Friday, October 30, 2009

Fool Of The Nile

Cats most likely don't have unfulfilled fantasies to work out when choosing masquerade costumes. So if there were a feline Halloween party, you probably wouldn't see a lot of kitties dressed in tiny parochial school-girl kilts or itty-bitty cheerleader unis.

Still, this year -- after viewing two seasons of HBO's (It's not TV, it's a reason to watch rangy, gorgeous British actors wearing next to nothing) "Rome"on dvd with Male Persepective Guy, aka, my husband, Dave -- our cat, Sophia, decided she, too, would like to be swept off her paws by Marc Antony.

That may look like humiliation glowing from Sophia's penetrating gaze, but I prefer to think of it as a look as mysterious and knowing as any Cleopatra would have given her famous Roman-general luvah -- or, apparently, any of her hottie guards, if the rumors are true. You have heard those rumors, haven't you?

What are you "going as" this Hallowe'en? What's the best costume you've worn or seen?


Tiona said...

Adorable pic, Michelle! I'm sure your kitty would attract many Tom's in that outfit, hehe!
Well, I was thinking of putting on a red, tight mini skirt, my "I Play With My Prey" T-Shirt, high black boots and, like any self-respecting Valkyrie, go a'huntin vampires, hehe.
I hope I catch one! Preferably a hawt man of the Lore, hehe

Keri Ford said...

That costume suits your cat. she looks ready to give commands.

I don't have a costume party to go to, but if I did, I'd probably go as Daphne from Scooby Doo. (son is going as Scooby). Begged the husband to dress up as Shaggy for trick-o-treating, but he's a no go on that idea.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Principessa, you'd be adorable as Nucking Futs Nix! What a great idea. Ah, to be young and on the hot trail of Lore...

Excellent idea, Keri! You know, the husbands often put the damper on the Halloween joy, don't you think? Maybe your guy wanted to go as Freddie?

Becke Davis said...

I LOVE this picture! And I bow, yet again, to the Queen of Cool Headlines. Fantastic!

I'm not much for Halloween costumes. Don't think I've had any that were really original.

Tiona said...

Well, thank you, Michelle! I wonder if Chester Bennington is goign to be a vampire rocker this weekend?

amy kennedy said...

I knew Sophia wuld fit the part, she looks so imperial.

The cat HATES me.

I was going to be slutty nurse and hubby was going to be the inappropraite doctor...but we have to get up at 5:00 the next morning, so it's not to be this year.

I come up with the costume ideas and he plays along...although last year we went as "Deal Or No Deal" Howie Mandell and a glamorpuss model with a briefcase, (his idea) not scary, but very funny, he looked remarkably like Howie.

amy kennedy said...

Princess, your costume sounds awesome! I'm sure you'll be having the vampires after you.

Keri, a couple years ago, my husband and I went as Velma and Shaggy!

Becke, you don't like to dress-up? You look as if you would rock on Halloween.

Eva Gale said...

She looks like she's thrilled you finially realized her importance.

Now bow before your queen, and open that can of tuna. She'll have it on the fine china, of course.

Monica Burns said...

Love the cat, although she doesn't look too terribly thrilled with you! LOL

I LOVED ROME! I've watched it at least 3 times each season. James Purefoy has my heart for having the most incredibly sexy voice and his deliciously, on target portrayal of Mark Anthony in terms of personality, charm, crudeness and overall insolence. And his private parts are quite a bit to talk about as well. The man is...ENORMOUS! I just have to pause the DVD every time I see him being bathed just to marvel at how God has created such an incredible work of art.

Unknown said...

I'm going a harassed frumpy mother this year and my 7 year old dd is a 'nice witch'
My cats would probably kill me in my sleep if I tried to put costumes on them LOL

Tiona said...

Ok, Michelle, this might sound corney, but should we be calling your cat Cleocatra this weekend? hehe

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Kate writes: I'm going a harassed frumpy mother this year

Shoot. I hope we're not going to the same parties, cause I hate showing up in something someone else is wearing...

principessa, that's funny. Sophia didn't get it when I told her, but as you can see, she doesn't have much of a sense of humor.

lol, eva.

mon, I'm, well, I'm just shocked, I tell you, shocked. I've never known you to be so shallow.

Monica Burns said...

Honey, you have to have a flexible throat, because that man is anything BUT shallow. ROFLMAO

And I confess I like PB's nickname for your feline. Cleocatra. LOL

Keri Ford said...

Nope. No go on Freddy either. He's just a party pooper like that.

what I should have done was just laid him out a green t-shirt with jeans and said wear that and never mentioned the bit about Shaggy until it was too late. He wouldn't have had the facial hair or bell bottoms, but he would have been close!

Tiona said...

Michelle, I'm sure Cleocatra (aka Sophia), in true kitty form, is laughing on the inside. Gotta keep up that regal demeanor, hehe.

The Reading Frenzy said...

Oh Michelle, that is such a cat face that I'm better than you and only tolerate you because you feed me but if you didn't I'd still be fine.
It's a perrrrrfect costume. ;-)

amy kennedy said...

Monica, you're killin' me! Now I definately have to rent Rome.

Princess -- *snort* Cleocatra!

Keri, you so could have gotten away with it.

KateKateKate. Just put on a pointed hat and some red lipstick and be the "bad" witch.

Keri Ford said...

I know, Amy! I might still can. Haven't mentioned the Shaggy idea in a couple wks, so we'll see if we can sneak it on him.

his shoes will be the problem. I might have to accidently spill some water on his tennis shoes just before leaving to get him to slip on his brown's.

snulfers said...

We love Sophia's costume. Haven't seen a better one for a pet yet this year.

ev said...

Lock your bedroom door tonight, because she is plotting revenge. When is the real mystery.

I wish I had daughter's "Then Buffy staked Edward. The End." t-shirt,but I will most likely just stick my black and purple witches hat with purple hair on to greet the kiddies at the door. At least I hope I have kiddies and it doesn't rain. That will piss me off after all the work I go to to decorate.

And the doxies will be an angel and a devil this year. Last year it was pirate and wench. They weren't happy then and won't be tonite.

I haven't seen Rome. Might just have to get it on DVD to take on the road in the RV.

Happy treats everyone!!

pjpuppymom said...

My dog gave me that same look when I suggested she "dress up" for Halloween. She preferred to go au naturel.

I was a gypsy fortune teller this year (recycled a costume from a previous year) and delivered many predictions of the future as I made my way around the neighborhood with my adorable 3 yr. old grandniece. She was a princess, which she announced at each house we visited, as in, I'M A PRINCESS!! Yes, I did mean for that to be in shouting caps. lol

amy kennedy said...

Ev, that t-shirt is hilarious. Yeah, I'm renting "Rome" as well.

PJ, I was a gypsy fortune teller my entire childhood, until one year I announced, "I want a store-bought costume." It was a Cinderella plastic mask with what amounted to a plastic bag dress -- it was horrible, I went back to the fortune telling the very next year.

Myrin said...

Oh, I think Sophia looks rather vengeful, doesn't she? ;)