Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tingle All the Way

You don't live to be almost 30 and not build up a little resentment.

OK, so 30 waved adieu a while ago, but I can remember being put out even then by the smug, sanctimonious folks whom most everyone agrees are some of the most annoying specimens of humanity in existence: people who have their holiday shopping done before Halloween.

Perhaps I overstate things, but you know who you are, and those of us who barely can get Christmas together by New Year's have just one question: Can... READ MORE, BELLAS!


Jill Kemerer said...

Love the cover! Who doesn't go out bare-chested in a snow storm? And if they don't, maybe they should...

I'm with you on the Christmas shopping. It's already starting to eat away at my sanity and I've yet to purchase a gift.

Thank goodness Halloween candy is out. Nothing like a bag full of M&M's to put Christmas shopping in perspective!

(I'd leave a comment at B&N, but there's something wrong with my account. I tried fixing it. No. Oh, well.)

Tiona said...

Jill, I'm totally with you about going w/out a shirt in a snow-storm! Especially if you look like him. It would definately make me want to go out into a snow-storm, hehe. Hubba Hubba!
Sorry your account is acting up, but at least you can still post here!

Jill Kemerer said...

Princess Bumblebee, it should be required to not wear a shirt or jacket with a chest like that :)

Lisa F. said...

I haven't read Showalter but will buy this one for Cole's story. I love love love her books.

Tiona said...

Jill, lets see if they'll pass a law like that, hehe. It would be worth it!