Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Tails Of Love" Authors GuestBlog: Extravaganza Kick-Off!

From "Tails of Love" Authors: Thank you so much, Bellas and everybody, for stopping by to help us countdown to the June 2, 2009, release of "Tails of Love," a benefits romance anthology.

"Tails of Love" will help raise money for a no-kill animal shelter, the Animal Adoption Foundation, and awareness of the plight of abused and abandoned animals and pets.

We – Lori Foster, Stella Cameron, Dianne Castell, Kate Angell, Ann Christopher, Marcia James, Donna MacMeans, Sarah McCarty, Sue-Ellen Welfonder and I – each have contributed an original short story to "Tails of Love." That’s 10 original short stories in one really cute package. Have you seen the cover?

In addition, we’re donating all of our proceeds to the Animal Adoption Foundation. Our agents have pledged the same. That means with each copy of Tails of Love you purchase, you’re contributing to a very worthy cause. For your generosity, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We’d also like to thank Michelle for hosting our Tails of Love Pet Photo Extravaganza to help us celebrate the anthology’s release. As part of the extravaganza, we’re inviting you to e-mail a photo of your pet (w/your full name/snail mail/pet's name) to Michelle with PET PHOTO MASCOT in the subject line to mbuonfiglio@rbthebook.com between 12:00:00 a.m. Eastern May 12 and 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern May 25. Limit two pets per address, please. The simple details and rules here.

You can see up-to-date photos here – as up to date as Michelle can keep em’ – of Extravaganza entrants here throughout the contest. (unentered grumpy-cat example, right). Then, May 27, right here at RBTB, we’ll announce the names of our 10 Tails of Love Pet Photo Extravaganza Mascots and two Pet Pals. That total of 12 pets’ll score really terrific prizes. In addition to prizes from us – the 10 anthology authors – and Tails of Love pet pals Virginia Kantra and Michelle also are donating prizes. Would you like to know what those prizes are?

10 Extravaganza Mascot prizes from TOL authors:
Lori Foster: IMPETUOUS (reissued), doggy-themed T-shirt, hat, mouse pad, pen, keychain
Stella Cameron: CYPRESS NIGHTS, a luscious fur throw for a furry star and a collection of yummy treats
Dianne Castell: HOT AND BOTHERED, $30 Barnes & Noble gift card
Kate Angell: Books from her BOYS OF SUMMER BASEBALL SERIES and $100 Barnes and Noble gift card
Ann Christopher: TENDER SECRETS, ROAD TO SEDUCTION and SWEETER THAN REVENGE, an Ann Christopher book bag, and pet pillow/bed
Marcia James: AT HER COMMAND, gift basket of pet treats and toys
Donna MacMeans: THE EDUCATION OF MRS. BRIMLEY and assorted pet munchies
Sarah McCarty: PROMISES REVEAL and $100 Amazon.com gift certificate
Patricia Sargeant: YOU BELONG TO ME and $30 Target gift card
Sue-Ellen Welfonder: SEDUCING A SCOTISH BRIDE; DEVIL IN A KILT; TALL, DARK, AND KILTED; and $50 Petsmart gift card

Pet Pal prizes
Virginia Kantra: Gorgeous hand-casted Children of the Sea medallion on black-satin necklace! The warden's triskelion logo, commemorative of Virginia's hot new series.
Michelle Buonfiglio: 12 pack of new romances in sub-genre/s of your choice. If non-US resident chosen, s/he receives $25 e-gift card for books.

So, come on! Send us your pet photos, and help us celebrate the release of "Tails of Love."

What's your pet like? Do you/did you have a favorite pet?
Encore due! Please help get the word out about "Tails of Love" and the Pet Photo Mascot Extravaganza -- and help pets in need -- by copying and pasting the orange Extravaganza button (above, left) into your blog or site and linking it here: http://romancebytheblog.blogspot.com/2005/05/tails-of-love-pet-photo-mascot.html
Encore due!
Head to the Lori Foster Readers & Authors Get Together June 5-7, West Chester, OH. Lori, Dianne Castell and Linda Keller co-sponsor this amazing annual event. Michelle and many of the Bellas'll be hangin'! There's still time to register for this low-cost, high-good karma chance to meet and make friends with tons of your favorite romance writers and readers and lots of online pals.


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Bellas and new friends! I can't wait to meet all your pets, especially now that you've met our, em, darling Sophia. She's never really forgiven me for this rooster headgear, and if she knew that so many people were seeing her this way, she'd probably be doing nasty things to my furniture for the rest of the day.

But I love her anyway, cause she's a cat and I really dig cats. She's a little, as Bella Portia DaCosta described her, 'perhaps more difficult to love than some other pets.' But one of my fave kitty out of all that I've had was my Norman, who actually was a girl, named after the calf in "City Slickers." Yes, I know. Sentimental.

Portia Da Costa said...

Well, I think most people who know me know that I'm totally besotted with my cats, Kuffer, Alice and Mulder...

However, Kuffer and Alice were also a bit 'difficult to love' over the weekend for various reasons...

Details here...Ah, the little darlings...

Congratulations on the Tails of Love anthology. What a wonderful, wonderful idea!

amy kennedy said...

My dog Rascal, a black lab, is very needy--he pretends to be a lap dog. Well, a partial lap dog--he gets his front paws and chest on top of me when I sit down and then heaves a great sigh and lays his head down on my arm.

Very sweet. When it's just the two of us, he follows me from room to room, laying at my feet as I do one thig and then popping up and following me to the next thing.

ev said...

It's no secret that I love animals (look at my avatar) and all 3 dogs and 3 cats are rescues. Buying the book will not pose a problem here- I do almost anything to help support animal shelters. Love shopping at the Animal Rescue Site.

Now I just have to find the right pictures to submit since I can only do 2. Per Address. LOL

ev said...

I twittered the link. LOL

Lori Foster aka L. L. Foster said...

Michelle, thank you SOOOO much for putting the contest here on your lovely site! I'm just thrilled.

I've always been a huge animal lover, and the no-kill animal shelter AAF- www.aafpets.com) that's receiving the proceeds off TAILS OF LOVE is just wonderful. It's close to where I live, so I can drop in often with donations. But it breaks my heart each and every time.

My middle son took two cats from the AAF. Liger is a whopping 23lbs and Grimlin, his brother, is super-shy and so sweet. Later on, he found a still-mewling kitten among a perished litter. The baby was in a bad way, so my son brought her home, fed her through the net, got her to the vets and now she's his third cat. KiKi (sort of slurred Kitty-kitty)is a handful! From a few ounces to now a long, rabbit-furred teenager, she's a delight.

I have my little doggies, one a rescue, one a gift, that I love so much. And we have a menagerie of pets that come to our door for food or shelter. We've caught the feral cats and gotten them "fixed," then let them go again. They hang out, but they're not tame.

I would share photos, but I don't want to detract from what the readers have. (And besides, I regularly post pictures on my myspace and facebook pages!)

Anyone who helps an animal in need is a beautiful person to me.

HUGS to all, and thanks for visiting! I soooo hope you enjoy TAILS OF LOVE!


ev said...

Ok, Michelle, I sent you my two entries. Deciding on the pics wasn't easy as I am always taking new one. And the poor cats got left out because it isn't easy getting them in the pics with the dogs.

I finally had to tell hubby NO MORE! These 6 keep me busy as it is.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

oops! Some comments that have come in from other Tails of Love posts! With all the associated links, it's gotten a little confusing. :)

lamclane said...

Oh what a fun book and such a great cause! Love the title and the cover too :-)
6:36 AM CDT

smarthotblondie said...

Hoping to get my copy at the get-together with lots of autographs. What a wonderful idea!
7:09 AM CDT

Marcia James said...

Thanks, Michelle, for hosting this fun contest for our charity anthology! I'm thrilled to have a short story in TAILS OF LOVE, and I can't wait to see the pet photos submitted by your readers. ;-)
-- Marcia ;-)
7:44 AM CDT

Kate Angell said...

Michelle - I absolutely love your picture of Sophia! A real party cat. Tails of Love is an anthology of the heart; animals enhance all our lives. Lori Foster is an amazing lady, a true philanthropist. Hopefully TOL will raise lots of money and support for the No-Kill Shelter.
7:48 AM CDT

DianneCastell said...

Hi, Michelle.
Thanks for having us here.
There's nothing more fun than our pets and what we do for them and what they do to us. I sitting here with a cat on my lap and another across my printer. My for forever companions.
Can't wait to see you at the Reader/Writer get-together.
Hugs, Dianne
7:51 AM CDT

Tee said...

I loved this book! Every story not only has a love for a animal but the romance is very sweet. When you buy your book, you will be very pleased with your purchase. Enjoy!
8:29 AM CDT

Keri Stevens said...

I am ALL excited about buying my copy of the book at the Lori Foster/Dianne Castell RW Get Together in (gasp!) 3 weeks! My goal: Get all ten autographs.

Gotta go pack now! Are we there yet?

(captcha is "encessi," as in, "Keri (Kaeding) Stevens is going to be hunting y'all down encessi-ly.")

DianneCastell said...

Hi, Everyone.
Thank you, Michelle, for giving us all a chance to chat about out pets.

I have two cats...I've had as many as five with rescue cats and catsitting sick ones for my kids. What we do for our kids and pets!

We've all learned a few tricks along the way...and here I used to think I was supposed to teach my pets tricks! :-)

The way to get a cat to take a pill is smoosh it into whipped cream and have the cat eat it off your fingertip. And it has to be the reddi-whip stuff with swirls.

Now is that a spoiled cat and well-trained owner or what!
Hugs, Dianne

Janice Maynard said...

Michelle - Thanks for "showcasing" Tails of Love!! A great author line-up!! Can't wait to get my copy...

Janice Maynard

Lori Foster aka L. L. Foster said...

How fun that some of you will be at the Get Together to get your copies signed by the authors! I'm soooo excited that the authors are making it to the event this year.
I think I went on one-knee to beg Stella Cameron (she's one of my faves!) and it's so terrific that she's fitting the event into her busy schedule.

So far we've gotten some really terrific reviews on the book. I hope readers enjoy it as much as reviewers! :-D

Can't wait to see you all at the event!


Ann Christopher said...

Michelle, thanks so much for letting us drop by and for running the contest!

Pets--what can I say? 3 out of the 4 cats we've owned have been rescues, and they've brought so much joy (and many lessons!) to our lives.

Sadie is out of the room right now--otherwise, she'd be sitting on the keyboard.

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon at the get-together!

Fedora said...

Too cute! I'm SO looking forward to this new anthology, and agog at the contest and prizes! Too bad we don't actually have any pets! (We have a ton of "animal friends," which is what our kids call all of their enormous stuffed animal collection ;))

Thanks for banding together to care for animals, all you fabulous authors!

Margay Leah Justice said...

What a great contest! I love my pets, so I'm all for helping out others. I posted about it here:



Sue-Ellen Welfonder said...

Hi Michelle! - Thank you so much for hosting the Pet Photo Mascot Extravaganza. This is such a fun and exciting way to support Tails of Love!

It's wonderful to see that so many romance readers are also animal lovers. I just love that. And I'm really looking forward to seeing the pet photos.

It's also great to hear everyone's pet stories.

My own four-legged darling, a Jack Russell male named Em, who is currently giving me his I-want-to-go-for-a-walk look, sends his very best wishes and GOOD LUCK to all his pet friends who will soon appear in your Pet Mascot Photo Gallery!

Thanks again so much for doing this for us, Michelle. And to all the animal loving readers looking in, thank you so much for your enthusiasm about Tails of Love!

I'm looking forward to meeting those of you who will be at Lori's Weekend.

For now... have fun in here today, everyone.

Go pets!

Tiona said...

Hey, Bellas! Welcome, all!
As you all probably already know, I just love animals! I have two cats and two dogs, myself, all given to me and one stray cat who I think has recently adopted me, hehe. What great companions they are and I love nothing more than sitting and reading a romance novel with a kitty or two in my lap and a dog at my feet! How relaxing is that?
Can't wait to read TOL. Sounds great and the pic is adorable! Great picture of Sophia, Michelle!

Anna Destefano said...

What fun, Michelle!!! I'm a long-lost, Bella, who's been working way to hard to come out and play for too long. But I couldn't stay away once I heard about yours and Lori's new contest.

I've got you up on my blog and have already sent in my first photo... Maybe the cutest cutie win ;o)

Chow for Now!

Billie Jo said...


Hi to the bunch that heads up and goes to Lori's get together every year :-)

I will be there again this year...woohoo. This is my favorite conference to go to. I can't wait to see some of my friend again.

Wonderful idea for the pets!! I can't wait to get my hands on the book :-)

Billie Jo

orannia said...

An extremely worthy cause!
I'm going to have to hunt down a photo now :) Does it matter that I'm not a US resident? And, if not, does it matter how old the photos are please? (Because I have one in mind, but it is old).

Thank you and all the best with the release! Oh, and I just love the cover :)

Unknown said...

I sent 2 photos in. 1 of my cat and 1 of 1 of my dogs. I love animals and always have. THey are treated as 1 of the family in my eyes. I cant wait to read this book it looks fabuluous.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buona sera, everyone! So nice to see you all and I've been enjoying all the pet pics and cute tidbits you're sending my way! Thanks for sharing! I'll be getting to posting the photos in the next day or so, so chekc back to see your pals. :)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, Orannia! On the info/rules page, you'll see that the contest's open to non-US residents, but the authors will decide individually whether they'll provide an alternate prize. For instance, I'm offering a 12 pack of romances, but a non-US resident will rec've a gift card. It all comes out in the wash, as they say...

Hope to get to say hi, Billy Jo!

Love it, Anna, 'chow for now.' Very doggy.

congrats on the new adoptee, principessa! and that does sound relaxing.

You're very welcome, Sue-Ellen! I love that Em gives you those looks. As you see, Sophia's giving me her usual, 'I'm so disgusted with you' look. Hope you had a fun walk.

David B. said...

Michelle: That picture of Sophia makes her look slim, even svelt! Must be the magic of photoshop.


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Thank you, Margay, that looks awesome!

flchen, at least you only have to clean those up, not clean up after them.

Hi, Ann! Why do they do that, those cats? Why do they sit on the keyboard, our books, papers, whatever it is were trying to work on or look at? Do they think they're more important? Can't wait to see you at the Get Together.

Hiya, Janice! Looking forward to your upcoming/s!

I never knew about the rediwhip, Dianne! We had a cat count of 5 at one point, too. Now we're down to just one, sadly. Yes, they're always spoiled, though not as much now that we have kids. Sophia loves the kids, however, and lets them scratch her tummy, not something most cats dig. Special thanks to you and your friends for writing the anthology!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

ooh, Keri, youz gon be on a hunt! Good idea! Let's say hi at the Get Together!

Thanks for telling us about your pets, Lori, and for bringing everyone together for the benefit anthology. I'm a huge fan of pet adoption and have done pr and marketing for a humane society in the past. I've also been a vet surgical nurse for a low-cost spay/neuter clinic. So this thang's near/dear, as they say. Can't wait to see you and everyone in Ohio!

ev, you love animals? I'm shawked, shawked I tell you.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ames, rascal is a cute little big puppy. And, well, moist. Yes, that's it. Moist. When he greets one with abandon.

Ah, Portia, I see Mulder was on his best behavior...

Indeed, Male Perspective Guy, for in real life, she is, shall we say, puffy with a rather tiny head.

Donna MacMeans said...

Hi All -

Thanks Michelle for hosting the pet pals contest. I can't wait to see all the photos - is there anything cuter than pet photos? (Well - babies - but we won't go there (grin)).

I'm afraid I recently lost my dog after sixteen years, so it's a special joy to give back in her name to the AAF. They're too special to forget.

Sue-Ellen Welfonder said...

Hi again, everyone!

I'm just looking in again before - dare I say it? - I take Em for another walk. And, wow, it's so great to see so many animal loving romance readers posting.

Likewise to see so much interest in Tails of Love. That's wonderful because the anthology really is such a great cause.

I was lucky enough to read two of the stories early: Kate Angell's Norah's Arc and Patricia Sargeant's Scaredy Cat. Both were fantastic tales. I just know readers will adore them, too. I'm so looking forward to reading the other stories as well.

Orannia - I'll happily ship my prize anywhere in the world. Only snaffu would be if the Petsmart gift card would not be valid overseas. If my mascot turns out to be a non-US mascot, I'll have to check on that and if so, think of something else. But I'd certainly post the signed books.

Michelle - I adore Sophia's special 'disgusted with you' look! They sure know how to push all our buttons, don't they? She's adorable. And, yes, Em is a master at "The Look."

Go pets!

Martha Eskuchen said...

This sounds like a great project and I too will be looking for the book when it comes out! I have several wonderful pets who are gone now: my college kitty Gandalf who I had for 15 years and grew to a healthy 21 pounds. Although he was a stray he sure looked like a Russian Blue! And more recently my rat terrier Perky who was the SWEETEST dog! We have two dogs now and our sons sweet kitty and I will have to get some good pics to enter. Thanks again for supporting such a great cause!

LizbethSelvig said...

Hey Michelle and "Tails" authors-- what a fantastic idea for an anthology--can't wait to read it!!

I grew up with animals coming out our ears--and for suburban people that was something: dogs, birds, turtles, snakes, guinea pigs, hamsters (enough to populate small countries) and one cat who over her lifetime had 72 kittens (all found homes--don't ask and, yes, we know better now).

Now, my daughter is an equine vet with way too many rescued animals for her husband's taste (horses, dogs, cats, a goat and a gecko).

I'm down to one horse and a Border Collie with hyperactive disorder. She's a wiz at Frisbee, loves to have snow kicked in her face and is nicknamed "The Gym Teacher" at the dog park because she is constantly keeping the other doggy-children moving and sorting out arguments at the water bowls.

Magic is my running buddy and my lunch mate every day. Sometimes I want to ring her little obsessive-compulsive neck, but mostly I adore her to death.

Thanks for this great subject--who doesn't like to go on too long about her pet???

And Michelle, it's hard to believe Sophia has become that regal, sumptuous cat after knowing the tiny little thing you thought would never grow that used to try to keep up with Norman!!

Julie in Ohio said...

What a great cause!! When I was 15 my parents had to put our dog down and I decided then that when I got big I was going to open a nursing home for dogs. Well that hasn't happened but I still feel for those pups.

Lori and friends, I'll be seeing you in June. I can't wait to see all the Bellas either. Woo Hoo!! =oD

Patricia Sargeant said...

Wow! What a wonderful turnout! Thank you, Michelle, for hosting the Tails of Love Pet Mascot/Photo Extravaganza. We appreciate your helping to spread the buzz about the benefits anthology.

And thank you to everyone who's stopped by to support the project. I really appreciate your time and support.



:Candice: said...

This is great, I lovee showing Mercury, my Alaskan Malamute.
He's such a sweety =^)


Fedora said...

LOL, Michelle--SO true! And if I'm having a good week, sometimes the kids can even pick them up themselves :)

Looking forward to seeing everyone's pet photos!

Anonymous said...

congrats on teh book ladies

i have no pets

Lori Foster aka L. L. Foster said...

Julie, I'm looking forward to it!

Can't wait to see the photos, too. I just love people who love animals. LOL

My son visited yesterday with his hyper puppy and it kept the rest of the menagerie fuzzed up. LOL. Rancor - who is part Chihuahua and part kangaroo - ran like crazy, herding the other whether they wanted to be herded or not, leaping up onto tables, going frantically from one thing to the next. He has no social skills yet. LOL
But I love him!


Caffey said...

I have two cats that I adopted from the shelter here. I've always gone this route for my cats for many years now. When I did it the first time, I was just 'visiting' and fell in love with 'Patches' There was one stray that we took in as well and brought to vet and everything at the shelter and adopted that way too! I have Misha and Hunter with me right now. I always believe in having two so they too have a friend. One sleeps on my feet, right on top and keeps them warm. The other will come on my chest and roll up in the middle of the night and sleep! It would feel odd if they didn't! They too know when I'm feeling pain or not well, they don't leave my side.

Thanks for doing this book. I really so think its so important. Its one charity that I have always supported and always will.

Sorry I can't do the picture. I don't have a camera and just have this laptop that's very limited. :(

PS I went to look up my cats breeds and I think I am right:
Hunter is a tabby
Misha is a Bombay

Hywela Lyn said...

What a great contest - and I'll certainly be purchasing the book.I'm so glad the contest is open to non US residents. I have two horses, Harry and T'pau, two rescued 'ferrel' cats who are as tame as housecats and live in the feedbarn where they earn their keep doing 'mousework' and a rescued Jack Russell who is the most delightful, loving little dog you could imagine.

I'd urge anyone thinking of getting a pet to consider a 'rescue'. There's every animal from horses to rabbits in need of a home and they are so deserving and loving, and repay you a thousandfold. Many of them have been ill treated and have never known love before.

Patricia Sargeant said...

Lyn, thank you so much for your post. Your support of rescued pets was beautifully put.

All the best always!


Stella Cameron said...

What fun to read all the posts. Those of us who wrote stories for TAILS OF LOVE have already had our reward--these lovely stories are icing on the cake.

Today something really exciting happened in our family. My husband and I adopted a new to us black cat. She's 5 and recently weaned a litter of kittens. After weeks of being shipped from one place to another, she appeared in a local pet store where we buy our supplies (we have another cat, and a dog) and Jerry saw her. This is the first time he has ever come to me and told me about an animal he thought was the you-know-whose miaow.

Off we went, dog in tow, to take a look and it was love at first sight. New kitty comes home later today and, at the moment, I think she's called Isis.

Stella Cameron