Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Which Way To Princeton, Young Man?

No, I certainly could not resist posting this earnest young man's piccie yet again. It is, after all, in the name of science! Well, if not exactly science, then the exacting study of letters, as it were, since I'm getting ready to head to the Garden State for Thursday's and Friday's conference on romance fiction at Princeton U, "Love as the Practice of Freedom? Romance Fiction and American Culture."

Funny, one doesn't always associate Jersey with Princeton, do one? But I'm a Jersey lover, my Bellas, having begun there my illustrious college career (Say it with me, "'s OK, Michelle. There are lots of folks who take 11 years to get degrees: they're called doctors").

Anyways, you can't believe the response I'm getting from your community mates and fellow Bellas as they answer my query 'bout what I should address the smarty pantses about at the Princeton conference. From how romances empower women and help some recover from sexual abuse -- to calls encouraging scholars to study the down-n-dirty, decadent escapist romance that's the lifeblood of romance fiction -- the suggestions are astute, considered and show how much you all know about romance novels.

Keep your suggestions coming. And in the meantime, let me know what you're reading! I just chatted with Emma Holly whose kickoff novel to her new Fitz Clare Chronicles series, "Kissing Midnight," (exerpt here) has me hot, bothered and dying (DYING!) for the next installment! Emma'll be visiting RBTB soon, and you can look forward to an RBTB exclusive excerpt from Bella Emma!
WINNERS: Leslie, you've won the "NEW Firefighters Cookbook" from Sean Tanner's GuestBlog Monday! -- and -- Caffey, you won the "Midnight Cravings" copy from the Ladies of Midnight! Send me your snail mail addies at mbuonfiglio@rbthebook.com, Bellas!


ev said...

Wish I was able to go, but work calls unfortunately. I can't wait to hear the feedback on it.

I just finished Kellerman's new one True Detectives and am reading Robin Hobb's Royal Assassin on my Sony. Time to go searching for new ebooks, although I have a huge TBR pile of MM to get through too. I really need to read them.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I'll do my best to bring it, ev! Hey, how do you like your Sony?

Tiona said...

Hey, Bellas! Great to see such interesting, um, pictures today, hehe. Anywayz, yes, Ev, how many books we already have just waiting to be read, but we still have to have yet more and more.
Oh, I'm so jealous, QB! How exciting to be going to Princeton. I would love to go, but, unfortunately, I don't think there's a good time element to ask off. Oh, great topics suggested to discuss! Romance fiction definately empowers women, in my opinion. It makes them feel like they're definately worthwhile, but in a none bra-burning way, hehe. And that maybe they shouldn't just settle for the first schlub that comes along, as well and should wait for someone that will treat them right.
Well, better get back to work. Have fun, QB. Let us know how it goes and if they whip out a hot, wet man, hehe.

Leslie said...

Oh, "Dr." Michelle, I thank you for giving into your urge to post this pic again. I think if this guy had been in my science class it would have been my favorite subject. :)

Emma Holly's newest sounds great. Different time periods are always refreshing.

Can't wait to try out some new recipes. Thanks and congrats to Caffey!

Portia Da Costa said...

I'm currently reading Private Arrangements by Sherry Thomas... did I mention that before? Worth mentioning again. It's wonderful! Awesome writing and particularly good on characterisation.

I haven't tried any of Emma's historical/paranormals yet, and I know I should. Looking forward to her visit here! :)

Enjoy the conference, Queen Bella!

Caffey said...

Thanks bunches, so wanted to read that the Midnight Cravings Anthology!!! Congrats Leslie!

I read a few of Emma Holly's books and love them! Are these books of Emma go with there, I think Vampire series she had out? Or a new series?
Gosh, I love the covers! I noticed them in the new RT magazine that came today!

I'm reading two books! I'm reading PRIDE & PREJUDICE. I haven't read it since HS! Thats long ago, LOL. I wanted to read some more sequels that are written by other authors so I wanted to refresh myself on this book. Its like reading it all over again! I'm also reading in ebook, a Historical Paranormal by Isabel Roman called MURDER AND MAGICK book 1 of The Dark Desires Of The Druids. I loved the prequel!

I'm off to Emma Holly's site and reading the excerpt! Thanks again Michelle and The Ladies Of Midnight!

orannia said...

Congrats Leslie and Caffey!

I'm currently reading Meljean Brook's Demon Moon. After that, I think, is Julia London's The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount :)

All the best with the speech QB! Am sure you'll knock their socks off!

Monica Burns said...

Hi Bellas, Finally turned in my first paranormal book on Monday and as a treat to myself, I read Emma Wildes An Indecent Proposition. Queen Bella. If you've not read this one, you should. I was sucked in right away. It's warm, tender, incredibly sexy and I LOVED the alpha hero Nicholas. There's just something about that name. And the heroine Caroline is just a likeable. She's smart, savvy, straightforward, kind and just plain likeable.

I totally loved this book, and I don't find too many books like that these days. In truth, I was humbled by Emma's talent. She's going to be a star.

amy kennedy said...

Go East young mans!

Ooh, I loves me some Emma Holly! Some of her books I own just seem to open to certain pages.

Loved Sherry Thomas's Private Arrangements Portia--and, yes, try Emma's historicals.

Bumblebee--you naughty girl. That's all I have to say.

Caffey--I love re-reading faves--especially Pride and Prejudice.


Portia Da Costa said...

Sounds like I should be reading more Emmas... Like the sound of the Emma Wildes that Monica is reading too!

Stacy~ said...

Just popping in real quick to say Emma is going to be at Lori Foster's/Dianne Castell's June event. Can't wait to meet her!

Monica Burns said...

Like the sound of the Emma Wildes that Monica is reading too!@Portia - I really, really loved Emma's book. She's written for small press and ePublishing for sometime now, but this book is by far her best to date. Publisher Weekly gave it a starred rating, and those are powerful ratings.

@Stacy - Emma is very quiet and unassuming. She was at Lori's event two years ago. I met her then and liked her very much.

ev said...

Love, Love, Love my Sony eReader! I am the same way with books now- I am tired of trying to find things in the bookstore, especially romance, since no one pays any attention to that section anymore.

Anonymous said...

jesh cath is your lcuky month girl lol