Monday, September 21, 2009

Click Tease

When it comes to scoring tasty treats, it's easier to download a spicy e-read, than to bust open a pack of Pop Tarts... READ MORE, BELLAS!


Back to School Week 2: Scholars on Romance begins
Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 22

Tuesday: Eloisa James
of Fordham U
; Wednesday: Romance University Scholars; Friday: Gwendolyn Pough of Syracuse U


Becke Davis said...

Wow - this is going to be a wild week!

Tiona said...

Oh, this week looks like fun!
As for the short stories, I don't read a whole lot of anthologies or anything. Not unless it's a fave author like Nalini Singh or Kresley Cole,then I run to Amazon. com and click on "add to cart" hehe. But, when I am in that mood for a quick story, I do have a couple of anthologies on hand.

Portia Da Costa said...

Me, I love to read a hot book or a story while I eat goodies like cake or chocolate or cookies... Mmm, I'm hungry again! LOL

At the moment I'm reading The Lost Symbol, and its short chapters mean I can read in bite sized sessions.

Tiona said...

Sugar and spice and a romance novel is nice!