Thursday, June 11, 2009

That's What She Said

The very contemporary heroine of Janice Maynard’s new erotic romance, “Mating Game,” needs a husband, like, yesterday -- and isn’t afraid to try the goods before she buys, as it were. Nola Grainger’s on the fast-track to the altar ‘cause granny’s left her everything with one catch: Nola’s gotta marry to get the loot and, more important to Nola, the family home.

But are we ready for sweetie-author Janice Maynard to write a nice-girl heroine who’s not monogamous on her way to HEA? Get to know the slightly naughtier -- yet still emotionally satisfying -- side of Janice Maynard’s erom when

Bella Janice Maynard GuestBlogs @ RBTB tomorrow JUNE 12!

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Stacy~ said...

Hmmm, that is something I'd like to know - a heroine with 3 different men in her bed - will I be able to accept it in a non-erotic romance? We'll find out...Janice, convince me *g*