Sunday, September 27, 2009

Categor(icall)y Romance

TOMORROW!!! On the heels of one of the most powerful GuestBlogs we've seen at RBTB -- Gwendolyn Pough's African American Romance: A Personal History of Sorts -- comes another day to connect with great joy as RBTB contributing editor Becke Davis features "Feels Like the First Time," and author Tawny Weber and friends with a Super-Sexy EXCLUSIVE excerpt! Don't miss it -- or the fun!

Back in the spring I attended a conference on romance scholarship at which several academics spoke on topics related to romance fiction and race. After the presentations, an attendee and I, both white chicks, discussed our multiracial families, and how we thought about race as kids. I told her I grew up in the time when I heard ugly things like, "He's a credit to his race," and "If you date a black man...READ MORE, BELLAS

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