Monday, October 12, 2009

HEA Replay

You may want to file this under TMI, but I'll share that there's a point in a romance when I know it's going to become a re-read, and it's comparable to a line in that Pink Floyd classic, "Comfortably Numb": "Just a little pinprick; there'll be no more - ahhhh."

At that moment, a certain letting go occurs, even of suspension of disbelief. The mind relaxes and accepts premise, setting, motivation and plot - and the storytelling becomes the agent that delivers the anesthetic-like rush to... READ MORE, BELLAS!

This morning, we'll say 'ciao,' but not necessarily goodbye forever, to friends at RomanceNovel.TV, who're closing down shop at their site, but not disappearing from cyberspace. We at RBTB are looking forward to more of the creative, positive and fun ways they bring romance to fans in whatever forms they cook up in the future.
This just in: Take a gander at the hot cover of Bella Vanessa Kelly's May release, "Sex and the Single Earl!" Click here to catch an excerpt from the book, the follow-up to Nessa's "Mastering the Marquess."


Becke Davis said...

Fabulous excerpt -- I hope we can preorder it soon!

And I'm there with the re-reading. I have a couple of shelves of favorites, that I know I'm going to reread. I used to do it a lot more. Less so, since my TBR pile took over southern Ohio.

Monica Burns said...

ok, that dude is HAWT. Total decadence in breeches. Yum

Vanessa Kelly said...

Thanks, gals! I think he's pretty hot, too. Becke, the pre-order should go up pretty soon, I would think.

I admit, I'm a huge re-reader, and Lord of Scoundrels tops the list.

Dianne Castell said...

Great covers. Can't wait to pick them up. Sex and the Single Earl is a neat title.