Sunday, September 13, 2009

Most Wonderful Chime Of The Year

Hear that? Ayup. That's the ol' bell that sings the song of kids out from underfoot and tinsel drippin' from the tree, for it's time to kick off the

12 Days of Christmas and

Back to School Week 2:
Scholars on Romance!

Tomorrow, get set to have yourself A Christmas Ball, as Emily Bryan, Jennifer Ashley and Alissa Johnson kick off their 12 Days of Christmas cyber tour to celebrate their new anthology of the same name! We're big fans of Em and Jen -- and looking forward to meeting Alissa. PLUS, they've each got a contest for you, an early holiday treat.

Then, Sept. 21 through 25, RBTB welcomes a second installment of the event that planted the seed for the Princeton Romance Scholarship Conference as we welcome scholars Gwendolyn Pough of Syracuse U, Guy Mark Foster of Bowdoin and more to give you the d.l. on what's doin' in romance at the Us today. Do not miss this, 'cause you ain't heard this song a'fore.

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