Thursday, October 01, 2009

Opposites Attract

Tomorrow! DARE to play the final installment of Regency Dating Game, and meet Regency Bachelor #3 as we celebrate the release of Tessa Dare's "A Lady of Persuasion" with an Exclusive Hot Excerpt from Tessa -- and a contest -- just for you!!!
Monday: Bella Jessa Slade steps into the RBTB GuestBlog spotlight as she kicks off the debut of her exceptionally fine Marked Souls urb-fant/rom series with "Seduced by Shadows." You're going to love what she's got to say -- and her fabulous contest: A grand prize that includes gorgeous earrings (I want) that she hand made, wicked note cards, plus 'graphed copies of "Seduced by Shadows" up for grabs.

Marked Souls? Three points to sell you: 1. Big, conflicted mens; Names of said mens in no particular order, Niall, Archer, Liam and Zane; 3.Out-of-the-gate marvelous writing and storytelling. Really, Jessa should make me a pair of earrings for that. In fact, I think everyone I say something nice about should give me jewelry. I don't think it's payola if you can wear it...

What makes you want to try a debut author?

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Stacy~ said...

I think one advantage to being a new author is that they have a little more freedom to try something "different". Now granted, there's not a lot of different to be had, but they can spruce up a tried & true plot by being more creative with it. Bolder. Being imaginative doesn't necessarily mean they have to be over-the-top, just willing to take the less traveled path.

And of course, buzz about a particular new book/author always helps *g*