Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Feature Review: "Beyond the Rain," By Jess Granger

By Amy Kennedy, RBTB Contributing Editor

I was a “Star Trek” kid. Loved it with a capital “L,” and was happy to boldly go where no man (girl) has gone before. But I hated it when one of the characters fell in love: Now someone nice is gonna die! Usually it was some earnest new guy on the show. But still, I learned the lesson: All romances in space were doomed.

Thank goodness Jess Granger’s debut(iful) futuristic romance, “Beyond the Rain” didn’t use the love formula from “Star Trek.” Her story’s full of the possibility of a doomed romance, with a side of imminent death thrown in.

But that’s just what keeps us turning the pages, for romance is alive and well in Granger’s space as Captain Cyani, an Azralen, is on her last Union mission before she must return home to join the Elite, celibate female warriors who rule her planet.

Soren is a Byralen. His people are known for their bonding hormones, and he’s been enslaved so his unique hormones can be extracted and sold to shadow traders as powerful aphrodisiacs. Freed by fiercely beautiful Cyani, both become stranded and must find a way off an enemy outpost.

But Soren’s system’s been manipulated for years and his hormones are whacked; he’ll die unless he bonds with a woman soon, and Cyani’s lookin’ pretty good.

Cyani’s not immune to Soren’s sensuality or his mood-ring eyes that change colors with his feelings. But she must get home untouched to be part of the Elite; it’s the fate she’s bargained for her brother Cyn’s safety. Cyani believes that if she can get Soren to his planet, he’ll bond with someone there.

Soren gets the importance of keeping family safe, so he won’t tell Cyani he’s dying just so she'll bond with him. Still, if they can escape, he may be able to at least die on his own planet.

Getting home isn’t easy, and the attraction intensifies to the hands-on variety until their goals are almost forgotten. When they’re separated after rescue by one of Cyani’s Union ships, each wonders: Should they do what seems right, or fight to be together.

Jess Granger’s created a feminine, warrior heroine and a masculine, nurturer hero -- and it works as the warrior and the nurturer collide and the masculine and the feminine heat up the pages. But her storytelling ability goes beyond making us care deeply about Cyani and Soren; she’s created fantastic planetary worlds peopled with fully imagined characters. Here’s hoping you go boldly where many people should go and –

Buy the book.
Jess Granger’s book is not based on “Star Trek,” but it reminded me of my love for the show. Which favorite childhood or grown-up show would you change to a romance, and how?


amy kennedy said...

Good morning Bellas (and Bellos)this book combined some of my favorite things -- science fiction, romance, and knowing what a guy's thinking just by his eyes.

I know sometimes we think we know what he's thinking, but if his eye color changed with his feelings, there'd be no guesswork, would that be a good thing?

I know that's not my initial question, but it's what I'm wondering about now.

Tiona said...

Hey, Amy! Great job!
Hmm, the eye thing would definately have to work. I know, some guys,the only way you can guess is by their eyes,hehe.

Oh, Star Trek is definately one that would have to be turned into a romance, hehe. As long as they stopped killing them off, hehe.
Especially after watching this years movie. I must confess that I like the bad guys better. Maybe it's cause I could easily see them as vampires or something. Hubba Hubba!

amy kennedy said...

Princess, I so wanted my husband to be a Romulan for Halloween (they were so darned sexy, those bad guys)-- he has a shaved head and a long fitted leather coat (Halloween costume)...but we can't go to our annual Halloween party this year...maybe 2010.

Tiona said...

Oooh, Amy! Yes,forget about Nathan Pane, those Romulans were Hubba Hubba! You are one lucky wife, hehe

amy kennedy said...

Okay. Princess, he's not an actual Romulan, he would only be playing one...

Maybe, I am lucky!

Becke Davis said...

Great review, Amy - I haven't read many "space" romances, but I'll have to check this one out.

I pretty much turned everything into a romance. I had a crush on "Adam" from Bonanza when I was about 8, kept waiting for Remington Steele to have a happy ending when I was a little older, and even sighed over Hercule Poirot's one close call with love.

I wasn't a Trekkie, but I did watch a LOT of Star Trek. And, like you, I came to the conclusion that there were no happy endings in space. Nice to know some authors are changing that!

amy kennedy said...

Oh Becke, I loved Adam too -- I don't think there any happy endings out west either.

I want everything to be a romance -- I've read lots of Science fiction, with lots of space ships and physics, and very little love. So I loved it that this book filled my love for sci-fi but it was still ALL about the romance.

Becke Davis said...

Oh yeah, that's like me with mysteries. My favorites always have some romance.

Anonymous said...

I just had to chime in here. Adam was seven layers of hotness. Yow! And I can't believe I didn't realize this, but there didn't seem to be a single happy romance in Star Trek. I loved the show, but I guess I just took that aspect for granted. It seriously burned me when they killed of Judsea (sp?) <-- there's proof I'm not a real Trekkie right there, Dax.

I've still got a thing for Picard. It always bothered me that there was so much romantic potential in him, but the show never did have long lasting love stories that ended well. Sheesh.

I'm glad I can guarantee a happy ending. I make it my personal mission in life to try to get you to doubt it, though. That's the fun part.

amy kennedy said...

Picard! Man, I loved him, I actually don't consider myself an actual "trekkie" either Jess, but I'm sure I saw every episode of the original Star Trek at least 17 times.

Seven layers of hotness? Love that line. And thanks for stopping by Jess -- BTW can't wait for Cyn's story (the brother)!

Anonymous said...

I'm in the middle of revisions for Cyn's story now. It is intense in every way possible. I can't wait for this one to hit the shelves. Look for Beyond the Shadows in May.