Friday, December 04, 2009

Feature Review: "It Happened One Night," By Lisa Dale

By Becke Davis, RBTB Contributing Editor

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“Spit Happens”

Babies are wonderful, but they have a way of taking over your life. Their tiny socks multiply like rabbits and the laundry never ends. By the time they’re toddlers, you can change a diaper in your sleep. When the baby spits up pureed spinach all over your only remaining silk blouse, you don’t even blink. It’s a good thing they’re cute, or we’d never have more than one.

One is more than Lana Biel ever wanted. In Lisa Dale’s vividly portrayed “It Happened One Night,” Lana is faced with a heart-wrenching decision. Her fun, sexy fling has clipped her wings; she was supposed to be a world traveler, not a mother. No, that’s her sister Karin’s obsession. When Karin – who has been trying for a baby without success – offers to adopt Lana’s baby, Lana is torn. It feels like the right thing to do, but something is stopping her.

Eli Ward has been in love with Lana for years. Their one night together back in college ended disastrously and he’s had to settle for being her best friend. When Lana reveals her pregnancy, he’s afraid he’s left it until too late to declare his love. He’s furious when the baby’s father abandons Lana, but is quick to step in. As always, he’s there for Lana when she needs him. Will Lana accept all that Eli has to offer, or turn away from him – and her baby – to chase a dream?

Eli is the kind of hero you want to take home with you. It’s Lana’s story, but Eli will capture your heart from the very first time he appears on the page. You’ll share Lana’s panic when her world falls apart, and Karin’s well-intentioned interference will drive you as crazy as if she were your own sister.

Lisa Dale has created such fully-formed, fascinating characters, you’ll feel like they’re old friends. Floral motifs add color and charm to the story, and the Vermont setting was so inviting I wanted to visit Lana and Karin’s wildflower store and chat with them about plants. Eli and Lana’s heart-warming story will stay with you long after you --

Buy the Book!

I married my best friend, and I clearly remember my confusion when our friendship began to change. Could I risk losing his friendship by admitting I wanted more? “It Happened One Night” hit home with me, as best friend-to-lover stories always do. Did any of you end up with your best friend? Did you work up the nerve to declare your feelings, or did he? Tell me about your real life love stories!
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Tonya Kappes said...

I love this time of year. I love reading holiday books and books with warm cozy covers.
My husband and I were best friends for two years before we started dating and I was the one to ask him out. He was amazing and still is.
I will definitely get this book.

Gannon Carr said...

Becke, this sounds like a lovely,heartwarming story. I will definitely be getting this one. :)

My husband and I were friends first. We actually grew up in the same town and went to high school together--he was 2 years older than me. I had a massive crush on him, but we didn't date in high school--unless you count me asking him to the Sadie Hawkins dance! Good times! He knew he was going to the Naval Academy and didn't want to do the long distance dating thing. We kept in touch writing letters and both dated other people over the years. Fate had us running into each other on Christmas break one year (his senior year in college and my sophomore). We started dating then, and the rest, they say, is history. Celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary in July!

So, Becke, I guess you could say I married my best friend. *g*

Katrina C said...

What a great sounding story!

My hubby and I were best friends before we got together. It was terrifying at first. I knew I had feelings for him but couldn't tell what his were for me. I remember being so scared that I'd ruin our friendship if I said anything.

Then one night I just couldn't hold back. I said, "I need to tell you something," and then I chickened out.

He just put his hand on my back and said, "Maybe there are things I'd like to tell you, too. Why don't you go first?"

So I did, and we've been together for seven years. I'm really glad he asked me to make the first move, too, because I'd never had a boyfriend before and it forced me to double up my courage.

Keri Stevens said...

Well, we weren't SUPPOSED to be best friends, but after I met him, my crazy-ex-roommate decided she would ask him out (like, the next day). He would come over to see her, and spend all of his time with me.

After that relationship (it wasn't much of one) with her ended, we had some fixin' to do (after all, she was "dating" him to keep him away from me and he was "dating" her to get closer to me), but we did.

And now we're in the HEA (but I think she's still crazy).

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I LOVE real-life best-friends-to-HEA stories even more than romance, and I really love em in romances!

Buongiorno, Bellas, and grazie mille, Becke, for telling us about "It Happened One Night." You've been talking up this novel for ages, and I've been driving around w/it on the front seat of my car for a long time, meaning to read it. I think I started it in the parking lot of the UPS store.

So I read it last night, and I so agree with you that it's really something special -- a stand out.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Tonya! Thanks for sharing that story. Sometimes a girl's just gotta get a guy on track. :) And, yeah, the cover is just lovely, isn't it?

Gannon, friends to HEA, plus a Christmas turn to romance? Could that be any more dreamy? Congrats on 21 years.

Katrina, sheesh, I can't stop smiling. That's better than a romance novel.

Keri: I think she's still crazy

Uh, hullo, pot? Kettle.

I can only imagine how zany and fever-pitch emotional that entire experience was. Your husband being scientist boy, right?, and you being, well, you. It must have really been fun and funny. I'll bet he had no idea what hit him, and probably still doesn't (but thanks his lucky stars every day, as they all men should when they score us, thankyouverymch). :)

Melanie Murray said...

Becke, I'm so glad that you are spreading the word about Lisa Dale! Of course, I'm a little biased, having worked with her in the past, but I think her writing is so warm and wonderful and endearing and romantic without being sappy. I wish she had twenty more books written!

To answer your question: I most definitely did not marry my best friend. In fact, my husband-to-be and I didn't much care for each other for the first year of our acquaintance! But I'm a sucker for these kinds of stories, because that is such a tricky conflict to overcome.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Melanie, that is SO the story I want to hear. Do I have to write a special feature with the 'haters to HEA' theme to get you to tell it?

Melanie Murray said...

Maybe, Michelle ;-) We REALLY didn't think much of each other. Complete Haters to HEA!

Becke Davis said...

Hi Tonya - I loved the wintery cover of this book, too. It may have influenced my decision to buy it a little. Lisa and I were Facebook friends and I came across her blog by accident when she had written a post about her boyfriend proposing. I commented, mentioned I'd been married REALLY long, and we started chatting.

She ended up friending my husband on Facebook, too, so it's weird when I mention her that he knows who I'm talking about. Lisa's really sweet and enthusiastic, and I'm so glad I can honestly say I loved this book.

Becke Davis said...

Oh Gannon, what a lovely story! I'm such a sucker for romance, whether it's in real life or in books. But I have to say, you don't look old enough to have been married 21 years!

Becke Davis said...

Katrina - your story gave me goosebumps. I love it!

Becke Davis said...

Keri - You were destined to be together, in spite of (or maybe because of) your crazy ex-roommate.

I was a hard core Beatle fan and when an English guy transferred to my high school at the end of junior year, it seemed everyone made a point of telling me about him.

My best friend kept teasing me about him, even though I had a long-time steady boyfriend at another school. Another very good friend Linda was as big a Beatle fan as I was, and I knew she was interested in him, too.

I was the editor of the school paper and, what do you know, he signed up for journalism so I ended up working with him a lot. His writing was witty and a little sarcastic, a la John Lennon.

I was intrigued, and we became good friends. He went out with Linda a couple times, and I started getting frustrated that my boyfriend didn't 'get' me the way the English guy did.

After the magical weekend where everything changed, we were both worried that Linda would be mad at us when we showed up at school as a couple. She felt a little weird, I think, but we're still friends today and we both talk to her all the time on Facebook.

So my equivalent of the crazy ex-roommate is not only still around, she's also skinny and gorgeous. And happily married, thank God.

Becke Davis said...

Hi Michelle! Yeah, sorry about that. I know I've talked your ear off about this book. And I haven't had a chance to read Lisa's first book, SIMPLE WISHES yet -- it's been in my TBR pile for awhile, but you know what my TBR pile is like. If it's anything like IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, I know I'm going to love it. And then I'll talk your ear off about that one, too.

Becke Davis said...

"I'll bet he had no idea what hit him"

Michelle -- I so agree with you on this one. I've met Keri's husband and he's really nice (and cute, too!). I bet Keri keeps him on his toes!

It's funny when we marry guys who are our opposites. I will never understand how I've been married 38 years to Oscar the Grouch. He can be such a pessimist while I'm practically Pollyana. I think we balance each other somehow.

Sissa said...

Ya! A new holiday story. ^^

I have no love life of to tell. I've only gone out with two guys and never beyond the second date. (who ever said college is the place to meet singles lied i tell you. Either that or i always attract the morons and bores) The Mennonites and Amish around me have more action than i do. lol I'm a sad 23 year old. I do have fuzzy love in my life. ^^ My buns have always shown me love and affection. Especially my boy Brighton. He always hopes over to me and wants me to rub his ears or give him parsley.

This year another fuzzy love came my way in the form of cat i sit for. A distant (so distant that i didn't even know it till after i was already pet sitting for her) relative of mine who is a major volunteer in the community rescues kittens. One of the kittens she has and ended up keeping is my best boy. Artie always comes running over to me when i walk in the door and won't let me be. He then always looks so sad and dejected when i have to leave him. ^^

Becke Davis said...

Hi Melanie! Oh, I'd love to read a story based on a conflict like your real-life romance. I can just see the sparks flying!

I should point out that when Lana and Eli had their intense, one-night fling in college, it didn't fizzle because of any lack of sizzle. The connection was so strong it scared the pants off Lana, and she couldn't deal with the emotional overload.

I hope Lisa doesn't mind my clumsy summary of that incident, but it's of major importance to the rest of the story. And did I mention I absolutely love Eli? I want to keep him.

Lisa Dale said...

Thank you guys so much for this awesome review and for all your kind words about the book! What a fantastic way to wake on a Friday morning!

Becke--not a clumsy summary at all. I love your writing style!!

My fiance and I meet each other when we all went out to a bar with some mutual friends. It's funny because I'd sworn myself off dating for a while pretty much the day before I met him.

Then, I went out, and there he was drinking a Corona at the bar. I told my best friend--who was sitting next to him and flirting with him--that I wanted her to move over so that *I* could sit next to him. She made the sacrifice. :-)

Becke Davis said...

Hi jedisakora! Animals can teach us a lot about love, can't they? What kind of bunnies do you have? I used to have two of those small black and white Dutch rabbits -- soooo cute! Their names were Thumper and Lennon.

I've had more cats than I can count, and Casper, the only pet left from when my kids were little, is still with us. My dog died two years ago -- I still miss her and would love to get another dog, but we're traveling too much right now to make that feasible.

Don't give up on romance, but enjoy your animals until it comes along. My son is your age and he found his girlfriend on his school's study abroad program. They were both dating other people, but they hit it off the day they met. My son kept saying, "I'm not fooling around, Mom, I just really like her and we have a lot of fun together."

Uh huh. It didn't surprise me, although I felt for his girlfriend, when he and his "friend" broke up with their significant others the day they got back on home ground. That was two years ago.

Becke Davis said...

Hi Lisa! It sounds like you owe that friend, big time! I know you're engaged -- when is your big day?

It's funny you remember that Corona. For me it was Budweiser. I really hate the taste of beer, but when my then-friend invited me to watch his band practice and there were some beers on the table, I grabbed one to give myself some Dutch courage. (What does "Dutch courage" mean, exactly? I'll have to check.)

When the band took a break, someone turned on the TV. MTV didn't exist then, but there was a lot of talk about Paul McCartney's solo album that came out that week and we were all interested in watching the TV news about it.

I sipped at the disgusting beer to hide my nerves, and he did that famous yawn-and-stretch, arm-across-the-back-of-the-sofa thing. Yeah, we were 17, neither of us had polished moves.

It worked, though. That was April 1970 and, while I'll admit there've been times I wanted to kill him, I'm still glad we're together. And did I mention "our song" is from that solo McCartney album? "Maybe I'm Amazed."

Lisa, thanks for making me remember those days.

Kara said...

I love best friend to HEA stories. I can't wait to read this one.

I am one of the minority marriage to best friend. However, that is one of my meet someone that could be my best friend and develop a further relationship with him.

Congrats to all the wonderful stories I read in the comments...they are truly wonderful.

Becke Davis said...

Kara - great to see you here! I love wolves and your icon/avatar always makes me smile.

I hope you'll find your best friend - sometimes you find that someone special when you least expect it.

The Reading Frenzy said...

Oh, I'm using tissues while reading your article Becke, it's one of those feel good things you know.
I didn't end up with my best friend, my husband and my beginning relationship was kinda world wind fast and they said it wouldn't last but now 30 plus years later I guess they were wrong.
I have wanted to get this book and alas it has to go on the backburner because well Christmas is coming and I'm not allowed to buy books in the month of December with out the wrath of my family falling down around my ears, but hey they can't be upset if I maybe win a copy can they.
Anyway this is my favorite kind of story. He matches that one column at B&N about decent heros doesn't he.
Well any way I can't wait to read it wether I get it for a present here or for Christmas or if I buy it after the holiday but one way or the other It Will Be Mine.
Thanks Becke

Becke Davis said...

Hi Debbie - it's a wonderful book and you HAVE to read it. There's a drawing, don't forget, so someone is going to win a copy. I'd offer to mail my copy to you, but this one is a keeper! I know I'll be rereading it. Did you check out the excerpt? Just reading that makes me want to start the book all over again.

Ann_a_reader said...

I'm enjoying the real life stories from the commentors and want to read Lisa Dale's book. Love the book cover.

The Reading Frenzy said...

Yes I've been reading about it for more than a month now Becke. I'll keep my fingers crossed on the drawing. If not I have a week off after the Holidays were there will be a reading frenzy going on.

Gabriella Edwards said...

Love the post, Becke!

My husband and I met in a bar. One of my best friends worked for her father who owned said bar, so other friends and I would hang out with her there as she worked. My DH happened to work there as well and of course, as irresistable as I am *snort* he moved in. I hardly knew him, but he was and still is, as my mother always said, "ah gooda boya"

Becke Davis said...

Hi Ann - Thanks for joining us! Do you have a story to share with us? These are so much fun!

Debbie - I'll be in Florida with my husband, my son, his girlfriend AND their dog, visiting my daughter and my husband's uncle. If that weren't enough, my son's girlfriend's family will be joining us: her mom, her teenaged sister and her boyfriend, her 10 and 12 year old brothers and her three year old sister.

Somehow, I don't think I'm going to get a lot of reading done.

Becke Davis said...

And can I just say, I have great kids? My son's girlfriend lost her dad two years ago. Her mom has had a very rough time and the kids have never been to any Disney park. So my son and his girlfriend saved their money and bought the plane tickets for ALL of them to fly from Oregon to Florida, and paid for the hotel room, too. And my daughter is covering all their Disney admissions.

Hope you don't mind me bragging on them - they made me proud.

Becke Davis said...

Hi Rosie! I love your story!

For those of you who don't know Rosie, she's my long-suffering critique partner and she just sold her first (HOT!) novella to Red Sage.

We were roommates at RWA National, where we hung out with Michelle and PJ and Gannon and Monica and a lot of other people you find here.

All I can say is, when you get Rosie and Michelle going on anything about Italy or Italians -- watch out! And Rosie and Monica? I'm surprised we didn't get kicked out of the restaurant!

The Reading Frenzy said...

Oh Becke that is such a Christmas worthy story. How great to have kids that giving.
I think reading over the holiday is the least of your worries. Just put on some earphones, fire up the ipod and listen to them while strolling through Cinderella's Castle.
That is a great story.

Becke Davis said...

We've been to the Disney parks so many times, I think my husband will go hang out with his uncle while the rest of them go park-hopping. You may remember me mentioning it awhile back, Debbie -- my husband's aunt and uncle were closer to him than his parents. His aunt and I bonded the first time we met -- she was only ten years older than us (almost 20 years younger than his mom).

In January, she found out her cancer had returned and she died in March. This will be her husband's first Christmas without her so we wanted to be there for him. I have a message from her on my cell phone that I will never delete.

The Reading Frenzy said...

I do remember you mentioning her, and I'm glad that your husbands and your uncle will have beloved family members with him for his first Christmas without your aunt. I'm sure it will mean a lot to him.
I'm going to Branson for Christmas, not on Christmas day but the week before, my niece graduates from College in Springfield on the 18th so my whole family will be together that weekend and we're going to celebrate Christmas too.
I can't wait

The Reading Frenzy said...

Hi Rosie, I haven't talked to you since joining Becke's yahoo group.
Mu husband and I also met at a bar, and he just kept sliding closer and closer until I finally relented and talked to him, and as they say the rest is history.

Becke Davis said...

Do you notice a common thread here? Alcohol. I don't even drink much (except umbrella cocktails when I'm out with the girls). How many of the rest of you met your significant others in bars or with the assistance of alcohol?

Debbie - I've never been to Branson but I hear it's really fun.

What are the rest of you doing for the holidays? (Whatever holiday you celebrate.)

Amy said...

I loved this book. I can't wait until Simple Wishes comes out.

The Reading Frenzy said...

I'm not a big drinker either Becke just occasionally with dinner or out with friends too.
I haven't been to Branson in a while but last year my sister,her husband and my mom moved there so this will be my first visit since they did.
It'll be a blast with the whole gang there, we'll probably be run out of town on a rail. ;-)

Becke Davis said...

Amy, Simple Wishes came first, I just haven't read it yet. Here's a link to order it:

And here's the synopsis from B&N:


Adele Matin couldn't wait to put her lonely childhood and hometown behind her. Amid the bright lights and hustle and bustle of New York, she built a life for herself—until one terrible mistake brought it crashing down. Now Adele is running again, this time to a cottage she inherited from her mother in rural Pennsylvania. And she's about to realize that a small town has more to offer than she ever dreamed.

An artist and woodworker, Jay Westvelt knows a thing or two about living in the country. Adele is intrigued by her mysterious and sexy green-eyed neighbor, a man who took care of her house and soon cares deeply for her. But even as Adele's heart begins to soften toward him, secrets from her mother's past threaten to send her fleeing back to the city. Can Jay convince her to stay with him?

Only if she can learn an important truth: that happiness begins with SIMPLE WISHES.

Becke Davis said...

And, by the way Amy, I hope you had a fun birthday and Thanksgiving!

Debbie - it sounds like you're going to have a blast!

Becke Davis said...

Wait - wrong Amy! Sorry about that -- senior moment.

Amy K had a birthday last week, and on top of that it was my niece Amy's birthday yesterday. It's such a pretty name but no wonder I get all my Amy's confused!

The Reading Frenzy said...

Becke you're not a senior YET!!!

Sissa said...

Hi Becke ^^

I have six fuzz butts (rabbits). ^^ My Beka is a Dutch like yours was. Leah and Mary are English Spot/mix. Rachel is a Hot Tot/Mix. Essy is a mix of something. & Brighton is an English Spot/ Mix.

I then have a 3 year old golden retriever named Izzy, a 7 year old Cocker spaniel/border collie named Lady Louisa, and we just got a beagle puppy named Daisy.

I'm surrounded by fuzz. ^^ I'm trying to not give up on romance. I'm graduating from uni this month, so i'm hoping that'll open up a new chapter in my life. If not i figure i can always try looking online. lol It worked for my older sister. I have my romance books to keep me busy till i do. ^^


Becke Davis said...

Debbie - My joints are old but the rest of me is young! :)

Jedisakora -

I'm happily married BECAUSE I have my romance books, believe me!

Wow, you do have a houseful! I had never considered getting a rabbit until I lived in England. So many of our friends and neighbors had rabbits as pets, we couldn't resist.

My dog was a lab/shepherd/chow mix, but her best friend was a Golden Retriever. My son's dog is a King Charles Cavalier Cocker Spaniel and my daughter's dog (well, she's taking care of him for her boyfriend while he's away) is a Yorkshire terrier. We all love animals!

Sissa said...


We actually never considered having rabbits as pets till Lady adopted a wild one. That led to my eventual group (the wild one(if its still alive) and its offspring now lives under our shed and porch. I put out food for them and taught the dogs not to go after them. ^^ I live in Pennsylvania and people keeping bunnies as pets are pretty common. Course mine are spoiled. They have the run of the garage, have a heater in the winter, and an air conditioner in the summer. Not to mention tons of bunny treats. lol

I belong to a few bunny groups on live journal and its been pretty much noted that rabbits are becoming more popular pets. Unfortunately, they're also one of the most neglected and misunderstood animals. A lot of people get them because they'd think they are like the cartoon versions of them not realizing how very different their personalities are or how high maintenance they are as well. Around Easter the local House rabbit society and a feed store i go to take part in the "Make mine chocolate" campaign that seeks to instruct people about how rabbits really and to not buy them as easter presents. This was started because every year about a month after Easter shelters are flooded with unwanted easter rabbits. Either that or people let their rabbits go "free" not realizing that they have an 80% chance of being killed within the first 24 hours. I'm a bunny advocate can you tell ~o^

All of your dogs and children's dogs sounds adorable. ^^ My neighbor has a yorkshire terrier named Peanut. lol He gets into everything.

Animals are so wonderful aren't they! You can always count on them to make you feel welcomed or loved.

Becke Davis said...

Jedisakora/Melissa - it just occurred to me, does Michelle have your email address? Make sure she has it (if it's on your Google profile, that works) so you can be entered in the drawing for Lisa's book.

Unknown said...

I have been hearing a lot about this book! It sounds like it would be a very heartwarming story. My husband and I met at work and then became friends and this led into our marrage. We have been married for 25 years now.


Becke Davis said...

Here's a link to Lisa's blog post where she announced her engagement. I think this is where I first "met" her.

Becke Davis said...

Don't forget to click the link at the top of my review, which takes you to a wonderful (and exclusive to RBTB) excerpt of Lisa's book.

Sissa said...

Hi Becke,
I'm not sure if she has it or not. I have two email addresses. I have my gmail address which is listed in my profile and is & i have another address which is


Becke Davis said...

She's got it now! Thanks, Melissa.

If any of the rest of you don't have a visible email on your Google account, give it to Michelle so she can include you in the drawing, too.

The Reading Frenzy said...

Aww that was a sweet story from Lisa's website. I love guys that do that kind of thing. My husband loves me, but there is not one romantic bone in his body, one year for mother's day he gave me a lawnmower for a gift, another year for a birthday I got zoysia grass plugs for my birthday. And when I asked him why, his answer was well you do take care of the yard and I thought it would make it easier.
Men duh!! They are from Mars.

Becke Davis said...

My husband can be a real grouch one minute and a total romantic the next. Keeps life interesting!

I don't think I can top the zoysia grass plugs story, Deb, no matter how hard I try!

amy kennedy said...

Becke, great review. And Lisa, the cover of this book is so beautiful -- it makes me feel good, can't wait to read it. Looks like you've hit on a theme Becke, but I'm not sure if it's best friends-to-lovers or alcohol!

I'm staying mute on both cases...maybe :)

Becke Davis said...

Or maybe both? Great to see you, Amy!

Tiona said...

Becke, koodos on the review! and the cover makes me want to curl up with a good book. Maybe this one.
My dad always told us to marry our best friend. Since, so far, my best friends are women, one a my twin and the other an old girlfriend, that ain't gonna happpen anytime soon.
Unless, of course, I move to Cali and harrass..I mean, put the moves on someone (cough, Matt, cough) excuse me! Coughing fit there!
Then it MIGHT happen.
As the say, you never know when the smoke might blow your way...Then again, I'm allergic to smoke, so please no blowing my way, hehe
Have a good weekend, everyone!

Becke Davis said...

Princess Bumblebee - sounds like you have your eyes on the target. Maybe this book will give you the inspiration to make a move! It's definitely scary to bare your soul and put yourself out there that way, but good things can come of it!

Tiona said...

Thnx, Becke! I know, scary stuff right there, but when you find a great guy you can't help yourself. Especially when he's tall and cute!

Leanna Renee Hieber said...

Yay Lisa! I can say that Lisa is as charming a person as she is as an author. She has a sparkle to her personality that she also has in her writing, its warm and engaging. I'm currently reading and enjoying Lisa's "Simple Wishes" and can't wait to check out this release!

Thanks for the lovely review, Becke!

Becke Davis said...

Hi Leanna! I'm so sorry I missed your book signing in Cincinnati but I hope to see you at the Lori Foster event in June!

Leanna's book is another one that is getting tremendous reviews this year. Here's a link to her website:

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading the comments. The book sounds so good I have added it to my TBR list.
Happy Holidays

Becke Davis said...

Hi JWisley - Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy Lisa's book as much as I did.

pjpuppymom said...

Great review, Becke. This sounds like just my kind of story.

My late dh and I were friends before we started dating. For 26 years he was my best friend as well as my beloved husband.

The Reading Frenzy said...

I was just reading some of the back statements and I noticed Becke that you said you and hubby are opposites. Well me and mine are too and just the way you two are. Bill is the biggest pessimist on earth and to me the glass is way over half full.

Mary Anne Landers said...

Becke Davis: Thank you for your post.

Lisa Dale is one of my Facebook friends, and a great one to have. Right now I'm reading her first novel, "Simple Wishes."

Her new release also sounds like a must-read. "It Happened One Night" is getting rave reviews at other major romance-review websites.

I hope Lisa Dale has a long and prolific career ahead of her. I'm a sucker for nice-guy romance heroes. And they're so hard to find!

Keep up the good work!

Mary Anne Landers

Becke Davis said...

Hi Mary Anne! Thanks so much for stopping by. Lisa is a friend of mine on Facebook, too. I just sent you a friend request -- I use my pen name, Becke Martin, there. It's a source of confusion for some people, but I had no idea Facebook was going to be such a wild party when I joined last February.

If Lisa reads this post, I hope she'll tell us a little about what she's working on now. I want to preorder it, as soon as the link goes up at Barnes & Noble!

Becke Davis said...

Debbie - We are clearly sisters of different mothers.

Becke Davis said...

PJ - I remember you saying romance novels saved you when your husband was in the hospital. I'm so sorry for your loss -- I can't imagine going through that.

The Reading Frenzy said...

Oh me too, I want to pre-order anything by Lisa

Becke Davis said...

Princess -- Tall and cute always works for me, but don't let my husband hear that. We're close to the same height.

Becke Davis said...

Debbie -- OF COURSE YOU DO. You're as bad as I am when it comes to buying books.

Jill Kemerer said...

I love the cover and premise of this book! And Lisa Dale has a lovely and welcoming blog, too!

Becke Davis said...

Jill - Have you seen the cover of SIMPLE WISHES? It looks like your picture!

Gabriella Edwards said...

Jumping back in late--sorry to miss the fun.

Hi Debbie! Yeah, the barfly asked me out for coffee one closing time and I said why not. That was 17 years ago! ACK!

Becke thanks so much for the promo, love you for it, but I don't suffer through reading your work--it's fun and I learn so much from it.

As for my inability to control myself around Michelle and Monica--it's all their fault! I'm easily corrupted.

Becke Davis said...

Yeah, Rosie, me, too!

Gabriella Edwards said...

Yep! I wasn't about to rat you out. You have such a sweet image, but you can be a wonderfully wicked influence. *giggle*

DeanY said...

Looking forward to another season of wonderful holiday stories....

Mitzi H. said...

I met my hubby at a high school party. He was the (older man) out of school and I was a junior. I knew he was the one for me...but it took me a year to rope him in. We've been married 36 years and still going strong.

mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot net

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Becke Davis said...

Rosie - Heh heh heh.

Dean - Thank you so much for joining us!

Mitzi - I LOVE your story, thank you so much for sharing it!

Chandrika Shubham said...

The cover of the book is amazing!
I first time visited your blog. Nice post. Best wishes.

Becke Davis said...

Hi Chandrika - thanks for joining us!

Linda Henderson said...

I've been married and divorced twice so I don't have much of a love story to tell. That's why I like reading romance books so much, it gives me the romance I never had.

seriousreader at live dot com

Becke Davis said...

Linda - it sounds like you found love twice, so don't give up. You'll find it again, I'm sure, and now you really know what you're looking for!

And in the meantime, those romance heroes give you something to look forward to!

Pamela Keener said...

This book sounds awesome. How neat it must be to marry your bestest friend.
Love & Hugs, Pam

Becke Davis said...

Hi Pam! Thanks for joining us. I'm glad I married my best friend, but don't get me wrong -- we have times we drive each other nuts! But I'm always happy to hear his voice on the phone when he goes out of town on business, and I'm always excited when he gets back home.