Tuesday, June 16, 2009

HIStory, Sex And The Sueded Elbow Patch Blues

OK, the Historical Novel Society's North American conference has been over for two days, and I'm feelin' a little bummed. Imagine, 2 days of nuthin' but hanging with nice people who love historical fiction books, including historical romance! Plus, fun times w/ Bellas Jade Lee, Carrie Bebris (remember her back-in-the-day iview as Jane Austen?) and Babs Vey (in the photo w/ HNS conference chair, author and Booklist hist fict reviewer Sarah Johnson), as well as Lauren Willig and Bella Loretta Chase's best pal, Susan Holloway Scott.

And, ok, Shame on me. I expected tweed-and-suede-elbow-patch types and was welcomed by warm, laid-back smarty pantses from around the world who think romance books are every bit as legit as any piece of historical fiction written. Plus, you gotta dig their Late-Night Sex Scene Reading… Read more.
Tomorrow: Welcome back to RBTB Bella Monica Burns who wants to talk cyber friendships and offer up a fun contest.
Encore! If you're interested in digital publishing, please read this thoughtful piece by FOB Deidre Knight about RWA's stance on e-publishing. The learning curve for understanding digital mediums can be pretty, um, long and curvy. But some of us have been singing the same song since even I started back in '05, so it's really time to understand digital's legit, good for authors, readers and romance, and worth looking at very carefully.
Encore due! Babs and I have long been trying to convince everyone we're nemeses. Since nobody's buyin', we've come up with a new motto: Trust Babs n' Michelle; We won't throw you under the bus. That's got a nice ring to it, I think.


Playground Monitor said...

Love the motto! It's totally true. You two rock.


Eva Gale said...

Thank you for your support of digital!!!

And I iz jealous of your time at the Historical Novel Society. You must have had a blast.

Michelle Moran said...

It was a FANTASTIC conference, wasn't it?! It's always such a let down when it ends. Too bad it couldn't go on for longer!