Monday, January 25, 2010

American Ingénueity

I've come up with the only plausible reason we American chicks so adore tales of the lives, lusts and loves of those precocious Peers of the Realm: Spanking. Oh, not all that Monty Pythonesque, slap-me-a-tickle-while-I wear-my-wife’s-knickers foolishness. More like the stuff that brought about the British Invasions -- and a new heroine inspired by everything good and sexy about... READ MORE, BELLAS!
Please hang with us here in the pink this week, cause there's big doin's with your fave RBTB teamers and authors:

Tomorrow: It's "Kismet," RBTB correspondent Melanie Murray sheikhs up the place with her feature of Monica Burns' new read!
Wed: Ann Herendeen returns with the true story of Darcy/Bingley and "Pride/Prejudice!" Great fun to welcome her back. Feature Rev. of the read here.
Thursday: RBTB correspondents PJ and Gannon call all cyber-pals to gather as they dish Lori Wilde's "Sweetheart's Knitting Club," when you can win a cool knitting/book set.
Friday: RBTB Contrib Ed Amy Kennedy brings you the d.l. on Ann Hinnenkamp's BOB para, "Dyad Quest."


Myrin said...

Oh, looks like there's a great week to come! Sorry I've been so absent last week but I've worked very hard and now ... *drumroll* ... Facharbeit is finished! Yeah, Ames, I know how much you love to hear that news!

And since I'm a specialist in shameless self-promoting, here's a link where you can see my pictures:

Aaaaah, I'm happy to be back among the living!

Becke Davis said...

FABULOUS, Lisa! I'm really impressed. Thanks so much for sharing that with us.

I'm excited to see Monica here tomorrow - woot!

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