Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Exclusive Excerpt: "Next Comes Love," By Helen Brenna

Read the scene that inspired the super-sexy cover of the newest suspenseful love story in RITA Award-winner Helen Brenna's Island to Remember series! Catch Becke Davis' Feature Review of "Next Comes Love" here, and chime in on the chat.

When the silhouette of a woman—a very curvy woman—took shape, head down and leaning against the outside brick wall of Duffy’s Pub, Garrett stopped. “What are you doing out here?” the cop in him asked.

Erica started as if she hadn’t heard him approach, then gathered herself. “Why do you care?”

Two feet away and he could still smell her. “I think it’s time we settle a few things between us.”

“There’s nothing between us to settle.” She pushed away from the wall and walked toward the door to Duffy’s.

Against his better judgment, he followed. “What do you got against cops, anyway?”



“What about you?” she said, turning on him. “You’ve had it in for me from the moment we first met on the sidewalk outside the Bayside CafĂ©.”

“It was the badge. And you know it.”

“Maybe there’s just something about you that rubs me the wrong way.”

At the moment, all that seemed to matter was that he got to rub her at all, and that was the problem. She made him lose control, messed with his... READ MORE, BELLAS!


Becke Davis said...

Okay, it's doing it again. Blogger is eating my comments.

Anyway, I really love this excerpt!

Jody Vitek said...

Can't wait to go back to the island. First Come Twins had me sucked in and wanting more. Thanks Helen for being such a fabulous writer and giving us a place to escape to!

Helen Brenna said...

That's so fun to hear, Jody!

Last week, I just turned in the 4th book in the series, Along Came a Husband. It'll be out 6/10.

Becke Davis said...

Oh, that's fantastic news! I thought this was just going to be a trilogy. But, darn, June seems a long time to wait!