Friday, January 29, 2010

Feature Review: "Dyad Quest," By Ann Hinnenkamp

By Amy Kennedy, RBTB Contributing Editor

Band-of-brothers romances…there’s something about all those manly men living, loving, and working together to fight against a “big bad” and then felled by the love of a perfect placeholder heroine. It just makes me want to…sigh.

No wonder I delved happily into Ann Hinnenkamp’s sexy, satisfying, and sometimes zany “Dyad Quest,” second in her Dyad series. The Dyad, males, born in pairs and immortal, each choose a human partner to work with to help keep the Earth and its inhabitants safe. A Dyad pair raises their partner’s "Balance," which is like super-energized chi. The human partner runs faster, fights stronger, and lives longer.

Five hundred years ago, the Dyads recruited Aiden Rawlings as a human partner. Mired in the tragedy of losing his wife and child, Aiden joined them, vowing to never care deeply for anyone again. Now Aiden and his Dyad partners are investigating Meir Industries when they find Jude Kapfor bleeding to death on the street. A visceral reaction to the woman has him begging his Dyad to bring her back from the edge of death.

His Dyad agree, on the condition that Aiden watches over her. Suddenly, Aiden, a man of temporary and uncomplicated relationships is responsible for Jude’s safety, and her life. She’s brought to a safe house where other Dyad and their human partners live to continue her healing.

At the ‘almost moment’ of her death, Jude, ironically, wonders where this gorgeous Aiden has been all her life. Once healed -- huge surprise for Jude -- she agrees to work with the Dyad, spying for them at Meir Industries, where she’s a scientist . Jude goes back to the lab with Aiden as her live-in bodyguard, and tries to get used to living with a larger-than-life alpha protector, and an attraction to him that’s immediate, intense, and unexpected.

But snooping at Meir Industries leaves Jude in increasing danger. Aiden knows he has to be vigilant, yet feels he’s too distracted to protect her like he wants. If he’s not thinking about kissing her, he’s imagining about all the ways she can die as he lives on. Aiden’s sure a different partner can protect her better.

There’s no future for them and Jude knows it. She can’t ask Aiden to leave the Dyads – it’s who he is – and she’s a mortal woman destined to age and die. They both think to do the right thing, and let each other go. The only chance for them to be together is if the Dyad intervene.

Ann Hinnenkamp’s “Dyad Quest” is a joy to read, with laugh-out-loud moments, and hot guys fighting for justice -- and our planet; Hennenkamp shows us heroes who care about our environment are cool.

Falling in love with Aiden and the other ‘brothers,’ is easy, ‘cause not only are they sexy and good, they’re full of pranks and laughter. And is there anything sexier than a funny man? Find out when you –

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What’s your favorite thing about Band of Brothers books? What are some of your faves and why? And is there anything sexier than a funny man?


amy kennedy said...

Good morning Bellas and Bellos. I think we all know what my favorite thing about band-of-brothers romances are: men. Really it's the men living/working together -- guys being guys.

Reading BOB books is like being asked to join a secret club.

Myrin said...

Hey Ames, wonderful review!

The Lords of the Underworld came to my mind immediately when I read the BOB-them. What I love about them is that they fight together, accept each other, sometimes don't like each other or have problems they cannot solve alone and, of course, there are so many nice little teasing-scenes in there - as in, the guys teasing each other about various things (if you've read this series you'll remember a certain "chained to a bed"-scene with Lucien *g*).

Unfortunately, really funny men are rare out there, I think. One of my best friends has a unique sense of humor that pretty much equals my own; he's as small as I am, round, bespectacled and considerably losing his hair at the back of his head, but I love him nonetheless! He's just one of the best guys I know.

Ann Hinnenkamp said...

Hi Amy and all,

I'm very happy when readers enjoy the humor in the Dyad books. When I started them, I tried to imagine what it would be like to hang around the same people for centuries. It seemed to me the most important thing would be a sense of humor.
After so long together, a few of the human Dyad partners have developed the practical joke to an art form.
I've always favored a man with a sense of humor. Can't resist a guy who can make me laugh. Of course, it doesn't hurt if they have Aiden's butterscotch eyes and rock hard abs either.
If your going to wish for the perfect mate, go for the gusto I say.

Laura Breck said...

Anne's books are so fascinating, and yes, laugh out loud on the bus at 8 AM on a Monday made a lot of co-riders ask what I was reading!

My hubby is a funny guy, and we laugh all the time. There's nothing better!

amy kennedy said...

Lisa -- yeah, Lords of the Underworld is a great BOB series. I wasn't expecting a band-of-brothers book when I picked-up Ann Hinnenkamp's book, so it was a great surprise.

My husband is very funny, he makes me laugh every day...that said, he also makes me want to wring his neck every other's a trade-off.

I love the description of your friend Lisak -- he sounds like someone who would always be there for you.

amy kennedy said...

Ann! Thanks for stopping by. You are so right, if you have to hang with someone for centuries, you better have a sense of humor. Their practical jokes are a hoot.

Becke Davis said...

Oh wow, Amy - thanks so much for telling me about this book! I bounce from contemporaries to historicals to romantic suspense to paranormal, urban fantasy and sci fi but somehow I missed this author. The book sounds fantastic - I'll definitely check it out.

amy kennedy said...

Hi Laura! Man, maybe Ann should hire you to read on buses -- it's an idea. But I agree -- laugh out loud. And sexy as hell.

amy kennedy said...

Becke, I think you'd really like it -- it's the second in her series, "Dyad Dreams" is the first. Right Ann? But it can absolutely be read first.

amy kennedy said...

We all have the day off together (family) so we're on our way to a greasy spoon -- Michelle, apparently the best biscuits and gravy...

I'll check in later.

Melanie Murray said...

Oooh, Amy, I hadn't heard of this series, but it looks great. Also never heard the term "Band of Brothers" romance. Is that an Amy Kennedy trademark? Because I love it! Of course, the characters I think of first are the Black Dagger brothers, but the Lords of the Underworld spring to mind too. And I think you could qualify Larissa Ione's demon brothers as a band.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and congratulations, Ann, on the success of the books!

Ann Hinnenkamp said...

Yes Amy,
Dyad Dreams is the first in the series, but you can pick them up and read them in any order.

Jude W said...

A fun and sexy read for a cold winter night. I can't wait to see what the band of brothers get up to in the next book.

LizbethSelvig said...

Hey Amy, thanks for a super review of Anne's book. I've been a fan since I reviewed "Dyad Dreams" last summer--she's got awesome talent and great story-telling ability.

Bands of Brothers; I'm not so well-read in them, but the ones I've fallen into are just what you say: sexy and just plain fun to read when it comes to the bonds that hold them for better or worse together.

Good luck Anne-hope you have much success!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buona sera, Bellas! Hey, Ames, thanks for this great feature, and, well, thanks not for making me want to read another book. But i'm loving the idea that it's humorous. cause, i love when people make me laugh. I try to surround myself w/funny people so i'm always entertained. So, know you all know your purposes in my life: You may commence the entertaining!

so, the neat thing about this book seems to be, you get threesomes, right? A dyad plus a human? So the three hang together all the time? I had to clarify this morning when I was facebooking this that even though it was a bout 3 guys and a girl, it wasn't one of, you know, those books. Those being, the kind i wouldn't mind reading if Ann chose to 'hotten' up a dyad even more, is all's im sayin.

Oh, Ann! I was just talking abuot you! : )

Sharon said...

Not only does Ann have "awesome talent and great story-telling ability," she, herself, is one of the funniest people I know. I've read and loved both books and CAN'T WAIT FOR THE THIRD!! You go, Ann!

Ann Hinnenkamp said...

Hi Michelle,

Yes, three is and interesting number. Endless possibilities.
But, so far I haven't gone there with the Dyads and thier partners--yet.
And actually, they work in quartetts, two human partners and one Dyad that is made up of two individuals.
Confused? You won't be after this episode of Soap. (I think I just dated myself)

Melanie Murray said...

A Soap reference! Those voice-overs at the end of the show always cracked me up.

Greta said...

Hi, Amy.
Great review for a great book!

I like your BOB tag--a wonderful description of a kind of book I really enjoy. The LOTR books & movies are a great example of this, I think.

The Dyad books really bring a new flavor to the concept. I love Ann's go-for-broke world-building.

Anonymous said...

I've tried to leave several comments... for some reason it's not working. So I posted on Facebook instead. Robin

Becke Davis said...

I posted a link to this on my Facebook page, too.

amy kennedy said...

Melanie -- I'm not that clever for it to be my tag. We hear about band of brothers movies -- usually related to war...but I prefer the stories related to love. And love the Black Dagger brotherhood too.

Ann, Michelle's kind of right for this book though, because the quartet was missing a human partner -- he was off with his love from book number 1.

Jude, thanks for stopping by.
Hey LizeeS, they are so much fun, I agree.

Sharon, hi, I need to catch-up and read the first -- but as I said, I had no problem starting with this one.

amy kennedy said...

Greta! Don't you love the environmental aspect -- also, that the Dyad don't believe in killing, sometimes the human partners aren't exactly on board with this.

Ann, I could hear the music crescendo-ing (it's a word)in the background.

My family did one of those things. Once we were out for a late breakfast we stayed out and ended-up seeing Avatar...which has nothing to do with Ann's book...or does it? DUNH, Dunh, Dunnnnnh. Ann's book is set in contemporary times and on planet earth, but the way the Dyad care for the Earth and the environment reminds me of the people of the planet Pandora.

amy kennedy said...

Robin, you sort of did leave a message, but I'll check it out on facebook.

Thanks Becke. Especially since your friends number in the multitudes.

Michelle -- I had the biscuits and gravy...

Anonymous said...

I have read both Dyad Quest and Dyad Dreams and think they are both wonderful! I recommed them to many. I am happy to see you enjoy the same things as myself.


Gannon Carr said...

Amy, I love the sound of this book, and I'm adding it to my TBB list! What's not to love about a Band of Brothers?! The more men, the merrier. ;)

amy kennedy said...

Tessa, glad you enjoyed them. Gannon, I concur -- the more men, the merrier indeed!

Ann Hinnenkamp said...

Many thanks to Amy and Michelle and everyone who stopped by today.
If you do read one of the Dyad books, drop me a line and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear from you.
Thanks again,

amy kennedy said...

Ann, thanks so much for hanging here today.

Helen Brenna said...

Nice review, Amy. And Ann it sounds like an awesome story! Now you're over the book #2 hump. Yay! May there be many, many more. Congrats.

neroli lacey said...

Ann you're a great writer and i can't wait to see more. Great humor, great world building, wonderful quirky characters. What more can one ask for. Keep 'em coming. Neroli

Unknown said...

I fell across your blog!! I am so glad I did! I have been looking for romance blogs, because I myself would like to be a romance writer!! Look forward to more!

Confucius Cat said...

Sounds like a good read! My first visit to your blog. I love Richard Armitage too BTW. (LOL).
Patricia Mason