Friday, December 11, 2009

Where In The World Is Me?

Despite what you think, many, many days pass during which I don’t give myself a third thought, let alone a second. But for the two of you who’ve been wondering where I’ve been (Hi, Mom and…you other person), like so many, nothin’s doin’ other than I’ve been caught up in the pre-holiday rush, and those end-of-year kid things.

But there are cool things coming to RBTB, not the least of which – sorry, we’re going right back to me again – is the approach of 3rd Annual Show Michelle the Love Day, Jan. 5, 2010! It’s more than just a celebration of my birthday, and an op for you to pay homage to my self absorption. You can win prizes too!

But before then, check in at RBTB:

Monday: We already love the rake-woos-heiress romance theme. But 12.14, Melanie Murray brings you the skinny on Olivia Drake's, "Seducing the Heiress. " Melanie says it's anything but your usual been-there-read-that, rake-chases-an-heiress novel.. and it’s keeper-shelf worthy, too!
Thursday: Gannon and PJ are back 12. 17 to celebrate the “magic” of the holidays with their best-girlfriends take on Janet Chapman’s “Highlander Christmas!”
Friday: RBTBs Holiday Exclusive Gift for You! Read Becke Martin’s sweet n’ just-a-teensy-bit-sexy short story, "Silver and Gold!" The promise of healing love when one least expects it – and a little boy’s Christmas expectations fulfilled in just the right way – reminds us that hope still can glitter in anyone’s heart at Christmastime.
Dec 24: Rocki St. Claire returns for her Annual Holiday Kick-Off! We love to spend a few moments before everything goes holiday haywire to wish each other happy, and to Win Prizes!

PLUS: Liz Maverick visits to talk “Crimson and Steam” her wicked-cool upcoming release. I glommed it last weekend and now have to read the rest of the series!
– and – A huge RBTB contest is on the way w/deets soon.


Unknown said...

I was thinking of you today! Which is why I popped over to this blog :) Have a great holiday season, and I looking forward to sharing the love on the 5th.
p.s. My first Tudor Vamp book "Kiss of the Rose" is almost complete-are you looking forward to reading it??

Sissa said...

Oh wow!
Sounds like an exciting week coming up. ^^


Kara said...

Looks like a great line-up!!! Looking forward to all the great posts.

Vanessa Kelly said...

Show Michelle the Love Day - I'll be there, sister!

Great line-up, and I'll especially look forward to Becke's story.

Myrin said...

Hey Michelle, that other person was me *pushing away Becke, Ames, Tracy and whoever might be there, too* - how wonderful that you felt that! *beam*

Seriously, I was wondering where you are when I visited H2H last time. Missed you!

Sounds like an absolutely exciting week! At least one glimmer of light since I've got part of my exam marathon already behind me and another one still before me - I'm going to write Religious Education and Arts next week, so I'll be down under (not Australia, but learning) most of the time, I think. Don't have much time to read atm, anyway, and that frustrates me. My TBR pile is growing bigger and bigger... *sniff*

Tiona said...

Wow, lots of stuff doing in the next coupla weeks! Exciting stuff there, hehe.
LisaK, hope your exams go ok. I'm sure you'll do great!

Becke Davis said...

We missed you, but I know how busy you've been. You definitely needed some "me" time. Looking forward to your birthday bash! If only we could share cupcakes online.

I'm both excited and nervous about sharing my Christmas story. Other than Michelle, only my family, my critique partners and a few close friends have previewed it. I really hope you like it!

Myrin said...

Becke, I'm sure you've done a gerat job! I can't wait to read your story!

Tiona said...

Oh, I'm sure we'll love it, Becke! More deets, please!

amy kennedy said... told me "show Michelle the love" was every day...I actually love your birthday almost as much as my own, so very excited about that.

And very excited about Becke's story -- I know it's gotta be good.

Lisak -- come-on, seriously -- you are the smartest girl out there, when will you be done? Think of the books, if not us.

amy kennedy said...

Oh, and Kate? I'm looking forward to reading it. Tudor and Vampire, what's not to love?

Becke Davis said...

I went out today and bought the book Melanie is going to be blogging about. It looks great!

Leigh Duncan said...

With this great line-up of events, you've given us all a terrific present, Michelle. I'm looking forward to all of it, plus a super love fest on the 5th.

Anne B said...

Hi Michelle - I was wondering where you were. I too was sort of MIA - I thought I was the only one, though. The line-up sounds great ! I can't wait to read Becke's story....


Becke Davis said...

I have to say, my story has improved immeasurably since it's been subject to Michelle's editing skills. She's the best!

pjpuppymom said...

Lots of fun stuff coming up in the next few weeks.

Melanie, I'm looking forward to your review of "Seducing the Heiress." That's a gorgeous cover!

I adore Rocki St. Claire and, hopefully, will have access to a computer on the 24th (I may be "en route") for her holiday kick-off.

Becke, I cannot wait to read your story. I know it's going to be wonderful...just like you!

Gannon and I loved "A Highlander Christmas" and are looking forward to chatting with y'all about it on the 17th.

Now it's back to the kitchen for this overworked Christmas elf...

Julie Robinson said...

Wonderful line-up Michelle. I hope I'm able to visit this week, but if not, I have your b-day marked down to come by and help you celebrate. You deserve to be a little self-absorbed!! Aren't we all to some degree?!