Friday, November 20, 2009

As Bad As It Gets

This is about as riled up as I get about anything. But, you know, in a nice way. READ MORE, BELLAS!


Becke Davis said...

This seems to be the week for getting riled up.

The Reading Frenzy said...

Oh Oh riled up and wearing red Michelle, look out for the explosion.

What would the industry do or be without Romance, writers, publishers and most of all the readers like me who keep them all in business. When will the stigma to be a romance writer, reader etc stop being a BAD thing. Well I do all I can to sway that in my little part of the world by proudly displaying my romance novel wherever I am.
Get with the picture PW if not for the romance genre there might not be an industry at all.
Okay I'm putting away my soapbox. ;-)
Have a great weekend everyone.

John David said...
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Vanessa Kelly said...

I'm thrilled that Anna's book made the list. Totally annoyed that Romance doesn't merit its own category when other genres (with smaller readerships, BTW), do.

Sadly typical.