Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Numbers Game

There's a purported "stat" about sexuality and romance reading that goes like this: Chicks who read romance have more sex than those among their gender who don't read the genre. Like, 74% more.

I've yet to locate the Psychology Today study the stat's supposed to have come from. But based on the anecdotal evidence I've gleaned from romance readers, I can pretty unequivocally state that partners of chicks who read romance ain't complaining. Or, if I may dance upon the edges of TMI and quote my husband's comment online to erotic romance superstar Emma Holly after his reading a super-hot excerpt from her new book, "Kissing Midnight..."

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Anonymous said...

Tell it like it is!!!!

Any smart man would join on in and learn what a woman is looking for by reading the books. Trust me, it isn't in the money, either.

~Aleka Nakis

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Well said, Aleka. I've always thought, why would a guy not try them if a woman's saying, 'hey, these turn me on and I'd love you to know why.' Then I always realize I've answered my own question. Still, persistence always pays off when wooing guys -- as well as a marked lack of subtlety. So we've gotta put the books in their hands -- not on the bedside table or where we think they'll stumble across it. We've got to read them aloud, from the 'good parts' at first if that's what it takes. Get em hooked, then let them reel themselves in.

Buongiorno, Bellas! I'll be popping in here and b/n.com later today. First, I'm off to get that other pesky eye fixed up, then I'll be cataract free. Did I ever mention how cool it is to be 44 w/cataracts and how everyone at the docs goes, "But you're so YOUNG!" It's one of the only ways to get anyone to tell you you're young when you're in your 40s, get some kind of premature illness or affliction. I highly recommend it.

See you (better) later!

Tiona said...

Hey, Bellas! I know, I'm a day late. Sorry. Interesting discussion. Just before I had learned the statistics of men who read romance novels, which I believe is quite a bit higher than posted, since, as has been pointed out, most men probably won't admitt to reading them, that a lot of romances would be appealing to men. I mean, Suzanne Brockmann's novels just aren't romance. As she said before, she has a lot of 'buddy themes' in her novels, as well as a lot of action and suspense, which would be appealing to men. I'm sure many have picked up novels like hers or J.R. Ward and read it before they knew it was that forbidden genre 'Romance'. In fact, that's pretty funny.
Oh, and I must say that I am pleasanlty surprised at how many men read romance novels and WRITE them! It's just wonderful! Go guys!
Indeed, QB, I agree with your assertion that if we just pretty much said 'hey, lets try reading this together', that lots of men would be turned onto reading romance novels and it would make for a happier relationship. Indeed, I think they would be like my brother when I forced him to watch Pride & Prejudice, and by the middle of it, couldn't tear himself away!

Tiona said...

ooohh, I can't believe I forgot Tara Janzen! Her novels are fast and sexy, with muscle cars, hot mens, tough women, and plent of action! Men would love them! Can't wait for her next release!

Myrin said...

Aaaah, Michelle, I'm late! You know what, I hate time difference, I'm always too early or too late for everything!

My oh my, does anyone make an effort to make me feel very important of late? First Jo who made a post over at RNTV about something I (okay, and Portia, I give you that) said, you know, the uniformed guys in Europe, and now you even quote me over at B&N - I'll have a hard time staying realistic. *grin*

Yes, yes, men and romance - I'm interested if that "romance is women fiction" will ever change (it's like smoking, you know, only men did it in public in earlier times. Today a smoking woman is as normal as a smoking man. Oh my. Connecting romance and smoking. Only me wee brain can do that. But it's really similar, isn't it? Okay, smoking is unhealthy and I wouldn't know that reading romance is, too, but, hm, apart from that. You see my logic?).

Ahem, it's late here. I think I'll go to bed. Better that way...

orannia said...

I'm also late :( Sorry Michelle! I'm thinking of you even when I am AWOL!

Chicks who read romance have more sex than those among their gender who don't read the genre. Like, 74% more.Ahhh, is that including those without permanent partners?