Saturday, May 30, 2009

It’s The Economy, Cupid

Lois K, you've won the 3 'graphed Last Stand books from Brenda's 5.29 GuestBlog! Please write me by 6.2 @!

Feel the love? That’s why so many folks – friends of romance and Brenda Novak all – donated great items to her Annual Auction for Diabetes Research. But the economic downturn means more folks are bidding less. If you’ve been saving pennies for this event, head to the site to STEAL these RBTB & Friends items, going for nearly half of what similar items brought in last year.

The Online Auction for Diabetes Research ends tomorrow, May 31, at midnight. Go to SITE for full details of what comes with each item, because MANY CONTAIN EXTRAS!
(Bids listed current as of 8.50 a.m. CTZ)

Once in a Lifetime!
Lunch 7.16 @ DC RWA National w/ Eloisa James…$145
Lunch 7.16 @ DC RWA National w/ Michelle Buonfiglio…$175
Lunch for 2 in Austin TX w/Jo Davis + ‘graphed FS 5 books…$34
Hank Phillipi Ryan’s Author Get Ready for Media Makeover…$46
Dinner w/Delilah Marvelle in Portland Posh French Rstrt….$125
Your name in Farrah Rochon’s Next Book…$46

For Writers
Critique of a Proposal by Isabel Swift of Harlequin…$190
GuestBlog @RBTB…$310
Read of Full Manuscript by Michelle Buonfiglio…$130
3-Chapter Critique by Delilah Marvelle…$102

For Readers:
RBTB BlogStar for the Day + Bella Bag…$84
Collection of ‘graphed Farrah Rochon books…$28
$25 Barnes and Noble card from Jo Davis…$29

For Everyone:
Toe Reading from Sherry Lee Devereau…$37
20-min Intuitive Reading from S. Devereau…$Be the first (Look in For Everyone)
$50 card/Vanessa Kelly…$50
Becke Davis’ Cool Bag ‘o Books...$68
10 AMBER stick child safety dvcs. w/software…$10-12
‘Regency Country House’ frm Miranda Neville…$44
3 ab-fab Author Sound Relations goodie collections…$30-31
Personalized, ‘graphed NATHAN KAMP 8X10…$22
$25 Barnes and Noble card from Farrah Rochon…$32

Autographed Books
Autographed Books from Emily Bryan…$27

Autographed Novels by Lorraine Heath…$80
Autographed Copy of MY FAVORITE PHANTOM by Karen Kelley…$15

Autographed Hardcover Copy of HOT MAIL by Janice Maynard…$20
Autographed ARC of MATING GAME by Janice Maynard (a July 09 release)…$25
Your Choice of 2 Autographed Books from Portia DaCosta…$27
Autographed Set of Liz Carlyle's "NEVER" Series…$45
Autographed Copy of TEMPTED ALL NIGHT by Liz Carlyle…$16
Collection of Autographed Books by Caridad Pineiro…$48
Autographed Copy of UNDER FIRE by Jo Davis…$17
Autographed Copy of TEMPT THE DEVIL by Anna Campbell…$35
Autographed Copy of SIMPLY SHAMELESS by Kate Pearce…$18
Autographed Copy of DRAGONBORN by Jade Lee…$16
Complete Autographed Collection from Robyn Carr…$56
Autographed Copy of SLEEPING WITH WARD CLEAVER by Jenny Gardiner…$16
Autographed Copy of COMING ON STRONG by Tawny Weber…$10
Autographed Copy of GOING DOWN STRONG by Tawny Weber…$10
Autographed Copy of THE FOOD TEMPTRESS by Rekaya Gibson…$10
Autographed Copy of KISS OF DARKNESS by Jennifer St. Giles…$14
Autographed Copy of BRIDE OF THE WOLF by Jennifer St. Giles…$20


LauraT said...

Thank you Michelle. I think this auction is going to finish very strong!! I found some great Christmas presents in your list. I also found some great gift baskets...-- those are going for some great prices, too. And, almost everything is free shipping because of the generous donors.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Just Twittered and put on Facebook as I so support Brenda and her cause. Happy bidding everyone!

ev said...

WOOT! It looks like I won the item I bid on!! WOOT!!!!

pjpuppymom said...

I won the basket I was bidding on! Glad I was able to help out a very worthy cause and so excited about the goodies that will be coming my way! :)

Unknown said...

I won one thing and lost the lunch with Eloisa James-sob