Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Toni Blake GuestBlog: Everybody Needs One Reckless Summer

From Michelle: Toni Blake's new "One Reckless Summer" is more than just a good-girl-sorta-reunites-w/-bad-boy-from-her-home-town-years-after-high-school kind of romance. As if that weren't enough for us round here! It's a "delayed 'coming-of-age" kind of romance, which lots of good girls can relate to. And it's especially hot n' tender, hallmarks of Toni's emotionally charged, sensual romances. Please give Toni a "Feels so good to be bad!" Bella buongiorno...
From Toni: In my new book, "One Reckless Summer," (Book 1, Destiny Series) Jenny Tolliver is a lifelong “good girl” who returns to her hometown of Destiny after a painful divorce to regroup and figure out what’s next for her in life. She has no idea that next big thing will be the town’s ultimate bad boy, Mick Brody, who no one has seen for the past dozen years. But when Jenny and Mick meet in the woods one night, two worlds literally collide, and Jenny is soon drawn into a very reckless summer – not only romantically, but in other ways, too.

As a lifelong good girl myself, I can tell you that there’s more to most of us goodie goodies than meets the eye. And that every now and then, we break out of our safe little shells and do something unexpected and maybe even a little bit wild. When Jenny does this, she does it in a very big, dramatic way, which made her loads of fun to write about.

But whether big or small, my question for you today is: Did you ever have a reckless summer? Or even a reckless weekend, or a reckless night? And if so, were there any repercussions? Did you have any regrets? Would you do it again if you had the chance? If you never had a wild, reckless experience, do you wish you had? And what would it be?

I hope you find this topic as juicy as I do, and that maybe it will whet your appetite to pick up a copy of "One Reckless Summer." If you want to learn more or read an excerpt, just visit my website at You can also find links there to me at MySpace, Facebook, Goodreads – all the hot hangouts (except Twitter, because a girl has to draw the line somewhere if she’s going to find time to write books) – and if you want to join on my online reader group, just click here. We’d love to see you there!

Meanwhile, I can’t wait to hear about your own personal reckless summer!
Toni, many of the Bellas, about 300 romance lovers and I will be heading this weekend to the Lori Foster/Dianne Castell Reader & Writer Get-Together! We'll say hi to everyone for you, and try to get some dish, too!
Hot for romance virgins? Or do you hate em? Check our my new column at "Unabashedly Bookish," "The Age of Innocents" here, please.


Keri Stevens said...

Alas, I was too good of girl to get reckless when I had the chance--and if I wasn't, well, I'm not posting the pics on the 'net!

Thanks to facebook, some of my less-than-wise youthful indiscretions have come back to haunt (ahem, I mean "friend") me. On the one hand, it makes me sad--he wasn't a gnome when I was in the backseat of his car, I swear!

But, on the other hand, those new old guys provide certain validation--I ended up with the real hero, after all.

See you two in two days! Gotta go pack for RAGT!

Billie Jo said...


Hi hon. How are you? Your favorite stalker stopped by to cheer you on.

Great questions...

Did you ever have a reckless summer? Yes I did. The best summer of my life.

Or even a reckless weekend, or a reckless night? Yep that too.

And if so, were there any repercussions? One had reprecussions. But it is worth every bit of it.

Did you have any regrets? Not a one. You can't have fun and be free if you are going to be plagued by guilt. Things happen for a reason.

Would you do it again if you had the chance? ABSOLUTELY :-)

Can't wait to see ya this weekend.

Billie Jo

Toni Blake said...

Hi Keri! This SO made me smile:
"he wasn't a gnome when I was in the backseat of his car, I swear!" That's too funny. And so glad you ended up with a real life hero : )

And hey BJ! I haven't been stalked in a while and was starting to think you'd found a new victim ; ) But now - I want to know MORE about your reckless summer : )

WK said...

Hi Toni!!!
I am and was the good girl as well. I was always the girl parents would say "why can't you be more like Wendy?" My friends hated that, they'd say "you just don't know her" LOL But I was a good girl.

I've been trying to think of anything Reckless I've done and all I can come up with is Marrying my DH after knowing him a 1y and 10days. Our wedding day was actually 1 yr and 10days after the day we met. We got engaged 4mths after meeting. And yes it's worked out great.. We are still happily married, very much in love and in lust. LOL

Great post. Now I'll be thinking all day about anything else Reckless I've done.


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Bellas, welcome Toni, and friends! WEll, what a shawkah, Toni, all your friends seem to be good girls, too!

Wendy, glad to hear your 4month-reckless-engagement-turned-marriage still is going fabulously for you! Congrats to you both for keeping love (um, and lust) alive! Score another success for romance!

I'd like to hear the details, too, Billy Jo! Maybe you could share them this weekend. :) Really cool to hear it all worked out. You must have some great memories.

Keri, I'm with Toni, and totally cracked up over young Mr Gnome. He must have had something going for him, ya know? But that whole 'people from our past posting stuff on facebook' thing is totally awful. Would it hurt people to ask first? especially when they're people we haven't seen or heard from in, like, 20 years? sheesh. Congrats on your hero. I'm sure he thinks he got the better part of the deal, as they all should if we work it right. :)

I'll be back soon with my less than exciting reckless stories...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

of course, I am headed to the IL dept of motor vehicles, so that could get reckless if they don't give me my license plates today after turning me away yesterday... grrr

Toni Blake said...

Hey there, Michelle! Your reckless summer - now THIS is something I look forward to hearing about : )

And Wendy, I have a similar story, believe it or not! I got engaged 6 weeks after meeting my husband, and we got married less than a year after we met. When I got engaged, some of my friends actually staged an intervention! (I'm serious - I couldn't have been more stunned.) But you know, sometimes when it's right, you just know it, and I was right about it being right since here we are, about to celebrate our 20th anniversary this September : )

But just goes to show you, the second a good girl does ANYTHING that seems out of character, people start freaking out ; )

Billie Jo said...

LOL Toni. I could never stop stalking you darlin. It is way too much fun...LOL

Awww yes my reckless summer..what a summer it was...sigh.

Michelle, we could definitely sit down and talk about my reckless summer. It is a romance to rival the best of

Billie Jo *the shy and quiet type*

Toni Blake said...

Okay, so now you're just teasing us, Billie Jo! You don't wear those devil horns for nothin', do ya? ; )

Portia Da Costa said...

I'm afraid I'm a very reserved and cautious type of person IRL. Don't think I've ever done anything really reckless... I tend to fret over the possible consequences of any action.

How boring is that? LOL

Toni Blake said...

As do I, Portia. I guess maybe it's easier for us writer types to *write* about people being reckless than to be reckless ourselves ; )

Thanks for stopping by today : )

Anonymous said...




Playground Monitor said...

Reckless? Moi? stifles laughter I am the consummate good girl who is sorry she's been absent from the blog but is sporting a pretty blue cast on her right foot now. I have severe plantar fasciitis and this is to immobilize my foot and let it heal. It's the first time in six months I've been pain free.

I love the Bella bag in the sidebar. Who do I have to kill to get one? LOL! Now that would be reckless.


Toni Blake said...

Hey Pat, thanks for the lovely comment and for stopping by - much appreciated!

Marilyn - ouch, but so glad you're now pain free. Pain sucks. And indeed, killing for a tote bag WOULD be pretty reckless indeed ; ) Especially when I bet you can just probably buy one and save yourself a nasty trial, prison time, and all that ; ) Thanks for visiting : )

Although I'm really starting to wonder where all the reckless girls are out there ; ) Besides Miss tight-lipped Billie Jo, I mean. I thought we'd hear all sorts of juicy stories today ; )

Tiona said...

Hey, Bellas! Welcome, Toni!
Hmmm...Reckless Summer sounds intriguing. Maybe I should have a reckless summer this summer. Unfortunately, I ain't seein too many hot mens around, so I don't think that's gonna happen. I'm with Portia, I see the consequences of my actions way too clearly to make me want to be too reckless, hehe.
Just got back from the bookstore with a bunch of books and can't wait to get home and start reading!
Oh, and to comment on yesterday's post, yes, love the virgin herroine! There's just something great and special about her first experience!

pjpuppymom said...

Hi Toni! One Reckless Summer arrived today and I can hardly wait to begin! :)

I was a very good girl who grew up on a lake in a small midwest town. I never cut class, missed curfew or did anything else outside the rules...until the summer before senior year when I met a motorcycle-riding, cigarette-smoking bad boy from a neighboring town and, yes, some occasional reckless behavior ensued. Then I went away to college and...oops...a few reckless nights/weekends popped up there too.

Do I have regrets? No, because all of my experiences have made me the person I am today and I like that person.

Would I do it again? Some, yes. Others, not a chance.

Toni Blake said...

All right, now that's what I'm talkin' about! Some reckless behavior! Thank you, PJ, for sharing your recklessness : ) : ) And wow - if you were a good girl who grew up next to a lake in the Midwest, you're going to have de ja vu all over again when you read ONE RECKLESS SUMMER : ) Seriously! And thank you for ordering it - glad it came and I hope you enjoy it!

It totally loved hearing about your motorcyle-riding bad boy. (And actually, one of those will show up in Destiny soon, too ; ) )

Toni Blake said...

Princess B - thanks for the warm welcome and for stopping by. I think you SHOULD have a reckless summer, then come back and tell us all about it afterward ; ) : )

Enjoy your new books!

Jane said...

Hi Toni,
Congrats on the new release. This is the perfect time to read a book like "One Reckless Summer." Sadly I've never had one of those memorable summers where I hooked up with a bad boy. I hope it's not too late for that to happen.

Toni Blake said...

Hey Jane - I say it's never too late : ) And don't feel bad - I never had a summer like that, either - so I made one up in ONE RECKLESS SUMMER instead ; ) Thanks very much for the congrats : )

ev said...

Hi Toni-
The book looks great. Will have to get it.

Reckless summer? uh, yeah.
Reprecussions? Yeah, but not from the same reckless summer. Regrets? Not a damn one. Would do it all over again. Twice.

The person people see today is definately not the one that was a wild child.


Julie in Ohio said...

Welcome back, Toni!!

Being the goodie goodie that I am the only reckless thing I can think of is met hubby in April, engaged by June, married in January and I was only 19 at the time.
Regrets?? Depends on the time of the month. ;op

I'm another one going to Lori's Get-Together. Can't wait to meet everyone. =o)

Toni Blake said...

Hi Ev - thanks for chiming in and also thanks in advance for picking up a copy of ORS; that's much appreciated, and I hope you'll enjoy it : )

Julie, thanks for the nice welcome back : ) And ah, if you've read the rest of the comments you know I had a similar "speedy courtship" with my husband ; ) I'm delighted to hear I'll be meeting you this weekend! As always at this event, I'm quite sure a good time will be had by all : )

Toni Blake said...

Hey gang, just popping in to say goodnight and thanks for a fun day, as always, with the bellas : )

Also, before I go, I wanted to thank Michelle for inviting me back and for her very kind words about ONE RECKLESS SUMMER, as well : )

amy kennedy said...

Reckless Summer? Just a summer?

Toni--the book sounds awesome.
Marilyn, honey--feel better.

I was a very good girl, until I wasn't. My life has been a series of good girl vs. bad (fun) girl. But I sure do have some good memories, some, not so much so, but still lessons learned.

ev said...


I've had a few.

But then again, too few to mention.

Eva Gale said...

I had many, many reckless summers, but my favorite one led to marriage and children.

Toni Blake said...

I'm dashing out soon to pick up a friend at the airport (author Lori Armstrong/Lorelei James, who's coming in for the Lori Foster event) but just wanted to pop back in since I saw a few new comments. Thanks for stopping in, ladies. And thanks for the nice words about ONE RECKLESS SUMMER, Amy. Eva, enjoyed your comment and like hearing that a little recklessness can pay off nicely in the end : )

pjpuppymom said...

Toni, I just turned the final page of One Reckless Summer. Sigh.... It was so wonderful! I adored Mick and would love to be friends with Jenny. Can't wait for the rest of the series!

Toni Blake said...

Hey PJ - I just checked back in - and I'm so glad I did! Thank you SO much! I'm thrilled you enjoyed ONE RECKLESS SUMMER - thanks for letting me know!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading the comments. This summer we are going backpacking in the mountains in Colorado-doesn't sound reckless but I am sure there will be BandAids on me somewhere afterwards.
Hope you have a nice summer too.

Fedora said...

Hi, Toni! I was too much of a goody-goody (not in a good way!) and way too risk averse to have had a reckless summer! It might be fun to redo that if I could, but at least I can live vicariously through books these days! ;) Jenny's story sounds like a rip-roaring success for goody-goodies!

Unknown said...

One Reckless Summer sounds great!