Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Feature Review: "Moon Kissed," By Michele Hauf

By Amy Kennedy, RBTB Contributing Editor

SPECIAL CONTEST TODAY!!! Michele Hauf's offering a copy of "Moon Kissed" and "The Highwayman" to one randomly chosen commenter! Pls have an email available to enter.

The Wolfman Always Rings Twice

As a little girl, I had a recurring nightmare of a werewolf -- specifically, The Wolfman -- loping past my bedroom door. Every night, as I lay in bed, I wondered if this would be the night he’d sniff me out and gobble me up.

Today my nightmare would be his loping on past my bedroom and never coming in. Come on, already, wolfie -- Amy’s got a treat for you!

Bella Reynolds’ nightmare is a little different. Chased by three creepy guys, this heroine of Michele Hauf’s, full-throttled, hand-me-a-fan hot romance, “Moon Kissed,” runs into a warehouse and is pulled to safety by a rough-around-all-his-edges mystery man named Severo, who informs her the creeps are vampires, his sworn enemies -- and, oh, yeah, he’s no mortal either.

“Your fear arouses me,” Severo tells Bella, and we’re right there with him, even as he lets her go, yet makes it clear he will find her again; Belle’s awakened something inside of him and he thinks she could be his true mate.

When Severo comes back for Bella – as we knew he would – he gives her the bottom line: He’s a werewolf and the vampires have a vendetta against her. Seems Bella’s long-time pal Seth is the new boy toy of vampire leader, Evie, and Evie’s none too happy about their little friendship.

Severo needs to protect Bella and wants to make her his, hoping she’ll accept his werewolf within. Bella allows both, because she’s learned just how many scary things exist.

Their attraction is palpable and Bella falls fast, but she’s unsure how to build a life with Severo; he’s already a little controlling and she’s yet to meet his werewolf side. As their enemies work to keep them apart, Evie realizes the perfect plan to save their day – or tear the love right out of Severo’s heart.

Second in her Wicked Games series, Hauf’s “Moon Kissed” is full of exciting and downright funny scenes, and pushes the envelope on male/female relationships. But, key to this book, Hauf never forgets the romance; even with the war between the werewolves and the vamps, it’s the relationship between Severo and Bella that holds us breathless. But don’t hold your breath, get out there and

Buy the book.

Team Vampire or team Werewolf? Which one are you more drawn to and why?


Myrin said...

Hmm, vampires or werewolves, vampires or werewolves... I so. Can't. Decide.

I like both, but I think I'd go with the werewolf part. There's just something so verra primeval about them and I love that. It gets me hot.
Wanting more.

As I've already said a week or so ago over at H2H, Patrice Michelle's Scions are my all-time-favourite vampire/werewolf-books (that's why it's so hard for me to decide - I liked both the vampire hero and the werewolf heroes). And they're frickin' HAWT (best sex-scenes ever, IMO)!

As I said, I'm a sucker (pun intended, haha) for the biting thing, but the werewolf one appeals to me even more than the vampire one. Like, it's a mating bite. Helloho, how hot is that? The werewolf stakes his claim in biting his mate and so other wolves can smell him on her. *droooooool*

Cynnara Tregarth said...

I love both, but I admit, I'm partial to vampires. I think it's the fur thing-- I have allergies and I have to be careful. Other than that, I could seriously have the hots for some hot wolfman!

Becke Davis said...

Great post, Amy! I'm with you on the wolfmen -- they can come visit me, anytime!

I'm looking forward to reading this book!

Carol L. said...

I too love them both but do favor Wolfman ,oh yeah :)
Carol L.

Dr. Debra Holland said...

Werewolves! Can't STAND vampire books, although it's ok if the vamps are the bad guys like in Alyssa Day's books. Couldn't make it thorough Twilight, even though I gave it a valiant attempt.

As for werewolves, love Rebecca York's series. (Good werewolves.) Also like Lori Handeland's books. (Bad werewolves.)

The Reading Frenzy said...

Great article Amy, but please don't make me choose cause I'd be here all day doing pros and cons on each species plus the fact that all my other favorite paranormal hotties would be left out.
And I love Michele Hauf and all of her not so much human heros.
Oh and my recurring nightmare as a kid was having Godzilla's eye look at me through my bedroom window several times a week. Yes I was a paranormal freak even early on and my favorite Godzilla movie ever was of course the one with Raymond Burr.

Michele Hauf said...

Hmm, seems like the votes are for the wolves so far. Just to ally some fears, Debra, the vamps in this story (for the most part) are the villains.

This was my first full-length werewolf story and I had avoided writing them because I just couldn't get into the hairy dudes. But the hero, Severo, was a secondary character in a previous book, and he kept bugging me to give him a romance. Couldn't resist, and well...I'd say Moon Kissed is one of my favs right now.

And if you ever wonder 'what happened after?' when reading a romance, I got the opportunity to write about Severo and Bella six months later in "After The Kiss".

Becke Davis said...

It's not that I dislike vampires (I'm fond of the ones created by Kresley Cole and J.R. Ward), but wolves just seem so much cuddlier. And sexier.

Blodeuedd said...

It used to be vamps but now it's werewolves, they are just so more manly and rough. And I team werewolf :)

there has just been too many brooding and sparkling vampires lately

Sophia (FV) said...

This book is my next read and after reading this review I can't wait! I definitely lean more toward the weres. I likem' hot blooded and growly. :)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Bellas! Grazie mille, Ames, for this great feature on Michele's new read! I loved her last short in the para anthology -- what was the title? -- and so psyched she's on to the lycans!

Now, LisaK, I've only recently been getting addicted to the paras -- but don't tell Amy, cause I always swore I'd never fall for em completely -- and I'm TOTALLY w/ you that it's all about that damn mating bite. I want one. I like, want to go into my husband's office and have his boss see one on me and think, 'oh, that's MPG's woman, and I didn't realize he's a werewolf, but I'll sure know not to get too close to her now so he doesn't go all wolfie on me."

Or something like that. It just seems so sexy.

amy kennedy said...

Lisa, are you okay? Just thought I'd check with all the panting and sweating and such! And I'm with you on the mating bite -- it's verra hot.

LOL Cynnara -- I love it -- allergies!

Thanks Becke! I just love the feral beast. But I love the vamps too -- although not so much in this book.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

cynnara (pretty name!), I'm howling -- no pun intended -- over the allergies line! funny!

Ah, Becke, Team Wolfie. Interesting...

Welcome, Dr Holland. If you're an allergist, we need you to take a look at someone w/a lycan reaction, ok? :) Fascinating that you like the vamp as evil doer. When I first read romance, I totally couldn't see vamps as sexy cause I was steeped in the Stoker mythology. It took some elongating-during-arousal fangs and orgasm during bite imagery to lure me to the blood-sucking side. But I still can't go near the Twighlight. I think I'm just bitter that there are so many fab vamp romances that never will be made into movies, yet a YA is... Yes. bitter...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Debbie, is there a way to make Godzilla erotic? I wonder...

Michele, clearly 'Severo' has the Italian thing going on somewhere, right? That must be the attraction that lured you to the lycan in him. It's always the Italians. Thank you SO much for writing this book and series! But wait, tell us about 'After the Kiss.'

Michele Hauf said...

I so think we need t-shirts. Team Vampire for one and Team Werewolf for the other. Then I suppose we'd have to have I Want 'Em Both!

Michelle, my previous short was "Racing The Moon" in the Midnight Cravings anthology, which featured my first werewolf Dean Maverick. Mmm, nummy, I lurve that wolf.

I've fallen in love with them so much my next book, which is in this same Wicked Games series is HER VAMPIRE HUSBAND. And if you've read Moon Kissed, and noted on the last page that HVH is out in NOvember, that's changed. It's been pushed to April 2010 for a very good reason. It's being moved to Harlequin's single title line HQN and will be a bigger more exciting story! I can't wait! Oh, and it's about a sassy werewolf princess and an aristocratic vampire lord forced to marry to bring peace to the two nations. I can't wait! Did I already say that? Sorry, but it's such an exciting book

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ever the polite woman, becke makes sure no vampires are offended by her comments.

Blodeuedd, I'm w/you on the manly and rough. And if they do the mating bite, more's the better. :)

Yes, Fiction Vixen, yes!!! Hot blooded and growly! Perfect! Um, and maybe with a mating bite???

Michele Hauf said...

Yep, Severo has some bits of Italy in him. His parents immigrated here in the early 1900s.

As for "After The Kiss", I ended up loving Severo and Bella so much I really couldn't let them go, so I asked my editor if I could do a short followup story and she thought it would be a great idea. Even though I ended Moon Kissed exactly they way it was supposed to end, there were still some unanswered questions left to be explored. And If I mention what question that is here, it'll give away to much for readers of Moon Kissed. ;-) But I promise After The Kiss is fun and sexy! It is an electronic book, so you can download it at or Amazon or, I think, any eBook retailer.

Michele Hauf said...

As for the mating bite...I have to mention Severo is a little freaked about being bitten by a vampire. To a werewolf, when they take a bite from a vampire they are forever marked, and not in a good way. If bitten by a vamp a werewolf is shunned by his pack, and usually ousted.
Now for a vampire, the bite is the ultimate bond (toss in some good sheet twisting to the mix and you've got one wild night).
But that's all I can say without giving away spoilers!

amy kennedy said...

Sorry I was so late checking in today -- and such great comments -- I have my granddaughter today, and we needed to get toys out and eat blueberries and drink chocolate milk.

Michele, you need to write more wolves darling. I know you will. And I think it's so awesome you wrote the e-story to continue Bella's and Severo's story.

Carol, thanks for stopping by. Of course, if a wolfman actually, really truly came to my room, I would probably pee my pants. Right?

Dr. Debra Holland, so, tell us,how do you really feel about vamps?lol. I like a woman who knows what she likes. I think it's cool that we can enjoy diff. authors who have a diff. take on our fave para species. Hauf has written good guy vamps too.

amy kennedy said...

Oh Debbie, I can go back and forth on the vamp/wolf thing -- whatever hero I'm reading at the time is my fave. Okay, Godzilla's eye -- so freakin' scary!

Blodeuedd -- you are so funny! Sparkles, indeed. I haven't read Twighlight, but I saw the movie and enjoyed it after I had morphed into my teen (g)angster mode.

Fiction Vixen -- I'll take one hot blooded and growly as well, please. Severo is definately both of those. The first scene with he and Bella is so...scary and hot.

Michelle, I still remember how many convos we had about paras, I kept trying to push you into liking them and you kept resisting. Resistance is futile, didn't I tell you that? Then you came into the library and in great detail told me about the elongating fang scene...ahhh.

Michele, that is so exciting that it'll be a single title with HQN!

Myrin said...

Amy, sorry I'm only checking in now - I just woke up from my sweating-induced delirium (see what comes from losing too much liquid!). Yeah, I'm really okay now. Had some sweet dremas about wolfman...

Michelle, MPG as a werewolf. That's really cool. I never would have thought that about him but now that I know ... wow. You're such a lucky gal! ;)

And, impolite me, with all the sweating and panting I totally forgot to say that this story by Michele sounds absolutely like somethig I would like. I'll definitely check this out!

Michele Hauf said...

Amy, I hear you on peeing your pants at sight of a werewolf. I think I avoided writing wolves for so long because I am still scarred by An American Werewolf in London. I've seen few horror movies, and this was one of those few. Aggh! I can still see him shifting shape and it wasn't pretty!

Tamara Hughes said...

Great interview, Amy!

Michele, this sounds like a great book. I can't wait to read it.

Froggy said...

Team Vampire!! They are just so sexy!! LOL!

Thanks for a chance to win

Anonymous said...

I'd have to go with team werewolf.They're rugged,strong,outdoorsy, are cold,allergic to sunlight :)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

elaing8, i love it: rugged, strong, outdoorsy. Like the Irish Spring guy. It's so hilarious the ways everyone's describing weres, and it's really impressing upon me why vamps are kind of limited in the Other world. You've got to give up a lot to love them. But weres? They just keep giving and giving, they can go out night/day, get the benefit of the mating bite!!!!

Well, not Severo's, but you know what I'm saying, right?

LisaK, I'm just sayin' I wish MPG were a werewolf... I think he'll be blushing a little if he reads this, don't you? :)

lol: fluid loss.

amy kennedy said...

Elaing8, I love it that you describe werewolves as outdoorsy -- but, you're so right, I just never thought of that.

Tamara, thanks for stopping by!
Froggy, go team! Thanks for checkin' it out.

Lisa, not impolite at all, I'm all about the sweating and panting.

I know Michele, American Werewolf in London totally freaked me out. Do you remember the Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfieffer movie (from the 80s?)I think it was called Wolf. But the transformation he went through, from a kind of Mensch to this alpha guy was pretty remarkable, but, I might have enjoyed it a bit more if the lead had been just a tad younger -- but Nicholson did a great job.

amy kennedy said...

I know Michelle -- I loved Elaing8's description! And you have to give the were's credit for always being concerned that having sex with them may be too hard (no pun intended)physically on a mere mortal. They always have to hold back a little...but we don't want them to.

Michele Hauf said...

I think I did see Wolf with NIcholson, or maybe I avoided it because NIcholson was in it. Can't recall. :-) Ok, no one will know about this one, but there was a TV series on a few years back called Big Wolf On Campus. I think it was on the NIckelodeon channel or one of those kiddie channels. High school football star has this problem with turning into a werewolf and his best goth-friend tries to figure ways to change him back. It was super corny, but for some reason I LOVED that show. Anyone see it?

Unknown said...

Hmm, I like my vamps but I do so love the werewolves. So if I was going to choose between the two it would be the wolves.


Becke Davis said...

If we're forming teams, is it going to be shirts and, um, skins?

mrsshukra said...

Hard to decide but I keep thinking of Hugh Jackman so I'll pick Team Werewolf!


amy kennedy said...

Becke! hahahahahaha...ahhh.

Michele -- I have avague recollection of that, there was a nother super cheesey werewolf show -- cannot remember the name, pure 80s though. And Chiller channel was rerunning it, I would watch it, 'cuz, well, it was werewolves. But my favoritist cheesey show was a vampire show, early 90s called Kindred -- actually, not that cheesey, I lurved it. I think it only lasted one maybe two seasons.

Virginia, it seems to be the way the vote is going today. I like my vamps too.

Etirv, yeahuh, Hugh Jackman. Even though I think of him as a brother, I still can appreciate his manliness.

throuthehaze said...

I like both but I think I am more Team Werewolf. The animal instincts are pretty cool
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

The Reading Frenzy said...

Michelle, the mating bite and wanting the world to know by that little luv mark that your MPG's gal.
Wow no wonder the guys always smiling.

susan said...

Michelle is the first author who really got me into reading books other than romance and I want to say thank you. A whole new world opened up for me and I am passing this on to my friends, co workers and anyone who likes to read. Now when I go to the bookshelves in the store one name really pops up..MICHELLE HAUF. It's like a magnetic force.

amy kennedy said...

Susan that's great you let your friends and coworkers in on your love of Michele's books -- wish more people did that. But this is such a romance. Paranormal romance, but still a romance.

Throuthehaze, I loved how Severo could tell Bella had a cosmopolitan hours earlier, just by smelling her.

Debbie, if guys could take some of our fave fantasies from the romances we love and make it feel safe -- but still exciting, well, that would keep me smiling too.

Karin said...

Great post! While I definitely think both vampires and werewolves can make some pretty sexy heroes, I'm going to have to go with werewolves. There's just something about them that really draws me. Maybe it's their earthiness but I would much rather have a wolf than a vampire. For now, that is...

Karin said...

Ugh, I forgot to include my email in my other response. It's karin.theisen[at]

And, so this isn't just for that, I'm going to have to say that Severo sounds fantastic and I look forward to reading Moon Kissed.

Michele Hauf said...

Ok, so we've chosen teams.

Who agrees that Team Werewolf would win in strength?

Who also agrees that Team Vampire would so take the brooding competition?


Marie Carlson said...

Team Werewolf all the way, even though all I've been selling is vampire stories. The werewolves will have their day!

One of the things I love best about werewolves, and all shapeshifters really, is that very physical monster lurking just beneath the surface.

Marie said...

Forgot I wasn't actually signed in with an email automatically added. It's

amy kennedy said...

Ha -- yes, the vampires would win the brooding contest. Hey, so I just read "After the Kiss" Michele's continuation of Bella's and Severo's story.OMG. Michele, I gotta say, I love how you did this.

Marie, yeah, the beast lurking just below the surface is so sexy.

Well, Karin, it's certainly a woman's prerogitive to change her mind.

Teresa D'Amario said...

Always the shifters! They are hot blooded and soooo wild! I love a man who forgets what's politically correct and goes on instinct (in books anyway)

lrhubble said...

Team Werewolf.

I think they have the strength and magnetism which is a really sexy. :-)


Mint said...

I have to go with team werewolf. I think they are usually writted in a kinder way. Sometimes the vampires are too creepy.

Linda Henderson

amy kennedy said...

Ain't it the truth, Teresa, what we love in books, doesn't always translate to what we love in real life (especially the shifting)

Yeah, Irwirum (Larena) we always talk about the magnetism of vamps, but, the wolves have it too.I do love the muscley strength as well. Werewolves usually look more muscular than vampires, unless we're talkin' The BDB, and I kind of dig that.

Mint, "written in a kinder way" I like that -- masybe because they still have their souls.

Karin said...

Michele, I think Team Werewolf would probably have an edge in physical strength, but it would depend on how the vampires are written. There have been some really strong vampires along the way, both mentally and physically. However, brooding definitely goes to Team Vampire without question. I've yet to come across any werewolves who are anywhere near as broody as most vampires.

Changing one's mind is definitely a woman's prerogative, Amy! :)

Asylumgirl said...

I have to go with team vampire. I've always been a vampire lover. lol


Anonymous said...

Let's be real, I gotta go with the vamps.