Tuesday, July 07, 2009

SCOOP! Becke Davis Joins RBTB Team!

Over the coming months, you'll be seeing some bright, cheery new faces 'round these parts as you meet RBTB's new contributing editorial staff in various romance sub-genres. I've carefully chosen these folks not just cause they're talented, and after a while you're going to be begging them to write daily instead of me, but also because you can count on them to keep up the tone you've set at RBTB while they work both online and offline throughout the romance community. Today, Bellas and Bellos, please give a warm Bella buongiorno to...

Becke Davis, RBTB Contributing Editor Contemporaries/Romantic Suspense!

"She liked imaginary men the best”Becke Davis says that while this might be true, her love for romance novels is probably the reason she’s still happily married after nearly 40 years. She has read about a book a day for more years than she likes to think about – if it’s a mystery or romance novel, there’s a good chance she’s read it. If not, it’s in her Dangerous To-Be-Read Pile, which has spread from a couple of stacks into something out of a horror movie – it’s the kudzu of TBR piles.

Becke’s love of books led her to Barnes & Noble, where she currently moderates both Mystery and Garden book clubs at BN.com; today also marks the debut of her columns in BN.com's new Garden Variety blog! Under her real name, Becke writes garden books, articles and blogs; she has been a member of Garden Writers of America since 1994. You can view a complete list of Becke's books here.

Her alter ego is Becke Martin, a struggling writer of contemporary romance, and a member of the Ohio Valley chapter of RWA. You can follow Becke on MySpace and Facebook under this name; she’s on twitter both as Becke_Martin and Becke_Davis. (And she finds this as confusing as you do.) Her website is: www.beckemartin.com

Read Becke's inaugural Feature Review tomorrow, July 8, here at RBTB! What style!

What upcoming contemporaries and romantic suspenses do you think Becke should 'keep an eye out' for? Who are your fave contemp/rom susp authors? And, how big is your TBR?


Stacy~ said...

Hi Becke! So lovely meeting you in Cincy :)

I just read Leslie (Kelly) Parrish's Fade to Black, a wonderful romantic suspense with a fabulous heroine and a very sexy hero. I highly recommend it. So far, she has 2 more books in the series. Not sure if she plans to continue, but I have both of them (yay me! Yeah, shameless bragging here. Not often I can do that *g*). Pitch Black and Black At Heart. If they are as good as her first book, then she's definitely going places.

And of course I always highly recommend Suz Brockmann's Troubleshooters. Love, love, LOVE 'em!

As for my TBR pile, it's gotta be in the hundreds. It scares me.

Playground Monitor said...

We won't talk about my TBR pile.

Stacy mentioned Suzanne Brockmann already so I'll add Roxanne St. Claire to the list as well as Linda Howard and Beverly Barton.

I read a lot of category romance, mostly in the short contemporary genre. I have lots of fave authors and I'm afraid to mention many for fear of hurting someone's feelings. But I will mention Kathie DeNosky who has a 3-book series out from Silhouette Desire this fall. Kathie's been absent for a few years and I'm so glad to see her back on the shelves again.

Welcome to the blog, Becke!


Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome aboard, Becke!!!

I do enjoy romantic suspense. I love the sitting on the edge of your seat feeling. I can't think of any specific authors right now but I'll keep thinking.

So, Miss Becke, you write garden books, huh?? Any thoughts on how to help someone with two black thumbs keep her yard looking decent?? I won't say looking pretty because I'm beyond that kind of help but not withered would be nice. ;o)

Becke Davis said...

Stacy - I'm a long-time fan of Leslie Kelly's books and I'd heard she was writing under another pen name, too. I'll be sure to check those out!

Suzanne Brockmann -- Well. Words fail me. (As if!) She is simply the best. I started reading her books years ago and they've been must-buys ever since. I am so looking forward to meeting her at National next week (next week? yikes!) -- I'll see if Michelle can get a picture of us both. And in August I will be moderating Suzanne's visit to Center Stage at Barnes & Noble (BN.com). I was really touched because she requested me as a moderator, and I'm a little nervous about meeting her expectations!

Becke Davis said...

Stacy - We met in Cincy? At Lori Foster? I'm sure I'd recognize you if I saw you, but when I clicked on your profile picture, it didn't help with the identification!

Monica Burns said...

Welcome to the fold, Becke. I confess, I've not read a lot of RS, but I look forward to reading your column and recommendations.

BTW, didn't we meet at Lori's event in 2008?? Your face looks really familiar. But I have trouble connecting names and faces ALL the time! LOL

My TBR pile is low at the moment, but that's because I've not had time to shop for any new books. I'm also saving up for RWA's literacy signing next week.

Becke Davis said...

Playground Monitor -- I love Roxanne St. Clair! I'm a huge Linda Howard fan, too, and I recently discovered Beverly Barton. I've noticed several new authors in this genres and have picked up their books, but unfortunately (even though I read fast), I can't keep pace with my TBR pile.

I haven't read anything by Kathie DeNosky -- that is, if I have, I don't remember her name. I will definitely pick up a couple, so let me know the titles of your favorites.

I was very excited to meet one of my favorite category authors at the Lori Foster event. She's had a rough couple of years and so hasn't been writing much, but she's a really sweet woman and I LOVE her books: Patricia McLinn is her name. She writes contemporary, not romantic suspense.

Another old favorite of mine was Jessica Bird, who went on to write as J.R. Ward -- the Black Dagger Brotherhood paranormals.

Candace Schuler wrote a Blaze series that I fell in love with, so I always watch for her books, too.

Kay Stockham, Tawny Weber, Beth Andrews, Anna Adams -- just a few of the many authors I like.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Bellas! Welcome, Becke, even though you've been around before, it's great to have you on staff officially. :) I'm really looking forward to everyone getting to know you and to their reading your columns. Your unique voice will add so much. Really looking forward, too, to your Center Stage appearance w/ Suz Brockmann. We're big fans here, and the Bellas really turned me on to lots of her stuff. I just did a huge Suz binge while I was on staycation and finally read Body Guard. I know; I'm totally pathetic.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

omg, julie? black thumbs? :) so, Dave/mpg? I tell him, 'you know, since the kids are away for the week and you have some time, maybe you could, like, trim the bushes in the back yard since they're all overgrown and we look like the maniac neighbors?" And he looks at them and says," um, yeahhhh, well, I ws just letting them grow to provide some privacy." yeah. that's it. let's go with that.

Becke Davis said...

Julie in Ohio -- Hi neighbor! What part of Ohio are you in? Haven't we met someplace else online?

I had to laugh at the "Miss Becke." You'd be amazed how often I'm called that. It makes me think of the South -- hot summer nights and porch swings and mint juleps. I'm actually a Midwestern, down to the ground. I was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas, but only went there to be born -- I never actually lived there.

I've lived all over the Chicago area, also in Northwest New Jersey and in Greater London, but I've been in Cincinnati since 1993.

I'm so excited to be here, and in such good company!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

stace, where is this mythological tbr pile w/hundreds of books? as you know mpg won't speak to you because you refuse to take books from our home. He doesn't believe you really have a tbr pile, he just takes it personally.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Play!!! Oh, Roxanne's wonderful, and you're, like, such a great supporter for her. I have to check out kathy de nosky. I'm really glad so many category authors are coming back, and that so many single title authors are writing in category again. :)

Becke Davis said...

Julie in Ohio - As to your garden question, stop by the Garden Book Club at BN.com. It's not a "book club," as such, and I think you'll find a lot of people there who will be more than willing to give you helpful advice (not just me).

We do enjoy going off-topic there -- our current "hot topic" is the mystery animal in one gardener's New Jersey yard. Look under the "Garden Nasties" thread. The topic is "Hogzilla!" http://tiny.cc/OMNdf

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, mon! Can't wait to see you at rwa! have you noticed more rom susp in historical?

becke, our children always call adult women 'miss', and we're not even Southerners. At first, the kids thought it was odd, I think, but then they started to use it as kind of an endearment for women they really like. :)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

becke, we'll have to get you and Portia talking, although she lives in Ossett, but I believe knows a bit of London...

Becke Davis said...

Monica - We did meet at Lori Foster 2008 -- I'm sure of it. And I do believe we are also friends on MySpace and Facebook (under my pen name: Becke Martin).

I have an obsessive need to buy books that look interesting when I see them, even when I KNOW I won't have time to read them for awhile. So in case, you know, there's a shipping strike and no books reach the bookstores for a year or two, I'll be prepared.

Becke Davis said...

Michelle - I'm long overdue for a visit to London. When I finally make it over there, I'll see if Portia and I can go out for a drink to toast romance!

And I blush whenever people ask about my own garden. I finally gave in and hired a guy -- John -- to help me a couple years ago. My husband thinks his responsibilities end at the edge of the deck -- he figures, with a garden writer in the family, two gardeners would be excessive. If it wasn't for John, my yard would be disgusting. I travel a lot and write A LOT, which is the main drawback of being a garden writer -- when you're busy, you CAN'T GARDEN.

I plant a lot of perennials and flowering trees that make it look like I work harder than I do: peonies, irises, daylilies, hostas, hellebores and more.

One day I want to combine my passions and write a garden-themed romantic suspense story. I'm a newbie fiction writer, though, and haven't developed the skill to write romantic suspense yet. (Hopefully someday!)

Becke Davis said...

And, Michelle, I love that your kids address women they like as "Miss." I've never been "Mrs. Davis" to my kids' friends -- it's always "Becke" or "Miss Becke." I like it that way!

Funny note on my split-personalities: recently, my son graduated from college. (Woot!) We attended an event at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago for the grads and their families. I was stunned when one of the grads came up to me and said, "Aren't you Becke Martin? We're friends on Facebook."

First time that's happened (outside of the Lori Foster event). Turns out she's a friend of my son's, and a huge fan of Eloisa James and Julia Quinn. I promised to bring back autographed books for her from National!

Tonya Kappes said...

HI BECKE!! I am so glad you are here and you are going to make a great addition to Michelle and her staff!

Anonymous said...

Becke!!! Wow, girl, what awesome news, I cannot wait to read your first blog tomorrow! I'm so proud--

Becke Davis said...

Tonya and Gia -- Great to see you here!

Tonya blogs at Chasingheroes.com and is going to be published before you know it!

Gia Dawn is an incredible author and also happens to be president of the Ohio Valley chapter of RWA. http://www.giadawn.com/

Dianne Castell said...

Hi, Becke!
This is great news. I can't wait to read your blogs...you are so much fun.
Good times ahead!
Hugs, Dianne

Myrin said...

Grr, what is it with that damn time difference? Normally, I'm the early bird when it comes to American sites, however, here on RBTB I'm always late. Argh.

Now, Becke, you've also met the choleric of this blog (that would be me, ahem).
No, seriously.

So good to have you here, I always love meeting new people!

As for books, I love Erin McCarthy's race car drivers (the third is to be released sometime in 2010, but I don't know why) and Rachel Gibson (especially her latest, True Love And Other Disasters).

Karen Rose is my favourite romantic suspense author EVAH and her next book I Can See You comes out in ... phfff ... August, I think, but I'm not sure here. What I especially like about her books is the fact that they're not technically a series, but actually "feel" like one because the characters always return in later books (you could say they're set in the same world), something I find very cool.

And Karen Hawkins (the two Karens are referred to over at TGB as "Ka-Hawk" and "Ka-Rawk" - cool, isn't it?) will have you rolling over the floor laughing when you read her only contemporary Talk Of The Town. And, lucky us, there are to be about ten more stories playing in the funny town of Glory. I so can't wait!

Now I hope those tips from the choleric helped you a little bit. ;)

And btw, Montmorency is so cute!!! But, excuse the question, is he a donkey or a rabbit? I absolutely can't discern it!
How embarrassing! *blush*

Becke Davis said...

A DONKEY?? Hugo Montmorency, the exceedingly handsome and articulate rabbit whispered in my ear when I was visiting Ann Arbor, Michigan last December. He told me his name and said, "Take me home with you and I will provide inspiration. Besides, don't you think I'm a handsome galoot?"

Well, having been a fan of James Stewart's "Harvey" for years, I wasn't all that surprised to hear a rabbit speak. (Although, my daughter -- who was with me -- may have raised an eyebrow or two.)

And he was certainly correct -- I haven't been short of ideas ever since I brought him home. He is insisting on accompanying me to National, although I'm sure his presence will earn me some strange looks!

Myrin said...


Yeah, I thought he was a rabbit but I had a donkey as a child that looked exactly like him (or at least like what you can see on the picture) - maybe I can find him and post a picture so you can see I'm not a complete idiot.

Excuse me very much, Mr. Montmorency! *hangingheadinshame*

Becke Davis said...

Anyway, LisaK, back to your comment. So we have met? I'm afraid these profile pictures aren't jogging my already pretty sad memory. Do I know you by your real name, perhaps?

I have definitely read Karen Hawkins, and I, too, am a HUGE Karen Rose fan, even though her books can give me nightmares. I've shared this with her, and I totally blame her for the paranoia that sets in whenever I finish one of her books. DIE FOR ME, SCREAM FOR ME and KILL FOR ME were sooo good, but -- ooh, lordy -- can that woman come up with scary villains!

As for Erin McCarthy, not only a really nice lady, but also a fabulous author. LOVED her race car books (and I'm so looking forward to book three), but I must admit -- while I never buy books for their covers alone, with those books, I might have made an exception. Talk about suitable for framing!

Becke Davis said...

Dianne - thanks so much for stopping by! (I love Dianne's books and she is the sweetest woman you'll ever meet.)

Thanks so much for all the hard work you and Lori put in to your big event every year. It is AMAZING!

Tiona said...

Hey, Becke! Welcome!
I'm not much of a gardener, myself, but is your John cute? Could he come and take care of my yard? hehe
As for romantic suspense, there are definately Suzanne Brockmann, whose so good we can't mention her enough. But, also, you MUST check out Tara Janzen! Her books are fast and fun! Hot guys in hot cars. Nough said!
Also, can't get enough of Cindy Gerard. Her books are just the right amount of romance and suspense. Great stuff!

Myrin said...

Becke, maybe I didn't express that right, by "meeting new people" I meant meeting you here, today, that very moment. Sorry if that came along the wrong way!
I don't think we ever met in person as I've never been to the US. But there are so many people out there I got to know here and I'd love to meet in real life!

Becke Davis said...

LisaK - At least he's not a camel. You want embarrassing? (I hope I didn't misspell that.) When my daughter was little she loved a cartoon movie about Raggedy Ann. I haven't seen it in ages, but there was a sort of patchwork camel that my daughter particularly liked. I looked everywhere, but couldn't find a toy camel that was cuddly enough for a three-year-old.

Now, let me stress, I AM NOT SUZY HOMEMAKER. I can only wish Suzy Homemaker will send some of her housekeeping vibes my way. But, I figured if I could sew on buttons and repair torn seams, I might possibly be able to make a stuffed camel, a la the old sock monkeys. So I started with socks: crew socks. And an old flannel nightgown of mine (more embarrassment) and assorted other odds and ends.

I stuffed the thing with old stockings and other rags before realizing I could actually BUY bags of Kapok. The result was the lumpiest, oddest-looking camel you've ever seen, and it was nearly as big as my daughter.

She loved the darn thing, and still has it, someplace. But, good grief, that was one butt-ugly camel!

Becke Davis said...

Princess Bumblebee -- Oh no, I'm not sharing John! My yard would be a disaster without him.

I should have included Tara Janzen on my list, also Cindy Gerard, Shannon K. Butcher and all the others I've neglected to mention. (Really, there isn't room here, and I could go on for hours!)

I'm always eager to find new authors, though -- or authors who are new to me!

Becke Davis said...

Lisa - No problem, maybe we will meet in person one day! What part of the world are you in?

And, hurray, I attempted to shake off my "Treethyme" persona and go back to my real name. I'm entirely clueless when it comes to tech stuff (I can just see my husband nodding his head vigorously at this), so I'm glad to see I did it right.

Myrin said...

What a sweet story about the camel!

And I absolutely agree with McCarthy's covers being HAWT! I love me some nacked man on a cleanly polished hood! *g*

Ka-Ro gives me the shivers, too. That's why I have to read her books in one session, so that I don't have to go to bed in the middle of one book. I wouldn't be able to, anyway.

Myrin said...

I'm from Germany, Bavaria, to be exact. Lovely place, but so far away from all my cyber friends... :(

Janice Maynard said...

Becke - Welcome to RBTB! Looking forward to your blogs!

Becke Davis said...

My husband and son have been to Germany -- my husband's family lived there for six months when he was a kid -- but I've never been there. Maybe some day!

Becke Davis said...

Hi Janice! We met at Lori Foster's event but you were surrounded by fans at the time, so I doubt you'll remember me. I think there's a picture of you in my photo gallery on Facebook, though!

Gabriella Edwards said...

Squee, Becke! Do you know how cool it is to say, "Look, that's my dearest, most wonderful CP blogging for RBTB?" It's awesome!

After a day and a half of being "enriched" by my company (the day job keeps insisting on demanding my time) I came home today to the wonderful announcement about your new blogging gig. KUDOS my friend!


Becke Davis said...

Hey Rosie! Rosie, also known as Gabriella Edwards: http://www.gabriellaedwards.com/
is the patient woman who has stuck with me through countless revisions of several works-in-progress. She deserves a medal! (Or a tiara, at the very least!) I know she would gladly settle for a few hours with Gerard Butler, though.

Becke Davis said...

I forgot to mention my sort-of-blog, which is here: http://the-garden-muse.blogspot.com/

And my website, which is here:


Jane said...

Hi Becke,
I'm looking forward to Allison Brennan's "Cutting Edge," Karen Rose's "I Can See You" and JoAnn Ross' "Breakpoint" which was released today. I also love Gennita Low, Meryl Sawyer and Shannon McKenna.

David B. said...

Welcome to the RBTB family, Becke. Michelle has been talking about this for a long time, and I know how pleased she is that you're on the team.

Sorry, but I gotta go. I've got bushes to trim the bushes in the backyard.

Becke Davis said...

Jane - I love, love, love Shannon McKenna! I finally dug Ultimate Weapon out of my TBR pile, just in time for her new book to come out. I've also read several of Allison Brennan's books, and JoAnn Ross, too. I've got a recent book by Gennita Low in my TBR pile but I'll have to check Meryl Sawyer's book list -- not sure if I've read hers or not. Thanks for the recommendations!

Becke Davis said...

David - you want to stop by my house? I've got plenty of bushes to trim.

Now suddenly this is sounding a tad obscene, so I'm going to change the subject quickly (*blushes*).

Thanks so much for the welcome! I've known Michelle online for awhile but after meeting her in person last month, I knew this was going to be a blast. The only problem is, whenever I talk to Michelle I have trouble finding the "off" switch -- she's a bad influence on me! (All the more fun. . .)

I'm thrilled to be part of your RBTB family -- thanks so much for inviting me!

Toni Blake said...

Becke - just stopping in to say hi and huge congrats on your new gig with Michelle! I love when an already fabulous place gets even MORE fabulous : )

Becke Davis said...

Toni - Great to hear from you!

Any of you who haven't read Toni's great books LETTERS TO A SECRET LOVER and ONE RECKLESS SUMMER should run out and buy them now. Toni has been on my must-buy list for awhile now!

Gabriella Edwards said...

Are you kidding? Reading your work is a treat and why RBTB is going to love having you. I'm a better writer because of this woman, folks. Can't say that enough and btw-thanks for the plug!

Oh and Gerry Butler delivering a tiara or wearing just the medal...um that's another genre isn't it? I'll stop now.

Becke Davis said...

He's wearing the tiara. Nothing else. (We can dream, right?)

Gabriella Edwards said...

LOL! I can't say the thought (okay, okay the image as well!) didn't cross my mind. YUM!

Jan said...

Hee! Rosie, Gerard Butler and innuendo. Looks like I've come to the right place.

Congrats on your new blog gig, Becke. Dayum, you're one busy broad!

Becke Davis said...

Hi Jan -- I'm hoping I'm not too risque for this group. Michelle may have to take me aside and give me a good talking-to!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...


I leave for a few minutes, and find the place and everyone in it completely debauched. Ok, so I'm not entirely sure an inanimate object can be debauched, but you understand what I'm saying.

[shaking head in consternation] becke, you must understand that I run a very conservative ship around here. I find things like sexual innuendo, references to male celebrity appendages and, gosh, male appendages in general to be shawking, just...shawking!

I just never expected to see this side of you. Good Gawd, what have I done!?

Toni Blake said...

Aw, thanks, Becke : ) : )

Becke Davis said...

Okay, just to reassure everyone, Michelle is laughing her a** off that I was worried about being too risque. So I'm new to this, okay? Didn't want to break any rules my first day!

So Rosie, no -- not in trouble. (I don't think Michelle has stopped laughing yet.)

And Toni, any time! You know I love those books.

Becke Davis said...

And yes, I think I was writing that post when Michelle posted hers. I'm on a roll!

Becke Davis said...

That said -- Michelle, just don't let Rosie get started on The Chest Collection. She's shameless, the hussy! (Which is why we're such good friends!)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

becke, what lisak doesn't mention is that English isn't her first language. Isn't she remarkable? And did you notice she's got a bunny of her own?

Oh, mpg, you say the sweetest things!

Gosh, Rosie,it's been quite some time since we've had an infusion of Gerard round here.

So nice to see so many Becke fans!

Hi, Dianne and Toni! Since we're talking hot contemporaries...

You're definitely welcome here, Jan.

ooooh, Jane, gennita and shannon. I'm still a fan of Shannon's sexy old3er books, too. My girlfriend and I developed a saying cause of one of her older eroms, "It's all about the biker..."

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thanks for stopping by, Tonya!

my, my, my, my,my, principessa. Now you're on to the gardener? Seems you're over Shia indeed...

Becke Davis said...

Michelle - Thanks for pointing out LisaK's darling bunny -- I had to enlarge it to make out the details (and yes, I do have my reading glasses on). Too cute!

I am seriously impressed. I never would have guessed English was your second language, Lisa. I took Spanish for six years and French for four -- I LOVE languages -- but, sadly, lack of use has made me forget a lot of the vocabulary. I can often understand what others are saying in those languages, but remembering how to converse myself is a whole 'nother story!

Becke Davis said...

WOOT! What a fun day -- my new blog at Barnes & Noble, GARDEN VARIETY, just went live!!


amy kennedy said...

Oh dear I missed a riot of a day. Welcome Becke, and can I add my snort to you being worried you'd be too risque for RBTB.

Everyone had me laughing - and great recommendations, I would add, Stephanie Bond - gosh I love her Blazes...of course I can't think of anyone else. Dang.

I am a gardner, or at least I like to think I am, so I love it that I can sneak in a question or two about that...right?

Becke Davis said...

Hi Amy! I like Stephanie Bond, too. Didn't she have a book out last Christmas, with Linda Howard?

And about the risque thing -- I don't think I'll be hearing the end of that any time soon. Blame it on first day nerves!

Portia Da Costa said...

So sorry to be late to the welcome party, Becke! Have had the most dreadful publishing news in the last few days and it's completely thrown me for a loop, but I'm going to try and get back into the swing of things now.

It's so nice that you're going to be joining Queen Bella here. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time. :)

TBR piles? Mine is my entire house! LOL

orannia said...

I'm also late to the welcome party :( HI Becke *waves* And it's so lovely to have you back QB - I'm missed you, although I hope you had a lovely holiday! And you have an editorial staff! That is so cool!

Becke - may I suggest Julia Spencer-Fleming?

Christine Wells said...

Wow, it looks like I'm very late to this party, but just wanted to give a big cheer for you, Becke! What great news that you're joining Michelle's team!

Becke Davis said...

Portia - I'm so sorry to hear about your worrying news. Thanks so much for stopping by, especially since you've had other things on your mind!

Becke Davis said...

Hi orannia! Suggestions welcome, and as it happens I have a book by Julia Spencer-Fleming at the top of my TBR pile: Into the Bleak Midwinter. I've heard such good things about this author!

Becke Davis said...

Christine! Aawww, I'm touched that you took time from your big release day to stop by! The rest of you may recognize Christine from the Romance Bandits -- her third book, WICKED LITTLE GAME just came out. It should have been in my mailbox yesterday, but it wasn't -- I'm assuming the mail is still catching up from the holiday weekend. I'm very eager to read it!

Julie James said...

Hi Becke!

Congrats on joining RBTB!! It was wonderful meeting you at Lori Foster's, and I can't wait to read all your reviews and recommendations here!


Anonymous said...

There are so many I could recommend and funny you asked about tbr's - am in processing of putting them on excel - prob 200-300 I have.

I recommend just to name a few:
Toni Blake
Susan Mallery - any of her series books

Robyn Carr's Virgin River books.

Pat L.

marye.ulrich said...

Becke, you are my hero, or would it be heroine?????

You have so much to contribute and are willing to take risks.

Best always. Mary

Becke Davis said...

Julie - Thanks so much for stopping by! I was so excited to meet you at Lori Foster's event -- I'm a HUGE fan of your books!

Becke Davis said...

Pat/Anonymous - I second those authors you mentioned -- they're all really good. Toni Blake is in my local chapter of RWA and she is so sweet, you'd never guess she wrote really hot romances!

Becke Davis said...

Are you kidding, Mary? You're the one with the Ph.D., my dear, and we all know you're going to go far. Mary works for Wild Rose Press, folks, and she is also a struggling writer. She and Rosie bear with me through all the endless revisions of my stories.

Mary just became a grandmother -- she has a beautiful new granddaughter.

Misty Evans said...

Hugs, Becke! I'm late, but still wanted to add my welcome to the rest. You sound too fun and I look forward to reading all your posts and recommendations in RS.

Most of my favs have been mentioned, but not sure I saw Carla Neggers. I love her characters and plots and always pick her books up. I also enjoy JR Ward, Suz B, Linda Howard and Brenda Novak.

Ciao for now!

Becke Davis said...

Oh yes, Misty -- I second all of those authors. I have books by all of them in my "keeper" bookcase!

The Reading Frenzy said...

Becke, ha just another place I get to bother you. Welcome girl!!!!!

Renee Vincent said...

Hello Becke! It is great to see you here and wow what fun I have missed. It seems I have also missed the Gerard Butler action. How could THAT happen! Someone send me a memo next time!

I look forward to reading your blog! From your neighbor just across the Ohio river...cheers!

Becke Davis said...

Renee - I guarantee there will be more Gerard Butler action. Maybe Nathan Fillion, too!

And Debbie, great to see you here -- I'm stalking you!