Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Angels And (Glee Club) Demons

About a year after "The Da Vinci Code" shined a halo-shaped light on our varying abilities to separate genre fiction from religious text, my husband, who attended Exeter and college and sang in glee club - yes glee club -- with Brown, said, "Hey, we're having dinner with Dan and Blythe Brown this weekend!"

My eager response was something like, "I'd feel a lot better about this if you guys actually had seen each other once between college and- oh, I dunno - the time Dan wrote the Greatest Work of Genre Fiction the World Has Ever Seen."

By that time, Dan Brown wasn't just the guy whom, creepily, everyone now wanted to tell one embarrassing old-school stories about at class reunions. Now he was...READ MORE, BELLAS!
Tomorrow: RBTB contributing editor Amy Kennedy shares the key to why Michele Hauf's new "Moon Kissed" is full-throttle, hand-me-a-fan paranormal romance!
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