Monday, July 13, 2009

The Week In (P)Review

No plans to go to Romance Writers of America national conference in DC this week? That's the thing you're hearing everyone refer to as either "RWA" or "national" everywhere you go online.

Anywayz, if you're hanging in the comfort of your own home - rather than paying way too much for everything you wear, eat or sleep on so you can learn about what's hot n' now in romance -- or get your newest manuscript published -- you can come here to RBTB every day to get RWA news -- plus, TOMORROW, meet a new RBTB Contributing Editor, Wednesday, grab her take on a hot new read! Thrs I'll check in and Friday, Male Perspective Guy (MPG) GuestBlogs!

Of course, I want you to join me every day at "Heart to Heart" (H2H) at all day Wed-Sat for 3-times daily updates on RWA fun. Bookmark this URL, cause it goes LIVE Wednesday afternoon.

If you're doing RWA, be sure to check out "Online Promotion: B(u)y the Book," Friday, 11am - 12 pm in Washington 5. That's my workshop w/ Bella faves LORI FOSTER, JENNA PETERSEN and Sourcebooks' publicity dynamo DANIELLE JACKSON. ANNA CAMPBELL moderates this laid-back get-together in which we each share the simple truths about getting you and your book known to folks who do digital. GOODIES: Each of us will have fun stuff for randomly chosen folks attending.

I'm moderating Hank Phillippi Ryan's workshop, "THE SCOOP!," 3.15 - 4.15pm, Saturday, 7.18. Hank'll teach you how to use investigative reporting techniques to write the novel you've always wanted. I’ll be moderating the event, and can’t wait to see you there! GOODIES 4 AUTHORS!: Hank's offering up 2 Critiques of 50-pages of manuscript! Any genre, and you'll have detailed info and suggestions and thoughts and advice back in two weeks from this tough-but-fair editor!

The most anticipated event of national is "RWA Readers for Life” Literacy Book Signing with more than 500 participating authors, Wed 7.15, 5.30-7.30pm! The event’s raised more than $600K for literacy charities since begun in 1991. Brava, RWA! Buy books there – please, bring only 1 or 2 of your own for 'graphing – or make a donation to the event.

Check out lots of other folks blogging daily from RWA in DC at Blogging National!

Goin' to national? What are you looking forward to?
Staying home? What are you looking forward to this week?


amy kennedy said...

Man, I wish I was spending too much on clothes and food and a place to rest my noggin...but, there's always next year for unbridled spending...

Can't wait to read all the updates.

Keri Stevens said...

This week I will wear my pretty, glitzy floral pin on my pretty pink bella t-shirt (thank you, Michelle!) and sit in front of my pretty laptop, watching all the RWA fun from a distance. For you tweeples on twitter, OUR hashtag is #RWAenvy! Sigh.

(BTW, since the link above isn't live yet, it doesn't matter that I'm getting an error msg, does it? I'll bookmark it anyway and wait ALMOST 48 HOURS to hear about the fun y'all are having without me.)

(Not that I'm pouting, or anything.)

Captcha is "drivi." Don't tempt me, b/c DC isn't that far by car.

amy kennedy said...

Keri, I'm not pouting either...okay, maybe jeeest a little bit.

Margaret Mallory said...

This is my 1st time going. What I'm looking forward to most is meeting my editor in person--even though New Yorkers always make me feel like all my clothes are tacky. I also hope I get to meet some of the authors who gave cover quotes for my debut book.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thaz right, miz Kerri, the link will take you to an error page til H2H is live Wednesday. Smaht girl. I wish you were going to be in DC, too, except then we'd totally have no voices left or get no sleep. A girl's gotta rest and get work sometime, you know.

btw, i LOVE this: #RWAenvy!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Margaret, you wrote: New Yorkers always make me feel like all my clothes are tacky.

omg, that's SO flippin funny. Bella, even if they're dressed in shmatahs, there are some who'll always hope you feel that way. Then there are just those plain ol good folks -- most likely in varying shades of black -- who want to help you sell your books. Just remember this simple fashion advice: In NYC, black is the new black.

I hope to see you there! Um, you wouldn't happen to be bringing copies of the next in the AllThe King's Men series, would you? Oh, stop! I am SO not begging. Ok, I'm begging, and it's not perty.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Yes, Amy, we're all looking forward to some unbridled spending in Nashville (where 'national' will be held next year). I should have most of this year's payed off by then, as long as I don't eat while I'm in DC...

Portia Da Costa said...

Yeh, another #RWAenvy person here. I'll be sitting at home, wishing I was enjoying all the DC fun, whilst trying to get a bit of writing done.

Not sure I'll get to Nashville, but I'm shooting for NY in 2011!

orannia said...

I'll definitely be checking in! *gets comfortable on couch* Popcorn Portia?

Ohhhh, RWA is in Nashville next year? If I won the lottery (note to self: buy ticket :) then I could go... *dreams of meeting Michelle and all the Bellas*