Saturday, January 09, 2010

Bi, Bi, Mr. Darcy. Hullo, Pride/Prejudice!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an erotic romance reader in possession of a Jane Austen passion must be in want of a riff on Austen’s most popular novel that a) doesn’t include characters succumbing to putrefaction; b) doesn’t make them think of treacly pop-music movie soundtracks; and c) spins out the rest of the sexually fluid story they already suspected – with delight – is behind the seemingly enmeshed relationship between Misters Darcy and Bingley.

How did I miss this?! I mean, I like to fantasize about romance heroes kissing as much as the next girl. But as a student of literature, I... READ MORE, BELLAS ...of the FIRST LOOK at our friend, Ann Herendeen's "authentically voiced, delightfully genteel and fabulously dirty/brash" take on the P&P she promised us back in '06!

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Becke Davis said...

I love books that go out of the box!