Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SCOOP! Amy Kennedy Joins RBTB Team!

Read it here NOW -- Across the RWA Digital Divide: An Important Report on the Rights of Digitally Pubbed RWA Authors
and the State of My RITA Ensemble

Over the coming months, you'll be seeing some bright, cheery new faces 'round these parts as you meet RBTB's new contributing editorial staff. But today's cheery face is one who's been hangin' since RBTB was at WNBC.com, et al, when RBTB community hung out at closely monitored message boards. We've come a long way -- and are on to an even more exciting phase of RBTB. Yes, I know you're hoping it's the one where the new contributing editors write daily instead of me. I get it, already. Today, Bellas and Bellos, won't you please give a warm Bella buongiorno to...

Amy Kennedy, RBTB Contributing Editor, Paranormal/Blended Genre

Amy Kennedy is a library technician who spends most of her days thinking she’s a kick-butt heroine from one of her favorite books -- with a hunky slab of an alpha hero by her side. Then she remembers she’s never taken even one Taekwon Do class. So instead she combs the romance, fantasy and mystery shelves for her next favorite author. She’s spent years working with library patrons, listening to their likes and dislikes and observing preferences and trends.

Amy fell in love with romance reading Kathleen E. Woodiwiss' "The Flame and the Flower." She adores paranormal romance and can barely breathe when she sees how her favorite genres -- paranormal, mystery and historical -- are blending to form new, vibrant, hybrid romantic reads.

Amy loves telling people about great new novels, and now she’s almost verklempt to be able to share her passion at RBTB where she’s been part of the community – and Michelle’s professional assistant – since 2006. Amy’s a member of Romance Writers of America and currently is working on her first contemporary romance.

You can check out Amy's Feature Review of Marjorie M. Liu's "The Fire King," tomorrow at RBTB. It's the 9th in FOB Marjorie's Dirk and Steele series. Go ahead, giggle, cause D&S sure does sound like a team of heroes from an 80s porn flick.

What paranormal and blended-genre romances do you think Amy should 'keep an eye out' for? Who are your fave authors and books in those sub-genres? And what kind of relationship do you have w/your librarian/s -- do they get you the romance fixes you crave?
"Heart to Heart" (H2H) -- BN.com's new all-romance blog -- goes live tomorrow from
RWA national in DC! Check in to see what's news!


Portia Da Costa said...

Wahey, congratulations on becoming a contributing editor, Amy! Looking forward to your posts. :)

amy kennedy said...

Michelle, thank you for this opportunity. RBTB has always been a touchstone for me - like a mini-vacation or mini-therapy, so to be a bigger part of it means the world.

Portia, thank you, and as always, I'll be looking forward to your comments.

And, seriously, Bellas and Bellos throw me some authors' names.

Kati said...

Congrats, Amy! I'm so excited for you.

Have you read SJ Day's Marked series? It's delicious! Starts with Eve of Darkness.

Julie in Ohio said...

Congrats, Miss Amy!!!! How exciting!!

Have you read Beth Kery's "Daring Time"?? It's a contemp with a time travel twist. I enjoyed it much.

As for the D&S books, I think I'm a book behind in the series. I can't wait to see what you think of this next one. Can you tell me whose story it is??

Michele Hauf said...

Congrats, Amy! Look forwarding to seeing you here a lot!

Myrin said...

Hey Amy *waves*, I see I wasn't wrong when I thought: "Hey, that photo looks familiar."

I lovelovelove paranormals and fantasy (that's what I write myself, in fact). There's just something cool about meeting creatures and experience things that don't exist in real life.

One of my favs is Patrice Michelle. She's not (yet) as famous as other authors from that genre but IMO, she's one of the very best. Her Scions books are incredible, the characters are very real, the steamy scenes are hawthawthawt and the worldbuilding is absolutely unique.
I got to know her a little through email-contact and she's such a nice person, too.

Virginia Kantra's cool, too. Her Children Of The Sea books are oh so good. Deals with paranormal creatures not as well known as vampires or werewolves which makes her very interesting.

And of course the fabulous Gena Showalter. The Lords Of The Underworld are hot. Hot. Hot (and did I mention hot?). The storytelling is wonderful. The characters, sometimes real anti-heroes, are amazing. She deals with Greek mythology which is very funny to read.

And what I like most about her books is the fact that there are always a number of plot lines, the main one with the main love story that is resolved in the book but also other ones which carry through various books (there are some things that started in book 1 and still aren't resolved - book 4 is due this September).

The only thing I don't like about her books is the fact that they need so damn long to be released. Next comes out next month (after waiting over. A. Year!) and then the others follow in June and July 2010. The world is a bad, bad place.


Anonymous said...

WOOT Congrats Amy, and Kudos to Michelle for picking smart, savvy women to put on her team.

Looking forward to all that's to come from the new Bella contributors!!

Tiona said...

Hey, Bellas! Congrats Amy and Michelle! How cool is this?
Me, I'm really lovin the paranormals right now and looking for new, great authors, so today's topic is...many koodos!
I love, love, love, Kresley Cole and Nalini Singh! Can't get enough of them. Waiting with batted breath for Mrs. Singh's newest release to be delivered from Amazon this week! Can't wait! Squee!

amy kennedy said...

Bellas! I thought I'd be able to check in before this...but the internet was down at the library. Lot's of unhappy people...me included.

Kati, I've heard good things about SJ Day, thanks for the well wishes.

Julie, I'll keep Beth Keri in mind too, thank you. Bwahahahaha, nooo, I'm not tellin' you have to come back tomorrow.

Michele Hauf - thanks, you already know I love your Nocturnes.

amy kennedy said...

LisaK - I know, I adore paranormals, you can push so many boundaries with them. I didn't know you wrote paras, how cool is that?

Does Patrice Michelle write erotica as well? I do have her name on my list.

Virginia Kantra - another good recommendation.

Gena Showalter, oh yeah. Did you ever read her Alien Huntress books? I think I liked them so well because they were different. No one was really doing aliens in para romance at the time.

I feel your pain Lisa, I hate waiting too...

amy kennedy said...

Monica, you're making me blush, oh all right, I love it. Thank you.

Princess, love Kresley Cole and Nalini Singh. Nalini's world is perfect for romantic conflict.

Myrin said...

Amy, I don't think Patrice writes Erotica per se, but her books definitely have an erotice touch with them (rather graphic language and oh so sexxy). Here's a link if you're interested: http://patricemichelle.com/

I have to admit that I haven't read Gena's Alien Huntress books (only LOTU and Atlantis). The topics somehow don't attract me so very much (which doesn't mean they're bad, it's just not it for me). But nevertheless I love her other stories immensely.

amy kennedy said...

Isn't that funny Lisa? Because the only reason I picked up the alien huntress was because of the cover (I know, pretty shallow of me) and I kept thinking, this isn't going to be that great, because...um...aliens just aren't that sexy.

And yet, I read the book, and lurved it. So, you never know Lisa.

orannia said...

Morning QB and Bellas!

Congrats Amy! That's wonderful news and I'm looking forward to your review tomorrow :)

As for paranormal authors...definitely Nalini Singh! The latest book was amazing!

I know you're hoping it's the one where the new contributing editors write daily instead of me.

Definitely not Michelle!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thank you for saying so, orannia! Notice, please, nobody else did... :)

Buona sera, everyone, and welcome to the team, Ames! I'm a big fan of the Dirk & Steele books since Red Heart of Jade (is that thebook?), but you started the series before me. btw, the cover of the new book is hawt.

I'm getting ready for rwa and still haven't started packing, but finally finished my bn.com post for today. i hope you'll check it out. Why am I acting as if I have all the time in the world to get ready?

Lisa, I've met Patrice, and I kept thinking she'd actually GuestBlogged here, but couldn't find a post. Am I nuts? I know we talked about it... Please tell her I say hi next time you chat w/her.

Hiya, principessa. As my friends will tell you, I can't repeat enough my favorite scene fromthe first kresley cole involving a hero and a neck grabbed from behind w/his teeth. sigh.

Hi, Jules. So unusual that you'd ask about a series. Did you know this is book 10? I mean book 7. uh, maybe it's book 8. hee hee hee. I like to call this segment: Fun With Julie's OCD.

Hey, MOn! How bout me, huh? see you in DC!

Hey, Kati. I'm still partial to her first historical...

hiya, portia! how're you this evening?

Julie in Ohio said...

Michelle, that is just cruel. I'm pretty sure I've read most of the other ones. I'm waiting for Kona's (I'm pretty sure that's his name. I know he's the crow) story.

Just for the record, Michelle, we all adore your posts. Nobody can be both sweet and spicy at the same time as you do.
But I'm sure Ames will come pretty darn close.

amy kennedy said...

Only in my dreams Julie.

Michelle, Michelle, Michelle. I'll never forget the one year I helped you pack, it actually was fun. But I was so sad I wasn't go too. And now I have to be sad again. Damnit! I hate being sad.

Kona, gotta love the crow, he makes an appearance in this one Jules...

orannia said...

Am sure the others were thinking it Michelle! Good luck with the packing BTW! Oh, are you taking your camera like last year? I love seeing you in all your finery looking glamerous :)

Kona is in the latest D&S book Amy? I so need to pick up Soul Song (yes, I'm behind).

*plans to majorly revamp TBR list so books so slip off it*

Helen Brenna said...

Hey, Amy!! So cool to see you doing this with Michelle! You two are going to have too much fun. I'm jealous!

Becke Davis said...

Amy - Please accept my apologies for checking in late. I'm at my first National and have been so star struck I've kind of lost touch with the real world!

I'm so happy to be working with you and I'm really looking forward to your blogs!