Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Feature Review: "A Highlander Christmas," By Halliday/Renwick/Miles

By Amy Kennedy, RBTB Contributing Editor

I thought I wanted a sweet 1962 cherry red Gibson Les Paul guitar for Christmas – but, in these times, I need to simplify. So…I simply want a brawny warrior with dark braids at his temples and wrapped in a plaid – a simple plaid, for a simple girl. See? Is this too much to ask?
None of the heroines in this sweet-to-smokin’-hot anthology, “A Highlander Christmas,” thought it was too much to ask for either.

In Dawn Halliday’s lusty medieval “Winter Heat,” Logan Douglas saves Maggie MacDonald who’s on the brink of a frozen death. Abducted by the man she’s pledged to, Maggie uses her clan pin as a weapon to escape into a blizzard, and it’s this same pin that catches and draws Logan’s eye to the sight of Maggie’s body. They find warmth and discover each other in a cottage as the blizzard rages on. Logan will have Maggie as his own, if only for this short time.

Like a favorite fairytale all grown-up, Sophie Renwick’s lush Victorian “Yuletide Enchantment” is laced with magic and myth. Isobel MacDonald always sees her stag, the white hart, at every turning point in her life; she’s sure it’s magical and she’s right. Prince Daegon of the Sidhe -- magical Celtic fey -- would like to claim Isobel as his own, but he endangers the other Sidhe and her if he does. Her clan pin is the key to being with him…again and again and again.

Paige MacDonald is nobody’s fool in Cindy Miles’ tenderly sexy and funny contemporary, “A Christmas Spirit.” Paige reacts exactly the way any of us would when faced with dead (as in ghost) sexy highland warrior Gabriel Munro – she runs like hell, becomes a klutz, falls down and then wonders: What’s really so bad about a ghost? He wants her to stay, there’s a blizzard (yay!) and she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. But will he find out she’s one of “those MacDonalds” the ones who killed him? He will, if he sees her antique clan pin.

“A Highlander Christmas” is a great “light paranormal,” if you will, tied together by the MacDonald women and their clan pin handed down through the generations. Each story lends itself to the time period: the medieval story, earthy and harsh yet romantic, the Victorian, a bit more dressed-up, and the contemporary funny and full of banter. You’ll want your own Highland Warrior wrapped-up under the tree as soon as you –

Buy the book.

Who would you wish for all wrapped-up and waiting under the tree for you?
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Mitzi H. said...

My 1st choice is my hubby....but if I were to wish upon a star...It would be my all time favorite Highlander, James Alexander Malcomb MacKenzie Fraser. Now that would be one H*ll of a Christmas Present!!!!!

Merry Christmas to Everyone!!!

mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot net

Becke Davis said...

Apart from the blizzards, this book sounds great! (I've had enough of snow already, even if it is only December.)

Love the clan pin concept -- this sounds like a great read!

amy kennedy said...

Mitzi, I agree! What if you had to say his whole name everytime you wanted something? It would still be worth it, right?

Becke, the books make the blizzards seem romantic. When I was in college -- for that one year -- I was home for the weekend (my boyfriend had picked me up and brought me home) my parents were out of town, and we got 24 inches of snowfall in one night -- unheard of for Rhode Island.

It was lovely. Completely stuck. Just the two of us. Then we had to dig out and get back to reality.

Myrin said...

I've only read Cindy Miles's story so far although I've had the book for quite some time now, but eventually I'll make the time to read the other two, too.

Oh, how I'd wish for blizzards and tons of snow! It was icy here the last two weeks, so the snow we already had remained and it still snowed on and on. We had thirty centimetres (someone convert that into inches, please) in the night from Sunday to yesterday alone. But now, we've got Föhn. You know Föhn? That crazy, warm, making-you-dizzy-in-the-head wind that comes from Italy over the Alps and then falls down on us poor Bavarians? Hate. It. I want snow for Christmas and cold, not warm and wet and green! *grrrrr*

amy kennedy said...

Lisak -- you always make me laugh, I'd love some Fohn right about now, or maybe you're right, maybe the day after Christmas.

Kara said...

My wish would be Jamie too!! What an awesome highlander.

I really want to get this book...sounds fantastic...have it written on my TBB list and hopefully will get those gift certificates I asked for at Christmas.

The Reading Frenzy said...

Ooh Baby, under my tree wrapped only in his highland colors, Yeah that's my idea of the ideal Christmas present. What do you think my chances are of getting the hubster to do that for me. Right, fat chance it is.

amy kennedy said...

Kara, I loved the way the stories tied together yet each could stand alone.

I don't know Deb, depends on what you promise to be wearing Christmas morning...

Myrin said...

Amy, I'm your faithful servant! I'm always happy to make others laugh!

Hey Deb, who knows about your hubby's secrets fantasies? Maybe he'd be delighted to present himself to you all wrapped-up?! ;)

Melanie Murray said...

Lovely review, Amy. I for one enjoy a good blizzard. There's nothing more romantic!

Sissa said...

^^ I have the cover "A Highland Christmas" as my background of my computer.

What i would like wrapped up and under my tree would be a nice job, but that is not likely. lol So i'm hoping for some books. ^^

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading the comments.
I would like a young Sean Connery- type Scotsman in a kilt under my tree. Wow that would be interesting to unwrap

Tracy Montoya said...

A notice that I have free housekeeping service for life, including laundry.

As long as I still have electricity, being snowed in is fabulous! The book sounds like a lot of fun, Amy.

And if I'm supposed to wish for a hero (husband notwithstanding), I'd want Jason Bourne.

Gannon Carr said...

Great review, Amy! How can you go wrong with a Highlander? :)

Yes, yes, yes on Jamie Fraser!! Love him, and it's okay, my husband knows all about it. LOL

amy kennedy said...

One can never go wrong with a highlander -- it is a fact Gannon!

Melanie, thank you, and I agree about the blizzard, so romasntic,but Tracy's right, it does help if there's electricity.

amy kennedy said...

jedisakora, I'm sending out a Christmas wish: a job for you.

Anon -- I wouldn't mind an old Sean Connery either!

Tracy, could we throw in dinners for a year too?

I could have used a couple of Brawny Highlanders to help lug Christmas presents around for me today...where were you guys?

Unknown said...

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maered said...

This looks like a good Christmas anthology. Thanks for the heads up!