Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Boys Rule, Chicks Drool

Ask a romance reader about “love triangles” among two heroes and a heroine, and -- whether she digs a sweet, “happily ever after” love triad, or a lusty m/f/m romp-- she’ll probably tell you the heroine’s clearly in the position of power. But what if the truth were that the guys care less about the chick than what happens between each other… Read more here.

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Tiona said...

Hey, Bellas! QB, quite the topic today.
Hmmm...honestly, I don't really go for the whole two men and a little lady, myself. Though the Stephanie Plum novels have that kind of thing going and it does add to the tension and hilarity, I wouldn't read it in a romance. I guess I figure one guys enough, hehe.
But, I can definately see where that would appeal to others, considering most people date more than one person and the book would reflect that, they could defnately relate to having more than one man in which to choose.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

orannia said...

MOrning QB and Bellas!

Hmmm, I like a love triangle if it is done well - when both male characters are even, Colleen Gleason's Gardella Chronicles is a good example (even if I am unabashedly a Team Sebastian member :) I do see it as bit of a fantasy though...it doesn't seem to play out that way in the real world.

I hope you all had a lovely long weekend!

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