Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SCOOP! PJ and Gannon Join RBTB Team!

I'm so pleased to introduce you to our newest RBTB staffers, women whom, like the rest of the team, already own the talent, goodwill and positive attitudes that reflect the tone you've set here at RBTB. What's more, they're bringing you monthly a look at romance fiction in a style a lot like the one we nurture w/ our best pals who also are romance fans. Their columns are fresh and unique, and you always can count on their take on books to have the heart and generosity of spirit everyone in the greater romance community loves about these two. Please offer your warmest Bella buongiorno to...

Gannon Carr and PJ Ausdenmore
, RBTB Correspondents

PJ and Gannon became cyber pals when dishing romance at fave online spots like Eloisa James/Julia Quinn BB, and Soon, they found they had even more in common, like a love of college football, dogs and chocolate, which works out great ‘cause PJ makes the best, and Gannon loves to eat it. They first met in person at Celebrate Romance ’08 and try to hook up whenever possible, like at RWA ’09 in DC where they attended the Bella Breakfast.

PJ’s pal Gannon discovered romance novels when her seventh-grade English teacher, Mrs. Parker, recommended a Victoria Holt novel for a book report. It was love at first page! As a long time, vocal supporter of romance fiction, Gannon’s spent lots of time online gabbing about the genre with like-minded individuals at various blogs, boards and, most recently, as a reviewer for

Gannon’s pal PJ’s always enjoyed sharing her love of romance fiction with others. A few years ago, friends suggested PJ write about the books she’d read and, while she likes to think they were encouraging her literary ambitions, she suspects they were probably just trying to shut her up. PJ does love to spread the word, and her enthusiasm has led her around the net – even to RBTB where she’s hung for the last two years -- and on to a gig reviewing with RNTV.

In addition to being delighted to join the RBTB team, PJ and Gannon are pleased to invite you to join them daily at, the new romance blog/review site they just launched with two RNTV colleagues!

Gannon and PJ will write columns about friendship, family and the stuff women seem to understand best -- all related to themes in new romances they love. What kinds of things do you like to talk about with your best gal pals who also love romance? What types of romances do you think PJ and Gannon should be on the lookout for?

Tomorrow: Catch PJ and Gannon's debut column! They'll give their fresh take on Stephanie Laurens' "The Untamed Bride."


Becke Davis said...

Yeah! I'm so excited to welcome PJ and Gannon to RBTB -- Michelle, every time I think this place couldn't be any more fun, you add more great people to the team. RBTB ROCKS!

Even though, like so many of us, I was saddened by the demise of RomanceNovelTV, I'm glad it enabled Michelle to bring PJ and Gannon into the fold. I don't remember exactly when I met them both online -- we share the same interests and many favorite authors, because I often find them when I'm surfing the net. (God, please tell me there's a better phrase for that -- I'm picturing Gidget and Moon Doggie, for Pete's sake.)

I got to know PJ and Gannon better on Facebook, and was fascinated by their photo pages. I'm still in awe: is there ANYONE in the world of romance they haven't met??

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting PJ and Gannon in real life at RWA National this year -- in fact, they were about the first people I ran into there. We met again at the Bella breakfast, and again, and again -- until they probably thought I was stalking them.

And then there was the night of the Harlequin party -- but that's another story. Anyway, I'm betting most of you know PJ and Gannon already. If this is the first time you're meeting them, I promise, you're going to love them both. They're two of my favorite people, and I'm THRILLED they've joined us!

Monica Burns said...

Oh WOW!!! What fabulous news!! Welcome PJ and Gannon to the Bellas home on the web.

I was lucky enough to meet PJ and Gannon at the Bella Breakfast. And damn it, YES, PJ does make the most awesomeness chocolate around. I don't know WHY she doesn't have a candy shop!!

Looking forward to getting to know you two ladies better and popping in when I can to say hello


David B. said...
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Becke Davis said...

Aww, Monica -- the Bella breakfast is where I met you, too. So much fun!

And I'm trying really hard not to think about PJ's chocolates. It's a slippery slope.

David B. said...

Welcome ladies. I know how much Michelle is excited about having you both on the team.

To the RBTB community at large, sorry I haven't been around lately. The routine got interrupted for a bit. But I look forward to continuing to provide you all with the male perspective.

Male Perspective Guy

Gannon Carr said...

Grazie, Bellas!! I am so excited to be a part of RBTB, and I know PJ is, too. Thank you all for the warm welcome!

Becke, I'm not sure who was stalking whom in DC. LOL

Monica, PJ should definitely open her own candy shop!

Thanks, David. We all appreciate the male perspective. At least that's what I tell my husband. :-D

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Bellas! And welcome, oh, welcome, Gannon and PJ! We were all kind of shocked when RNTV closed doors and certainly look forward to Maria and Marissa's next project. And as I wrote you, I probably seemed a little like a vulture circling when I wrote after that news was announced to invite you to join our team. I just so enjoyed the time we spent at RWA in DC -- and had known you guys online for so long -- that I knew you'd add just the right "girlfriends" touch to RBTB, if you agreed to join us. I also knew you'd fit right in.

So welcome. Can't wait for everyone to check out your columns and see how much fun it's going to be sharing time with you. And congrats on the Romance Dish! You deserve all the success you four already are garnering and will continue to grow. :)

Vanessa Kelly said...

PJ and Gannon!! Great news! I also met the gals at RWA last year - both at Michelle's breakfast and at the EJ/JQ party. Gannon and I had quite a gabfest, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Not circling like a vulture, Michelle - you're being smart to scoop up the talent!

Gannon Carr said...

Grazie, Michelle. We are thrilled to be here at RBTB. And thank you so much for the kind words about The Romance Dish. It is more than we could have ever imagined!

Gannon Carr said...

Vanessa, I enjoyed talking with you at the EJ/JQ party, too! Hope to gab some more in the future.

Gannon Carr said...

I'm posting for PJ right now. She had to leave town yesterday to help a friend with a family emergency. She just called to tell me that their internet is on the blink, so she's unable to post now. :(

She is very excited to be joining the RBTB, too! When she can get online, she'll pop in to say hello.

Monica Burns said...

Aww, Monica -- the Bella breakfast is where I met you, too. So much fun!

Yep, and didn't you intro me to Rosie. Sweetheart Italian that she is??? And we had fun in the restaurant one night with Queen Bella and Rosie.

We need to gather up Michelle for a night like that again, only bring more Bellas with us!! LOL

The Reading Frenzy said...

Welcome, welcome, welcome and what a great story and not hard to believe because I too have met many many friends on line, like right here at RBTB and at my other haunt B&N where Becke and Melanie and Michelle and some others of you also hang out. And just what I need another place to hang out and talk romance yay!!!. My pals and I like to talk about all things romance not just cyber friends but friends I see all the time.
What kind of romance to be on the look out for, all types.
Welcome again

Keira Soleore said...

Congratulations, PJ & Gannon!

Myrin said...

Aaaaaaawww, PJ and Gannon, what a wonderful surprise, sohohooo cool to have you here! *waveswildly*

I'm still (and over and over again) surprised how you can really get to know people via Internet.

What kinds of things do I like to talk about with my best pals who also love romance?
Well, yeah, Michelle, you should know. Like, how I start sweating and panting when I read about mating bites, for example. *g*

No, really. How about a discussion about the best love scenes we've ever read? Now that would be something to my likin'...

Yay, The Untamed Bride! I didn't have the time to read it yet (wrote an important Arts test today) but I was absolutely captivated when I read the excerpt on SL's page and watched the trailer (does anyone else find that music fantastic? I'd love to know if there's an actual song to it). Can't wait to hear what you think!

Tiona said...

Welcome, GAnnon and PJ! I hope PJ gets to come blog. All these new peeps are just so exciting!
Michelle, I don't think you resemble a vulture at all, hehe.
No, I think it's great that we get two new women who definately know their romantic reads, hehe. More to party with, in my opinion, hehe.
LisaK, who's they Untamed Bride by? Clue me in, please.
Welcome, male perspective guy!
Hmm, I love to talk to my grandma, who is the only one I can really talk to about romance novels, hehe, about how romance novelists have to do all this research and how interesting it is that it's intertaining, but we actually learn a lot from them, like about those dastardly pirates and how they lived all that time on those ships of theirs. Ahoy, matey!
Just intersting stuff like that! Talk about doing your homework, hehe

pjpuppymom said...

Waving hello to everyone! I don't know how long I'll have internet so am typing really fast. *g*

Thank you so much for the lovely welcome. I'm excited to be joining Michelle's team! Gannon and I have become good friends over the past couple years. We room together at conferences, enjoying gabbing about romances we've read, are having a blast over at The Romance Dish with Buffie and Andrea and we're looking forward to our monthly column here at RBTB!

Eva Gale said...

I'm so glad there are all these new gorgeous faces at RBTB! Congrats, PJ and Gannon!

amy kennedy said...

I am just so darned excited about you two being a part of RBTB! Canm't wait to read the column tomorrow.

Eerm, the things I like to talk about with girlfriends who like romance? Well...I would say it would be Math, you know, like cicumference and length and things...Sorry.

I'm a little giddy.

Gannon Carr said...

Yay, PJ! I'm so glad you were able to post. Hope the internet connection stays up!

Myrin said...

Principessa, The Untamed Bride is the first installment in Stephanie Laurens's Black Cobra Quartet-series. If you're a fan of adventure novels you have to check it out!

Amy, girl, really. I am supposed to have the naughtiest mind here! *stickstongueatamy*

Honestly, I am a big fan of descriptions of circumference and length ... Kresley Cole's VERRRRY good at it, for example ... maybe she's a genius mathematician??? Maths not my strong subject, though, never been (although it's gettin' better)... wanna teach me something about it? In detail? ...

Monica Burns said...

Well...I would say it would be Math, you know, like cicumference and length and things...Sorry.

Ah HA! Hey Michelle, Ames is the one misbehaving today! She brought up the topic of manhoods before I did!! LOL

Gabriella Edwards said...

*GASP* I am so happy to see some of the best dang darned women you'd be lucky enough to share a cab with altogether on one of my favorite blog sites! Squee, Gannon and PJ!

What a coup, Michelle!

Monica! *sniffle, sniffle* What a sweet thing to say! Right back atcha!

I had a fabulous time in DC and I'm all for a reunion, Monica, but I'm envisioning the start of a tradition. Let me see: onion rings, sex scene readings, stuffing into a cab, and PJ's chocolates...ahh sharing a room with a bella definitely has its perks!

Oh, and aren't you proud of me, Becke? I didn't go anywhere near Monica's comment about the manly bits of...math.

Becke Davis said...

Rosie - You definitely get points for that. You two behave online, it's IN PERSON you're likely to get us arrested!

Gabriella Edwards said...

Hmm, arrested? That would be something to consider for the craft. Just imagine the story possibilities!

Gannon Carr said...

Hey, Rosie!! That was some cab ride, wasn't it? *g* Now, if we could invite the kilt wearing hottie in your avatar on our next cab ride, I'll volunteer to sit in his lap. ;)

pjpuppymom said...

Kilt-wearing hottie? I'm so there!

Hi Rosie! Thanks for the welcome. Hope you'll pop in tomorrow and join us for our first column.

That DC ride was quite an experience. Talk about getting "up close and personal!" I think that's the most fun I had during the entire conference - certainly the most I laughed. :)

The Reading Frenzy said...

Stories I want all the dirty little stories about the arrests or almost arrests. Not gossip just the facts mams. ;-)

Monica Burns said...

It was was ALLL Rosie's fault. At least she had a hunk-a-hunk-of copy trying to serve her. Bwwwwaaaahahahahaha

Gabriella Edwards said...

*laughing, snorting, choking on my water* It was me, but Monica made me do it!

And Gannon, I think we'll have to pick straws for the lap. That avatar has received so many compliments. Never deny the power of a kilt, but that's another blog.