Breakfast in Bed. How have I missed these books? I'll have to rectify that omission quickly!

Isabel said...

My Domestic God would have to want to dust, mop, and make the bed. Those are my 3 most dreaded chores. I don't mind cooking for my guy, so he wouldn't have to cook if he didn't want to.


ErinT said...

Well I unfortunately married a man who's mommy did everything for him, so he is pretty much useless around the house, but I love him anyways :) So if I need anything done here I have to do it myself or I still call my dad over. So I guess if anything I would want him to cook me a hot dinner for once, and learn how to do laundry without breaking the washer (yes mine did that once when I had a broken ankle and couldn't get to the basement to do it myself) and he would definitely have to shake his sexy butt while he feather dusted, shirtless, lol.
Thanks for the awesome post and contest! Much success to you and your writing Robin!
izzyabbysmom2006 AT gmail DOT com

chey said...

The only thing sexier than a guy who cleans is a guy who cooks too.

chey127 at hotmail dot com

robynl said...

I would love to have him vacuumn, dust and clean the bathroom. Dh is very hand with tools that are for building but house tools not so much. LOL.


amy kennedy said...

Oh my. All I can think of after reading your post is: Porn For Women -- with the pics of shirtless guys ironing and vacuuming etc -- sorry if someone else has said this, I had to skip ahead.

But really, I want him to cook.

One time last fall I went outside and started helping my husband would have thought I was a playboy bunny!

Jane said...

He must learn to clear his beard shavings from the sink, keep the toilet seat down and learn how to sort laundry.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buona sera, Bellas and, well, everyone's already welcomed you, Robin, but here I am late to the party to say [sheepishly]welcome and grazie mille for this great post! I was pretty mesmerized by it and, while I'm married to an Italian guy, it's still nice to dream about guys like ROn.
Like, OK, Ivy-League hottie Italian hero? Robin. I=. love. you. sigh.

And my mom is Italian, and it took me til I was in my 30s to realize she deferred to my older brothers for everything. Like they were gods of some sort.

Now, my son was the first Italian grandchild and definitely is golden boy. but I swear I don't want my daughter-in-law to hate me someday for having turned him into a little Italian prince. But I swear, it's like it's genetic. although I think my husband started outgrowing [some]of it a while after we got married.

But he used to drive me crazy about the housework. he'd go, "you want me to help? I'll do it my way. If you don't think I'm doing it right? Well, yyou can do it yourself."

And I'd be totally BS! I didn't want it his way. I want it the RIGHT way. You ladies know what I'm saying, right?

But I will say he's learned a lot and -- as long as he realizes something needs to be done -- will do it. It helps him, I think, that I'm no domestic goddess, so I try not to judge. : )

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh, Jane, very practical!

they're great covers, ames!

robynl, I wouldn't turn down the tool guy. My husband's very proud when he puts in a lightbulb, and we all praise him accordingly.

chey, even sexier? a guy who cooks then cleans up after?

omg, erin! it sounds funny now, but I'll bet it wasn't funny when you were in bed w/the ankle! really, when we're sick, it's so hard for them to take care of us unless we write it all out or something.

isabel, that's really fair of you. I'm w/you on the bed-making. Why is that such a pain? And how bout washing then remaking the bed?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

No, becke, I think any guy who scrubs the bathroom is sexy. a guy who knows how to keep the bathroom clean, now that's REALLY sexy, if you know what i mean.

oh, Gannon, good fantasies! I'm sure you didn't practice any of those in Italy gazing on those pretty young men. I forgot your husband is 1/2 italian! your children are very beautiful; your whole family. Not that the Italian part has anything to do w/it. I'm not prejudiced. my girlfriend used to say: there are 2 kinds of people in the world. Those who are Italian. And those who wish they were.

Did I mention the FIFA World Cup is this summer again? Ahhh... Cannavaro.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

DianaG: any other useful hard thing... I just snorted!

virginia... mowing the lawn. Very sexy. great idea.

Laney4, I like the ideas of a guy organizing things (although that would kind of be a fantasy in our house), and then you top off that w/sweet cookie dough eaten w/spoons or maybe fed to one another. Then he could clean up after, right? : )

Judi! It's the lack of expectation that would be super sexy, you're not kidding! And then if he could feed us before or after -- or during like Rebekah's suggesting! sigh

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

omg, jemma, you're making me laugh. big rocco/little rocco. and i' love the list 'pushing the big cart.' it's fnny how it'd just be the little stuff that'd make us happy, no? glad you're back and having a good time.

You Brooklyn girls! Bet you had some killer cannoli!

OK, ok, I was being serious, you cheeky Bellas!

jedisakora, I so understand what you're saying, becasue you're saying not only woudl he take the time to do that right? but he loves animals too. great combo in a guy. and bunnies are so cute.

Robin Kaye said...

Hi Michelle~ Thanks for the invitation and the welcome! I'm having a great time here.

Becke~We'll make you an honorary Italian. Welcome! I'm pretty partial to Rich, I think he looks amazing wearing pretty much anything or nothing.

Sue~I love a man who knows his way around the kitchen and the tool box.

Isabel~Great ideas! A man who makes the bed and knows how to mess it up is a keeper.

Hi Erin~ Well, they can't be all Domestic Gods, but you have to love them anyway. Good luck with him fixing you dinner. Does take-out count?

Hi Chey~ Thanks for saying stopping by!

Robyn~ At least he's good with his hands. *grin*

Amy~ After my editor bought Romeo, Romeo, she mentioned Porn for Women and I'd never heard of it before. I'm a huge fan of it now. My critique partner bought me the calendar last year.

Jane - Oh yeah, the shaving crud is gross, toilet seats should always be down, in my house we like the lids down too. Nobody likes a bathroom with what my kids call toilet breath.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

mariska that sounds very naughty. we don't go for that sort of thing around here.


: )

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

omg, ruth. Italian and greek! and then you married a greek guy! you are one strong woman. and you probably know how to make both mean lasagnas and pastichios! envious here.

Maybe you wren't lik this. but i was like, "I will NEVER marry an Italian guy. No. Way."

Says Michelle Buonfiglio.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

oh, laura! you just gave me chills. window cleaning. that is sexy. and some men could do it in the nude. and rich ronaldi maybe could do it in a wet tshirt (Harvard of course) and press up against the soapy window and stuff...

Oh, like nobody else was thinking that!

oh. nobody else wasthinking that. awkward.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Leigh, you are so smooth. I didn't catch that the first time. you're my kinda girl. : )

Keena, that is genius! My husband and I used to know this really nice, kind of innocent woman. and once she dragged out her new vaccuum and we, for some reason thought it was funny that she announced, 'it's my favorite tool in the house. i like it better than my husband!' we don't think she meant it that way...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Diana, cocky guys/zip housesense. I'm thinking you might write some guys like that, too.

Pamela, I'm blushing! But, see, you've got the right idea! and perhaps you agree w/my wet tshirt idea, too?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

See bEcke? Robin's letting you into the club, too? And everyone here at RBTB's an honorary Italian and a Bella! Oh, maybe we can get robin to hang with us for a cocktail at rwa sometime and talk about pretty Italian boys so loudly everyone looks at us in the restaurant. although maybe that's not a draw for robin or anyone else... but i'll bet she knows some clever phrases...

and I'm still laughing over Robin's grandfather's happy new year wish! Nothing is funnier than a couple-generations-in-the-states kids doing their relatives accents, cause generally they'r edoing it w/love.

Becke Davis said...

"that sounds very naughty. we don't go for that sort of thing around here."


Maureen said...

I hate cleaning the bathrooms so that would definitely be my first choice.

Margay Leah Justice said...

Oh, I could think of so many things, but it would be really nice to have someone else take care of my car for me. You know, checking the oil, tires, maintenance. I know that sounds boring, but I dated a mechanic once and it was really nice not to have to worry about that stuff.


scottsgal said...

I want a pool boy. I want a tan muscular shirtless chest glistening in the sun while he's cleaning my pool. Hubby does a great job but a girl can dream too
msboatgal at

amy kennedy said...

Okay, I'm stuck with this picture of R. R. in a wet t-shirt washing a window...a great big window.

Thank you Michelle.

Louisa Cornell said...

I just love the idea of this book. SO funny and SO sexy!! I've known a few Italian studs just like Rich.

I think I would have to put changing the linens on and making the bed! You definitely want a man like that to know his way around a bed. And the only thing more fun that watching him make the bed is getting him to help you mess it up!

donnas said...

Bathroom cleaning, cooking and vacuuming. Oh, that would be awesome.

Linda Henderson said...

Doing the dishes and laundry. I don't mind cooking, but I hate the cleanup. Cleaning the bathroom would be good too.

seriousreader at live dot com

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Maureen, I think we're all falling into wanting the "Domestic God of Lavatory."

Robin really knows how to tap into women's fantasies, doesn't she?!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Robin, I used to think all my Italian guy fantasies had to do with simple Continental studliness, soft, dirty whispered words in Italian accents and vigorous young Italian guy enthusiasm.

But I like your ideas of Italian guys helping around the house -- maybe even w/out saying a word to ruin the beauty of the gesture? -- even more compelling.

You rock. : )

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Prego, Ames. i knew you'd see it my way.

Oh, Louisa! see? A guy who can do that vigorous bed-making thing? sexy. And yeah, your next part's even better. As long as he doesn't mess it up with food, you know? Unless he's feeding a girl tiramisu or a nice cannoli.

What? oh, please.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Lin da, I'm with you; the cleaning up after the cooking is what's really sexy.

donna, I have to see if I can get my husband to do more vaccuuming. I think if I tell him it's sexy, maybe he'll do more. But he'll probably say, 'Well, I think regular hot meals on the table that I don't have to cook are erotic. How bout you be my little fantasy on that one, Michelle, huh?"

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Margay, not me of course, but someone around here could turn the working on the car thing into another bending/stretching guy in low-slung jeans fantasy. Just warning you... : )

Heya, Scottsgal!!! I just want a pool. But if you've got the goods, then, yeah, a hot pool boy is the next step, no?

Maybe robin could do a hot pool-boy-who's-really-an-Italian-nobleman--investigating-an-international-crime-in-disguise romance! Sweet. You don't have to thank me for that idea, Robin. Just let me know when you've won the RITA for it. :)

Gwynlyn said...

I'm late, but I'm still voting for clean the john. Foot massages are nice, but I have a nice mechanical foot pillow that does okay in a pinch.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Gwynlyn, i love your practicality. : ) pretty name, btw.

Julie said...

The practical woman in me says dusting and fixing things, but the naughtier side says washing my car. Maybe twice. *leers*

julieguan AT gmail DOT com

Mitzi H. said...

What would I put on my to do list for my Domestic God......Just take the kids, please!!! and let me have some time to go to the bathroom, take a shower, fold clothes, shop, etc.

And if he wants to scrub the floor that is ok with me too!!! Hehehe.

mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot net

Today is my daughter's Bday (she will never be able to say she is in her 20s ever again) and I took her to the casino for lunch and we had a great my hubby won...Finally!!!

SiNn said...

hummm his todo list


the dishes
makein the bed

making dinner
me again
you get the idea lol

cool give away these books r new to me so i never heard of them till just now

Robin Kaye said...

Michelle~ I’ll pitch the hot Italian pool boy nobleman idea to my editor.

Julie- I’m all over the car-washing thing. Oh yeah.

Mitzi~ A man giving a woman time away from the kids is sexy, and smart. Congrats on your daughters b-day and your husband’s win.

SiNn~ I do love your list It matches mine


Laura B said...

Its always such fun to visit your blogs. I'm Irish and believe me while we don't call our boys Princes there sure are a lot of them who believe they are "God's gift to women".

I got lucky though, my husband cooks, cleans, does the laundry and helps shuttle the kids back and forth to wherever they need to be. If only I could clone and market the copies. Hmm...

I just finished reading Breakfast in Bed. Rich and Becca's story is fabulous. All of your Brooklyn Romances are. Please tell me you are going to have another one out soon!

Laura B

elaing8 said...

My very own Domestic God would cook for me every night and then clean up the mess he made while making it.

Farrah Rochon said...

Just popping in to say I picked up Romeo, Romeo yesterday after so many friends recommended the series. I'm looking forward to it. Just hoping I can start it before the box of RITA entries get here.

As for my own Domestic God...he'd have to clean the high stuff for me (ceiling fan blades, top of the fridge, etc). :)

Elizabeth Amber said...

Hi Robin,

I've heard great things about Romeo, Romeo as well, and it's on my TBR list. Looking forward to reading it, especially after your blog. Also wanted to say congratulations on the release of Breakfast in Bed!

I'd have my husband let me write a honeydo list on paper for him every week. I have a friend who does this regularly for her husband, who then dutifully executes her wishes. :o)

Hello to Michelle!

Robin Kaye said...

Hi Laura~ I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed Breakfast in Bed. I'm finishing up As Good as He Gets, I haven't been given a release date yet, but it will probably be out in May or June. Congratulations on your Domestic God, let us know how the cloning idea works...especially if he does bathrooms!

Hi Elaineg8--Cooking is a definite plus, like I always say Every woman wants a man who is as good in the kitchen as he is in the bedroom.

Farrah~ I hope you enjoy Romeo, Romeo. Thanks for giving it a try and good luck with the Rita books. I'm trying to remember if I signed up for judging this year.

Elizabeth~ Honey Do lists are great, and even better when the Honey does what's on the list. I hope you enjoy Romeo, Romeo!

Spav said...

My Domestic God would have to know how to bake and also be an expert in cooking mexican food.

Pat L. said...

Repair Things
And make home improvements

And Robin's books are awesome an funny.

Anonymous said...

Definitely, dusting and cleaning cobwebs once a week. And scrubbing my back in the tub. Congrats on the new release!

Anonymous said...

Fixing things around the house, making an occasional meal and definitely helping a lot with housework. And I am definitely loving Breakfast in Bed and May or June is not that far away for your next one. Can't wait.

Helen L.

Anonymous said...

I would love for my hero to help with the housework and become a gourmet cook. I don't think that is too much to ask for do you?

Lynn R.

Anonymous said...

He would have to be a cook like Bobby Flay and be good with his hands....I mean, being able to make things with wood!
Mickey Mac

Laurie G said...

My husband is 100% German and he likes things clean. Thank you MIL Laura!! On his own, he will clean the toilets, dust, do the wash, fix things...! I'm lucky!

Now if he would offer to cook once in awhile.... We've been married 32 years I don't think that this is going to happen in my lifetime!

Anonymous said...

Hey Laurie! My hubby loves to cook but hates to clean those things you mentioned! Maybe we could get the two of them to talk to one another!!!!

Anonymous said...

He would have to cook and clean.

Karen T.

Anonymous said...

He would have to do all the household chores that I hate: especially finding the dirt that hides in places that I forget to clean. LOL. Those chores would include moving furniture and vacuuming under couch cushions.

Rose G.

Anonymous said...

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