Friday, June 05, 2009

It Never Gets Old

A sword. A shield. A query: Boxers? Or Highland Glory?

Yes, Bellas, that was indeed the question last night, confirmed this morning on the Reader/Writer Get-Together loop. Seems I wasn't the only one to catch a glimpse of kilted, war-painted-and-readied Highlanders here at the Cincinnati North Marriott last night. I'd chalked up my men-in-kilts sighting to fatigue from being up since 4 and driving 6 hours.

But, nope. Seems Get-Togetherer Pam saw bunches o' Highlanders, but couldn't get satisfaction on either clan or commando queries. Ah, well. Maybe tonight'll prove differently. You know I'll be on the story.

In the meantime, I'll be interviewing a bunch of pubbed, newly pubbed authors, editors/agents and industry 'luminaries' to help Lori Foster produce some get-together video. Last night, had a really fun dinner then total girl-talk fest -- decadent dessert and Irish coffee which the bartender assured me was "traditional, because it was prepared to the instructions of the Irish gentleman seated at the bar." Apparently, those instructions include mostly alcohol and about a thimbleful of coffee. I think I saw wee fey folks on the way back to the hotel, so it must have been authentic, all right.

Anywayz, my partners-in-dessert, Dianne Castell and Janice Maynard, say hi and send their best to you! I'll be sending more updates and news from special Friends of Bellas like Marjorie M. Liu and Emma Holly!


The Reading Frenzy said...

Oh Michelle, I am sooo jealous of you. Men in kilts are my downfall. Those Scottish lads with their gently rolling rrrrr's and their not so gentle lovemaking.
Grrrrr yummy !

Tiona said...

Hey, QB! Glad your sightings weren't hallucinations. Funny thing, about a month ago in St. Louis at the zoo, me and my friends saw a very good looking man in a kilt, hehe. My friend even got a picture of him...and I had to tease her cause she took it from behind, lol!
Hmmm...definately, after that sighting, I would have to say Highland Glory all the way, hehe.
Oh, me and my friends got together yesterday for a whole day committed to watching 'North and South'. I had never seen it and it was wonderful. I think I'm now in love with Richard Armitage! He was awesome! and did I mention absolutely gorgeous?

ev said...

Wish I could have been there and if it hadn't been for #2 grandson's hs graduation, I would have been.

So between you and those there on twitter, I am playing peeping tom.

Have a great time!

Lori Foster aka L. L. Foster said...

Wouldn't you know, Michelle, my husband's reply was, "What men in kilts?" LOL
SOMEONE (not sure I should say who) paid a waiter $5 to go find out who they were, and he reported back that it was part of a golf outing. Okay, not sure I believe that, but that's what they said. LOL

Man oh man, I had a great time yesterday. I'm hoarse today, have body aches where I didn't know I had body parts, and my eyes are gritty. But I'm ready for today!

Looking forward to seeing everyone again. And Michelle - THANK YOU for managing the videos. EVERYONE has said how wonderful you are to work with, and that you make the videotaping painless. I'm not sure we could have done that without you!


Eva Gale said...

I KNEW there was a reason I wanted to learn golf!!!

Lis said...

Michelle, you lucky woman!! Ah to be surrounded by men in kilts - or even just one braw highlander in a kilt!!!
Golf? Well, it was invented by the Scots!!
Y'all have fun - and we need pictures!

Annie West said...

Michelle, you have marauding men in kilts? With war paint? Is this a common occurrence? Seriously thinking of visiting.

amy kennedy said...

Ooooooh. I'm so glad you were having fun Michelle. Can't wait to hear more.

Debbie, do you know this from actual experience? Please say yes!

Princess! You lucky girl, to have watched N&S for the first time...aaaahhhh.

Lori--I'm so almost there next year.

Keri Stevens said...

I missed the kilts, but I had a blast just the same. You're the funniest woman on the romancewebs--and you're just as great in person!

amy kennedy said...

Amen Kari, Amen.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, it was great getting to meet you at Lori's get together. Thank you for making the interview painless ;-)

Becke Davis said...

Michelle - it was so much fun hanging out without you at the Lori Foster event, even if we did get sort of kicked out of the lobby. I had NO VOICE the next day, but that wasn't really a surprise. . .