Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Oh, Holy Knight

Growing up Catholic, crushing on the man at the pulpit offered its own heady form of temptation. Feel free to talk about eroticizing equality all you want, my sisters, but when a priest is good looking - and adolescence has wrapped its silky tendrils around one's good-girl libido - that man's being the ultimate forbidden fruit is hell-in-a-handbasket hot.

Robin Carr explores the fascinating and, for some, titillating, subject of preachers in love in her magnificent upcoming release, "Forbidden Falls,"...READ MORE, BELLAS!


Paula R said...

Hey Michelle, I can't wait to read about Noah Kincaid and Alicia Baldwin. Robyn has been dropping hints, and she has a blurb on her website about the next three books in the series. I love the people of Virgin River. Thanks for promoting Robyn here. She is fabulous!

Peace and love,
Paula R.

Becke Davis said...

Another book I have to read!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up !! I checked Robyn Carr's website and can't wait to read it ;-)

ev said...

Another Virgin River book? I am so there!!

Eva Gale said...

I LOVE that story line! There was this training to be priest when I was a kid-I forgot what they're called. Anywho, he was GORGEOUS. And I rememer asking him (hey, I was asute for an 8 YO) You are so handsome, why don't you want to get married. And you know, he paused and totally tripped and manged an answer? I still wonder if he ever went thought with his vows.

I must get this book.

(Father Cutie, anyone?)