Thursday, September 24, 2009

A (Nerdy History) Girl's Best Friend

Those Two Nerdy History Girls are at it agin', Bellas, and in the spirit of Loretta Chase's now infamous bawdy plush breeches post, Susan Holloway Scott offers up this tribute to a Luscious Libertine and His Libidinous Lyrics at
Gwendolyn Pough of Syracuse University (aka romance author Gwenyth Bolton) visits RBTB today, Fri, Sept 25, to round out Back to School Week 2: Scholars on Romance! Please, don't miss her, and do, please, invite anyone you know who cares about romance.

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Becke Davis said...

Oh my . . . just, oh my. I'm still trying to take in Seignor Dildo in all his libidinous glory. And people say history is BORING??