Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Leave The Crown; Take The Fur Coat, Please

For many of we romance fiction fans, the hearty strains of “Be our guest!” and “Put our service to the test!” would have been more meaningful – and ever so slightly, raucous and ribald – had the damn beast never turned back into pretty, prissy, princely form, and instead remained big, bad, overbearing and, mmmm, beastly… Read more...
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Tiona said...

Hey, Bellas! I know, I'm a day late, but better late than never, hehe.
Hmmm.. the beastly hero. Gotta love em. I think my fave beastly hero, and I've said it before, is Ethan from Kresley Cole's 'If You Decieve', followed closely by same author's Lachlan in her paranormal 'A Hunger Like No Other'. Boy does she know how to make a beastly hero to drool over, literally and emotionally.
Ahh, Shrek. Who doesn't love him? He's such a guy, yet has his own rough charm, indeed. And the Beast in B& the B I agree just loses something in the transformation to the Prince. But, hey, that's Disney. Phantom of the Opera, I watched the movie and just didnt' get it. He seemed too...I don't know. I think it would have worked better for me if he actually took off the thing covering his scars. I'm one of those women who, as a child, if I thought there were monsters in the closet, they visited about once a week, it wasn't long before I ran, yanked opened the door, and turned on the closet light before they could get away. But there was no one there. I felt like that with Phantom. If I could see his scars and he stepped out into the light, it would have been a different story, instead of hiding behind his mask and in the shadows. Gotta rip it off and turn a lightbulb on him. Wow, I didn't realize how deep I had subconcsiously thought about that. Maybe that's why we love the beastly heroes. Cuase in the light of the herroine's love, there not so beastly and scarred?
Ok, enough with the deep thoughts today!

Monica Burns said...

gotta love that posting ease over at BN Queen Bella

Myrin said...

Beastly heroes are the best ones EVAH! Really, sometimes I'd wish for more of them, not always the perfect, beautiful, worshipful guy (not that I wouldn't like that one, too, but sometimes it's too much!).

I instantly think of Dain from "Lord of Scoundrels" - one of the most sexy heroes I've ever read. Really, don't know why, I just fell in love with him immediately, even though I could have strangled him from time to time.

And of course Sydnam Butler form "Simply Love". Sigh. Wonderful book. Wonderful hero. He's so wounded (both inside and out) and I love how Anne's love heals him. Sigh again.

David B. said...

principessa! wowza, you go, Bella girl.That was kinda beautiful. Know what's funny? I just picked up both those Coles today, thinkin to do a reread, and Ethan's story didn't make the edit of my b/n post. But he definitely was in the first draft. Aand a couple weeks ago I was sitting at a bar describing to Stacy and a friend a scene from AHLNO when the hero grabs on to the heroine'sneck as he's, well, doing her from behind like an animal and, of course, I'm kinda getting exuberant in my retelling, and I look up, and the bartender's just staring at me, mouth agape. I think he was going to ask me to leave; I may have looked cougarish.

Anyayz, that's a good thought, the idea of 'staring down our fears' with the beast. You definitely tapped the other thing that didn't make it into my post, about something a disabilities advocate told me about why some folks are uncomfortable 'looking in the eye' folks w/'visible' disabilities. It's all about fear, he said. Our reaction, why we avert our eyes or turn our backs, comes either from empathy or a kind of condesention. And that's getting deep, too, huh?

Ease, Mon? To what could you possibly be referring? :)

oh, yeah, LisaK, I'm so with you! Vanessa Kelly brought up Dain, too, at b/, and I couldn't agree w/you more about him. He totally absorbed the beast vibe from everyone around him.

And sydnam got cut from my edit, too, though he's one of my faves. Were you as eager for his story as I was? And I swear, you'd think the folks in Balogh's books -- since they so often know each other or are related -- really would tell each other behind fans or at the club or something -- "you know, it only takes one time (to get pregnant) and the whole 'pretend engagement' will get you every time." :)

I love her books.

I'm just remembering that the first adult beauty/beast story I read was written by a man,and the hero/hn were these beautiful Israeli young people. He then was horribly disfigured and blinded in a jet crash -- he was military -- and she totally stuck by him. I never thought of it as beauty/bst, but I do remember thinking it was romantic. I can't remember how it ended. d'oh! But I don't think it was sad.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

oops! That wasn't from MPG, it was from me!!! He must have used my computer this am and I didn't realize it. Truly, I don't think he found Sydnam as sexy as Wulfric.

Monica Burns said...

ROFL - I read that and thought, WOW! Dave knows who I am!! LOL

By ease, I meant it was WAY so easy to post over on the B&N site compared to the old hunting grounds on MyLifetime. That and you can subscribe to the posts too. TOTALLY cool. Love it.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Oh, he knows who you are, Mon, just not that well. And I knew what you meant, just was givin you a lil hell. :)

David B. said...

Come on Michelle. No need to be embarrassed! I LOVE Sydnam and Wulfric. Don't go taking credit for my eloquent well-thought out post.

And love you, Monica! Love your posts, too!


Monica Burns said...

Oh, he knows who you are, Mon, just not that well. gulp

And love you, Monica! Love your posts, too!*blush* thanks, Dave. We love seeing you here!