Saturday, May 16, 2009

When I Grew Up

Cristina Scabbia of Milan's Lacuna Coil reminds me of a little of Ann Wilson of Heart back in the day. I wanted to be Ann Wilson when I grew up. I'll keep you posted if I achieve either of those goals.
Who'd you wanna be when you grew up?
Who do you wanna be when you grow up?
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Julie in Ohio said...

First it was Mary Poppins. Then I realized that I didn't do heights so well so I guess that was out of the question as she played on roofs. Of course when I found out Mary Poppins was also Maria VonTrapp, she won me back.
Then it was Madonna. Thankfully I got over that before the whole cone bra phase.
Finally I wanted to be Whitney Houston. That one lasted a bit longer. Actually when I think about it, I would still love to be the Whitney from 1985-89. You know the pre-Bobby Brown/crack is whack deal.

amy kennedy said...

Oh Julie, I hear you.

I had more of a nebulous goal--I just wanted to be discovered. You know, sittin' on a drug store stool (this was 40 years ago--drug store stools still existed) and a hollywood/broadway talent scout walks in and says, "You're who we've been looking for."

Now, I want to be a succesfully and happily published author--can you tell it's an affirmation?

Actually, I still want to be discovered...

ev said...

Who said I grew up yet?

Annie West said...

Julie, I loved Mary Poppins but it never occurred to me to want to be her.

It wasn't a matter of 'who' I wanted to be when I grew up, but 'what'. I wanted to be glamorous, the sort of woman who'd turn heads. I was also torn between wanting to be an archeologist (Indiana Jones watch out) and working in a bookstore. Now I write romance instead. I'm not glam, but on the upside, since Harlequin Presents novels are called Harlequin Sexys here in Australia, I go to writers' conferences and get called a 'Sexy author' which is almost as good as being glamorous! (G) And though I don't get the Indiana Jones adventure I can imagine it,and I do frequent bookstores...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

snork. 'I do frequent bookstores..' :) Annie, couldn't you please write us a Indiana Jones-type sheikh who absconds with a book store owner/worker/patron and whisks her away to adventure and lusty, sensual abandon? Perhaps they could attend a romance conference along the way so she can show him off to her friends. for me, that was always part of the key to youthful fantasy, showing everyone how fabulous I was going to be, not how truly nerdy and not glam, as you put it, I really was. :)

I wouldn't dare presume, ev. Not if'n I knew what was good for me. btw, your girl Carly from Plotmonkeys is GuestBlogging w/us June 1.

but, ames, I discovered you at that school dance, remember?

Jules, I, too, went through the Madonna thing w/lots of head wraps, and the Whitney. I won't go into my Annie Lennox phase since we're talking MTV-inspired delusions...