Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sexy Beasts

To understand why Lora Leigh's romances are so well loved by readers comfortable with erotic imagery at its earthiest, you've simply got to get right with the fact that some women dig their sexual fantasy laden with overbearing-alpha male beastliness.

Now, beastly is as beastly does, and in the case of Leigh's extraordinarily popular Breed series about shapeshifting humans altered genetically so they retain characteristics of predatory animals, beastly does aggressive dominance and... READ MORE, BELLAS!
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Becke Davis said...

She is a favorite of mine -- I'm reading HEAT SEEKER right now!

Tiona said...

Lora Leigh? Just picked up her book the other day at the local Library. They only had one book called "Magen's Mark". Haven't gotten around to it yet, but will be reading very soon. Sure I'll like it, hehe. And all those grrr scenes.

What I love about 'beastly paranormals' is the biting, growling, roaring, smelling, purring...all that fun stuff. If you've ever read Nalini Singh or Kresley Cole, you know what I'm talkin bout, hehe. GRRR, indeed! Here, kitty, kitty!

Monica Burns said...

Lora is a major sweetheart and I've been really bad and not gotten around to reading her shapeshifter books. Something I have GOT to rectify! And she did drive a genre.

Mitzi H. said...

I LOVE LOVE Lora's Books. I found them a few years ago and ordered the 1st Breed book and then ordered all that were available in print at the time....And it was hard to wait for EC to put them out in print because the stories are addictive.

You ask what makes the breeds so appealing? Well, how would you like a big alpha male/lion licking you with his rough tongue from your neck to your toes???

Not to mention that he won't let another man touch you once you are his mate!!!

I think one of the things I really enjoy about her stories is that the characters look and act pretty normal for the most part. They live in our world (just a little in the future) and have to deal with the prejudices of those that feel they should not exist because of their race.

And then there is the sex...Lora is one of the best at writing these hot (in heat) scenes. And they are Very Very Hot!!!

I've recommended them to anyone that loves (erotic) romance on the amazon romance forum and now have lots of other fans to discuss them with.

PS..Just bought Heat Seeker and can't wait to read it too!!!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey, Mitzi! Couldn't have said it better myself! Love your take on why we love the Breed males. :) phew!

I'm w/you, that a aspect of the Breeds that ups the tension is how they have to be careful not to get offed by the folks who hate them. It's cool, too, that they're fighting for their rights w/what is it, the Breed council? So they're not simply victims, but struggling in both "fighting" and trying to "use their words" (as we say to our kids) to get their rights.

And, hey, I've got Heat Seeker on my TBR,, too! Will you let me know how you like it?