Monday, April 13, 2009

Tommy Skylar GuestBlog: Here's The Beef

CONTEST TODAY!!! One Lucky Commenting Bella wins a copy of Jo Davis' "Under Fire," courtesy of Signet Eclipse! Orannia, you're last Monday's FS5 UF winner!

From Michelle: Each Monday through May 4, a different firefighter from Station Five visits RBTB to get up close and personal with you -- and gives you a chance to score a copy of Jo's wicked fine May 5 release, "Under Fire." Please welcome Jo Davis -- and the hero who's gonna be at the top of my 20?? Hero of the Year list -- with your warmest, "I SO can get with the Brad Pitt/Jon Bon Jovi conception visuals!" Bella Buongiorno...

From Jo: Last week, my darling hubby took me out to lunch at a trendy new Mexican restaurant near our house. The place boasted yummy chips and salsa, first-class margaritas, and two wide-screen televisions playing CNN. Say what? Ladies, you probably already know where this is going. Yep, hubby’s eyes immediately fixed on the screen behind my head and throughout the entire meal my futile attempts at conversation were met with, yeah, uh-huh, and mmm. Grrr.

Not to worry. Afterward, he took me to Home Depot where I gleefully purchased new granite kitchen countertops and burned a hole in his wallet the size of Jupiter. Paybacks are a bitch.

But I digress. The point is, I was fresh from this date with my hubby the day before, waiting in the bar at BJ’s for my latest Station Five hottie to arrive for his interview, when in strolls the blond Adonis himself. And ladies, I do mean stroll. Lean hips swaying, mile-long legs carrying that lanky, but oh-so-well-muscled young body straight to my table. His crystal-blue eyes found mine, a big white smile spread across his stunning mug and…

Holy DNA, Batman! If Jon Bon Jovi and Brad Pitt had a baby, this man would be the result.

Stand back, sisters. This is a job for a Mature Woman.

I stood to greet Tommy and when he wrapped me in a warm hug, I easily forgot this man is 20 years my junior. Poof, gone. Didn’t matter. Because, damn he smelled heavenly and was so frigging strong. This was no kid. At all. And it didn’t escape my notice that as he released me and we took our seats across from one another, his eyes barely strayed to the multitude of wide-screen televisions around the sports bar before he gave me his undivided attention.

Repeat twenty-three times: I am a married woman!

Tommy: Hey, Jo! How’s it going?
Jo: Well, my taxes are done, I’ve got a new deadline, and I’m having lunch with a gorgeous guy. I say life is pretty darned good. Yourself?
Tommy (dimpling at the “gorgeous guy” comment): Well, my taxes aren’t done, but work is good and I’m here with a pretty lady. I’ve got no complaints.

Charmer. The man knows how to work it, for sure. I’m already putty.

Jo: Why don’t you tell me, Michelle, and the Bellas about your role at the station?
Tommy: Well, I’m the low man on the totem pole, so to speak. I’ve only been a firefighter for a couple of years, and I just graduated from EMT to paramedic status a few months ago.
Jo: What’s the difference between an EMT and a paramedic? I sometimes read those 2 terms in fiction books as though they’re interchangeable, or mean the same thing, but they don’t, do they?
Tommy (growing serious, warming to his subject): No, they aren’t the same at all. An EMT has limited clearance to treat a victim at a scene—he or she can only treat superficial wounds, set bones, stuff like that. An EMT is not allowed, for example, to administer meds to a vic or perform invasive procedures. A paramedic, on the other hand, has more training and can take whatever action necessary to treat a victim until arrival at the ER.
Jo: That’s interesting to know. And congrats on earning your new status!
Tommy: Thanks. (he pauses, picks at a napkin) It’s not exactly what I envisioned myself doing a few years ago, but I love my job.

Now we’re getting somewhere. There is more to this young man than a pretty face. He has a story, and I want to know what it is.

Jo: What did you envision yourself doing?
Tommy (give me a wistful smile): In college, I was a quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Had all sorts of scouts looking at me to go pro. But then…my older brother was killed in Iraq and I came home. My family sort of…fell apart. I never went back to Alabama.
He might be young, but at this moment, his eyes are old. Haunted.
Jo: I’m so sorry for your loss. I didn’t mean to bring up something so terribly painful.
Tommy (pasting on a smile): Hey, it’s okay. We’re surviving, one day at a time. And if I’d gone back, I never would’ve met the girl of my dreams. Only she sees me as a kid, and refuses to think of me as anything but a friend. For the moment, anyway.

The sparkle is back, my insides melt at his smile, and I wonder what’s wrong with this girl.

Jo: What’s her name?
Tommy: Shea Ford. She’s an ER nurse at Sterling, and has the prettiest curly brown hair. She has a dry sense of humor, and she makes me laugh. I don’t think she has any idea how beautiful she is to me.

Yep, 100% pure man. Miss Shea had better wake up and smell the testosterone.

Jo: Tell me and the Bellas, how did you two meet?
Tommy: Well, I don’t want to give away too much of Zack’s story, ‘cause that’s his gig, but we met when the gang gathered at the Waterin’ Hole one night. She’s the best friend of Zack’s new squeeze, Cori, so she came along. I put on all my best moves, and she shot me down in flames. For now. (he waggles his brows)
Jo (laughing): I can tell you’re not going quit until you make her believe. Go after your woman, my friend! Don’t let her get away.
Tommy: I’ll do my best, you can count on it.
Jo: In the meantime, something tells me you have quite an adventure ahead, and that the road is not going to be smooth for a while. But don’t worry, things always work out the way they’re meant to.
Tommy (hopeful): Promise?
Jo (lips curving into a knowing smile): I promise. Thanks for joining me, Tommy. It’s wonderful to see you again. Now, why don’t we open the floor to Michelle and the Bellas?

*Bellas, ask Tommy anything you’d like and/or share your story of how you won over your significant other. Or vice-versa! How did your honey win you over?
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Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Bellas. Welcome Jo and Tommy! I'm, well, ok, totally blushing, because I have this big ol' crush on you. Well, not you, Jo, though I think you're really sweet and talented an all -- but I mean you, Tommy. I'd be giggling like a schoolgirl now if I were capable of breathing. Which I'm not at the moment. I'm so deliriously enamored of you and, now that I've gotten to know you a little better, I can see that my expectations and instincts were right about you.

Listen, if anybody can give you advice (usually unasked for, but, hey, it's free) about how to win a girl's heart based on 'how we met' stories, it's the Bellas. And, I think a few of us could even give you 'how I hope to meet...' advice, too.

Any guy who QBd for the Crimson Tide is savvy enough to know how to make a play based on information and instinct. So stick with us today and we'll give you the moves to have Shea seeing you with her eyes wide open. Cause you know, the way to a woman's heart is through her eyes and ears. That sounds creepy, but you know what I mean.

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Morning, Michelle, Bella, Jo and of course Tommy!

How's it hanging, big guy? Sigh, if you weren't about my son's age, I could sooooooo teach you a few things!! MMmmmmmmmmm... I am looking forward to hearing Jo's story for you. :) Any special you'd like to tell us? You can whisper in my ear, I promise not to tell...

Stacy~ said...

Tommy, you had me at hello. What woman wouldn't love a man who can appreciate an older woman? I think that shows incredible taste, and a willingness to try new things ;) I like that about you.

Congrats on becoming a paramedic, and not only looking like a hero, but living like one as well. Can't wait to learn more about you.

pjpuppymom said...

Morning All! Hi Tommy! Great to have you with us today. I'm rushing out the door to work - I'm sure you can relate - but just had to take a minute to welcome you. Congrats on making paramedic!

I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. Losing someone you love has to have had a profound effect on your life. I admit to thinking you were just a cute, fun kid but I can see from your meeting with Jo that there's more than meets the eye when it comes to you. Once Shea gets to know the man under "all those right moves" I'm sure she won't be able to resist you. I can't wait to read all about it! :)

Have fun today!

Buffie said...

Hey there everyone!!! And a special hello to my southern friend, Tommy!! I'm a Georgia girl and you know how us Georgia girls like our 'Bama boys *wink wink* Although I will have to forgive your choice of college!!! LOL! You know the love/hate relationship between Georgia and Alabama. I'll just choose to hate the school and LOVE you honey!

A mix between Brad and Jon?? Jo, you have truly outdone yourself! To me, that's pretty much the ideal guy right there. And when you add a southern accent, Tommy you got me :)

Tommy, I am sadden to hear about the loss of your brother. Do you have any other siblings?

Smooches to you, darling!

ev said...

Jo, you may be married, but you're not dead. Or Blind. Hope you got some really good granite. LOL

I accidentally patted the thigh (strong, muscular, nice) of a handsome young thing at work the other day. Told my boss later I felt like a child molester. I think she is still laughing.

Losing someone is hard at anytime. Losing them when you are young can change things forever. Sometimes there are even small blessings to be found in the tragedy.

Looks like you found them Tommy. I can't wait to read your story.

Eve Marshall said...

Hi Michelle and Bellas! Thanx for having me here today. Scads of ladeez...what's not to luv?

Michelle, sweet thang, if my heart wasn't already tangled up elsewhere, you'd be the cherry on my sundae, babe. :)

I hear you on the QB moves--I'm not too shabby at getting a girl's interest. Finding one I wanted to keep was another matter. Then when I did, she throws me a curveball by not wanting me back. The "you're a good friend" thing is a total kick to the groin. Never knew something so cliche could ouch like that. Sigh.

But at least I'm here with a bunch of sweeties to take away the pain!

Eve Marshall said...

Hey Suz! Good to see you again. We know how to rock BJ's, don't we, darlin'?

It's hangin' slightly to the right, babe. And age doesn't matter to me one bit--it's the pepper in the salsa, you know?

Hmm, kinks...I'll tell you and the ladeez a secret...sometimes I like to be tied up. With her in charge. Oh, I'm pretty dominant most of the time, but there's something about indulging that particular kink every once in a while that revs my motor...

Eve Marshall said...

Hello, Stacy! I appreciate females, period. I worship at the altar of the estrogen goddess. LOL.

Eve Marshall said...

Buffie, darlin', I appreciate you cutting me some slack on my school of choice! :) You *know* the Crimson Tide has the most kick-ass football program, like, ever. Facts are facts, babe. Smooches at ya.

Ok, the Brad and Jon thing is a little creepazoid, folks. I so did not know Jo was gonna write that! Besides, those dudes are like, OLD!!

Buffie, thank you for the condolances. My older brother was my only sibling, and his loss has been devastating to all of us. My parents live in fear because of my job now, but you can't live your life based on what might happen. I do what I have to do so I can get by each day.

No feeling sorry for me, girls. I'm totally fine.

Eve Marshall said...

Thank you, Ev. I appreciate the kind words.

I hope Jo goes easy on me! There might be some stuff I don't want the whole world to know... :o

Michelle Buonfiglio said...


I mean, so nice to have you with us.

OK, just. shut. up, Bellas.

Jo Davis said...

Good morning Michelle, Suz, Stacy, PJ, Buffie, and Ev!

Great to be here! Michelle, I forgive you for liking Tommy better than me. LOL. :)

Suz, you're a naughty woman, asking about our sweet boy's kinks! And he's just as naughty for indulging you! What will I do with you two?

Hi Stacy and PJ! (waving) :)

Buffie, I love my Brad and Jon comparison! I don't care if it creeps Tommy out or not, it's the bald truth. he he

Ev, I hear you on the younger man thing. A couple of months ago, I went with some writer friends to a new sports bar/grill where a very young, hot waiter flirted outrageously with me. I flirted back because, ehem, I am SO not dead yet, but I also felt sort of like I could get arrested for thinking of this kid THAT way!! LoL!

Eve Marshall said...

PJ, sweetheart, good mornin'! Thanks for your kind words about my brother.

And I hope U R right about Shea. The woman is driving me nuts. And not in a good way at the moment.

I hear you about rushing to work. Be safe! Don't wanna hafta come and rescue you... :)

Eve Marshall said...

Michelle,'re givin' my poor battered little ego quite a boost here!

Now, why am I beatin' my brains out tryin' to catch a girl who doesn't want me when there's you--superfine, savvy, 100% woman...

Hmm. I might have to re-think things... :)

Stacy~ said...

Ev - accidentally? Sure, we believe you LOL.

Tommy, oh man, keep on talkin', big boy. I could listen to you all night, er, day. I'll be your estrogen goddess. I'm here to help ;)

Eve Marshall said...

Stacy, sweetheart, I have a feelin' you could get me in lots of trouble. >:)

But I pretty much stay in trouble, so it's all good...

Suzanne Ferrell said...

mmmmmm, Tommy, you know how much I love a man with a southern accent! (Must turn the air conditioning on!!) And the whole tie you up and tease you thing...sigh...

As for Shea, I can tell you and ER nurse isn't going to be an easy conquest. Her bullsh*t meter is super high!

Hey Jo! You just have to put up with us, you know you love us both!!

Playground Monitor said...

In college, I was a quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

I'm a War Eagle mom myself, but I think I could be pulled over to the dark side for you. Oh wait! I'm another of those old enough to be your mother. So I'll just have to offer motherly advice and tell you to never give up and you'll win over that ER nurse. Don't be pushy though. And remember it's the little things that matter -- like flowers on her birthday, but they have to be her FAVORITE flowers. You can probably find that out by ever-so-smoothly asking some of the other nurses she works with. And you're smooth, aren't you Tommy?


Manda Collins said...

Hi Michelle, and Bellas and Jo! Jo, you are rocking this series like nobody's business! I cannot WAIT until I have that great "just finished a wonderful series" feeling so that I can go back to the beginning and start all over again;)

Tommy! I am a Alabama girl, myself (though sadly, I know nada about football). I even went to U of A so we can talk Tuscaloosa if you want:-) I'm sorry about your brother. I'm pretty close to my sister and I don't know what I'd do if something happened to her.

I love that you are being so patient about Shea. Sometimes a patient man is exactly what a reluctant lady needs. Of course sometimes an IMpatient man works even better;)

Eve Marshall said...

Suz, darlin', you're getting me hot n' bothered with thoughts of being hog-tied...

And unfortunately, you're right about nurses and their BS meter! Whenever one of us is injured and brought in to the ER, they cut us no slack. Fuss at us when we're hurt and needin' some lovin'. They're tough ladeez, for sure. Sigh.

Eve Marshall said...

Hi Marylin,

A War Eagle mom, huh? It's okay, I'll cut you some slack since you cut me some! :)

Her favorite buds--now that's a great idea! See, I need you ladeez to assist me with stuff like that. Looks like I'll have to be sneakier and slip into her heart through the back door.

Aw, now that sounded kinda kinky and I didn't mean it to!

Eve Marshall said...

Hi Marylin,

A War Eagle mom, huh? It's okay, I'll cut you some slack since you cut me some! :)

Her favorite buds--now that's a great idea! See, I need you ladeez to assist me with stuff like that. Looks like I'll have to be sneakier and slip into her heart through the back door.

Aw, now that sounded kinda kinky and I didn't mean it to!

Eve Marshall said...

Hello Manda,
You don't have to luv football to cheer on the players. :)

Thanks for the condolances on my bro. He was the best.

Maybe I'll be patient with Shea a little longer, try the flowers and stuff--but not much longer! I'll have to show her what I'm made of soon...

robynl said...

Hi Tommy and welcome. So you've been a 'uniform guy' for some time being you played football and now are in fire fighting uniform. I love my guy in a uniform.

Dh caught me by being so sweet and kind among other qualities. He and the boys would come down for a weekend and he insisted on buying groceries. I said 'no way' you are my guests. He said 'but there is 3 of us and I insist on buying food'. He got me.

Playground Monitor said...

You don't have to luv football to cheer on the players. :)

Yeah, I can be an athletic supporter! ;-)

I had to be a War Eagle mom; #1 son was there for seven years after all. And that's where he met his lovely wife. And the way he proposed to her shows just how far a guy will go for the woman he loves.

Jo Davis said...

Suz--yep, you know I love ya!

Hi Marilyn and Manda! Great to see you here.

Manda, thanks so much! I too cannot wait for that "I just finished a wonderful series" feeling-- but from a totally different perspective! LOL. I'm working on Tommy's story right now and let me tell you, it's going to rip your heart out.

So will Sean Tanner's tale, which I CAN NOT WAIT to write... :)

David B. said...

QB at Alabama, wow. That must have been an incredible experience.

You must know the other famous Crimson Tide QB, Joe Namath. Someone else known for a certain sex appeal.

Take care.


Jo Davis said...

Hi Robynl! Good to see you! What a sweet story about your dh! :)

I never told mine, in fact. I met my dh at a bowling tournament. I wasn't bowling, but was with a group of folks who were and had lost a teammate. My future dh walked up to fill the vacant spot to finish the season, my jaw hit the floor (who IS this gorgeous man?!) and he talked to me the whole time. Got my phone number, called me 2 days later, and we haven't been apart since.

That was almost 20 years ago... :)

Jo Davis said...

Hi David! Good to talk to you again!

Now, wasn't ole Joe known for wearing panyhose, too?! LoL. Or maybe that was a myth. :)

amy kennedy said...

Tommy, I had a great friend (with benefits) when I was younger named Tommy--he was a blonde Adonis as well...good times, good times.

I, too am so sorry for your loss, and I can understand your parents' point of view--but you can't stop living your life.

Now, on to Shea...hang. in. there. Be kind and funny and nice to her friends (this is key) she'll come around.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

hmmm...Joe Namath...Tommy S in pantyhose...maybe tied up with stockings! Yeah! Now, Tommy, I know you're way too young to understand the reference, honey, but there was this ad, way back in the day...

Oh! MPG! How nice to see you. I was just getting ready to tell Tommy our "how we met" story to give him inspiration. Honest ta gawd.

Jo. When did you get here? I mean, hey! I've been dying to see you!

MaryC said...

Tommy, Thanks for explaining the difference between paramedics and EMTs.

Good luck with Shea - I know you'll find the way to win her hesrt.

My condolences on the lost of your brother and hold onto the memories - they are a comfort.

amy kennedy said...


Manda, how are you?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Play, you wrote: You can probably find that out by ever-so-smoothly asking some of the other nurses she works with. And you're smooth, aren't you Tommy?

That, Marilyn, (not the smooth part, although that helps) is my number one advice to guys for being romantic. Don't make her ask for what she wants all. the. time. Take the pressure off the 'does it all, all the time' woman by doing exactly what you've advised, Play. Best advice, ever. If more guys paid attention to it, more marriages would be saved. I'm totally not kidding.

Eve Marshall said...

Pantyhose?! Dude, that's just so wrong. I mean whatever floats somebody's boat, but the image of a fellow alumni QB and a famous one wearing hose...I'm getting an image here. Somebody save me!

Hiya Amy,
I'm glad my name brings back good memories. :)

You're right about my folks and Shea. Time will take care of all things, as they say. I hope. I'm a naturally upbeat person, so maybe that will help in the long run, huh?

Manda Collins said...

Hey Amy! I'm good--though am having a "case of the Mondays" *said Office Space style* It was dark and rainy this morning and I did NOT want to get out of my cozy bed;) How are you?

Eve Marshall said...

Hello there, MaryC!

You're very welcome, glad I could share something I know, which isn't always much. :)

Thanks so much for the kind words on both counts. You're a doll!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

ev and Jo, you naughty women! Well, at least you fess up. I had a totally mortifying experience when I was at dinner w/ pals a few months back and we had a cute little boy waiting on us, probably early 20s. He was very gregarious, friendly. And I was with a certain writer pal -- we'll call her Lois Greiman -- with whom I can't seem not to talk about, well, male members.

Anyhoo (a term which I have to use, since we were in MN at the time, which probably is why things went down the way they did), the waiter guy comes to our table after dinnner's cleared and we're jez gabbing, giggling and being fairly raucous in a contained way, and asks what else we might need. All I do, I swear, is say to him (because I have no filter and, in my defense, always compliment people, "You have the prettiest eyes."

We literally don't see him for the rest of the night. I felt like the biggest, creepiest, most pathetic cougar on Earth. I still cringe thinking about it.

Jo Davis said...

Hey, Michelle! I've been here for a while, checking out Tommy--I mean, the conversation. yeah. :) Can't image what has you so distracted!

You're totally right about the guy paying more attention to what the lady wants. The toughest period of adjustment was my dh getting to really know me, and to understand I get tired of telling him what I need. Of course, 20 years later, he's a pro! :)

Jo Davis said...

Hello Amy and MaryC! Great to see you here! :)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

You know, Jo, it's only taken me 20 years to get MPG to pay attention, too. Does it sound worse or better if I call it 2 decades?

amy kennedy said...

I am laughing so hard...Michelle, you are not a cougar, he was just verklempt.

But the paying attention thing? Yes. Michelle, the important thing is that he's finally doing it, right?

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Tommy said: Pantyhose?! Dude, that's just so wrong. I mean whatever floats somebody's boat, but the image of a fellow alumni QB and a famous one wearing hose...I'm getting an image here. Somebody save me!

Alas, Tommy, it's true!! Avery famous magazine add had old Broadway Joe in pantyhose. Of course I was still in grade school at the time, but he also wore a big fur coat....sort of like a pimp would wear in the '70's!

I'd be careful letting any of the guys at S5F know you played for The Crimson might come back to haunt you!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Yeah, I guess so, ames (says Michelle, with only a trace of bitterness...)

Jo...I'm dyin here, but, only because I'm wondering for the Bella's sake, of course. When might we, oh, I dunno, expect to get the full skinny on Tommy's and Shea's love story. I mean, our boy, Tommy's gonna score, right? With all the advice we're givin' him today -- and that charisma (and by charisma, I mean, well, you know) -- how can he not?

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hi, robynl! Man feeding woman. That is the best! I love that his gesture really got you. And that you let him bring his friends? You're a better woman than I. :)

Hi, Manda! Um, are you hittin on my Tommy? Cause, you know, it's my duty with respect to the guest/host relationship as it relates back to medieval times to protect my guests. If I have to throw myself on him to keep him from harm, I'm willing to make the sacrifice. Just warnin you, Miz Manda.

Peej! Hope your workday is great! See, I know you see so much more in Tommy, too. We're oh, so wise, and certainly not looking at him as if he were simply a piece of lovely, juicy meat. Not you and me. Nopers.

Hi, Buffie! You make me wanna wax all poetic about Southern boys! sigh. love it: hate the school, love the boys. lol. thanks for stoppin by.

Suz...I likes the way you thinks.

Stacy, you are shameless. I'm shocked.

Manda Collins said...

Moi, Michelle? I would never, ever hit on a guest in this fine establishment! Though I admit, I do have a thing for the blond heroes. They are so rare in Romancelandia you know. And if I were to come across one, say, standing at the corner of Sexy and Delicious Streets, I might just have to trap him like the fine, fine specimen he is!

I am sure we all know the *lengths* to which you'd go to protect the honor of your guest...Why, if it means throwing yourself on him to keep us from mobbing him, I firmly believe you'd do it!

Tracy Garrett said...

Hi Jo & Tommy! Great to see you here. I so can't wait for your story. Being as I'm Jo's CP, she's given me sneak peeks, but she won't dish. :(

MB said: "Does it sound worse or better if I say 2 decades?"

Hmmm, 2? 20? Seems like it should be better, but it's that "decade" thing. ;)

But then, I've had mine for nearly 3 decades now. Wow, all of a sudden I feel old. Sigh!

Tracy G.

Jo Davis said...

Ooh, Michelle wants the skinny on Tommy and Shea?! Hmmm...what is she willing to do for the info? LoL.

Drum's official! Readers can expect Tommy and Shea's story, hopefully in the first half of 2010! Followed not too long after by Captain Sean Tanner's story... woohoo!

Jo Davis said...

Ps--I'm not sure 2 decades sounds better. Waaa...

Jo Davis said...

Hey Tracy!

Glad you dropped in to play, CP! Now, you know some twists coming up with Tommy and Sean that no one else know yet! he he

And you're not old! Neither am I. Like Tommy says, it's the pepper in the salsa that counts! :)

Eve Marshall said...

Suz said: Avery famous magazine add had old Broadway Joe in pantyhose. Of course I was still in grade school at the time, but he also wore a big fur coat....sort of like a pimp would wear in the '70's!

Suz, I'm totally freaked here. Disallusioned. I can't believe this is true. Do NOT let the turdballs on my team know about this! I'll NEVER hear the end of it...

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hmmmmmmm, Tommy, exactly what is it worth to you for me to keep the boys from knowing? After all Jo and I will be visiting them on the 28th of this month!

Eve Marshall said...

Aw, Suz darlin'! I'm on my knees begging here...

Suzanne Ferrell said...

Hmmmm....any ideas ladies?

Laurie D. said...

Wow, I'm a little tardy for the party here, aren't I? Hi, Jo - so glad you're here again - it's so nice when you stop by, especially when you bring one of "the" guys along! Welcome, Tommy. I'm especially excited to read how you and Shea click. Have you ever been interested in an "older" woman before?

Speaking of older women, we're having chilly rain in Ohio today - it's downright miserable, and I need a pick me up. Could you please come over and be my stimulus package?

Anonymous said...

Love you guys from FS5.

Kay Thomas said...

Hi Tommy
It's great to meet you. Being from Mississippi (GO DAWGS!) I'm pretty partial to Southern men, but there is something about an "Alabama boy" in particular— even if you did go to the wrong college. ; ) Looking forward to reading your story!

Eve Marshall said...

Heya Laurie D,

Sweetheart, I'm a 23 year-old red-blooded American male. I'm interested. Period. :)

Cyber-hugs to U in Ohio, warming U up. Feel the heat yet? Mmm...

Eve Marshall said...

Hi Chris R! Luv U back... :)

Eve Marshall said...

Heellooo, Kay! Do they grow 'em gorgeous in the south or what?!

Honey, I'll forgive you for the college remark as long as you save some of that sweetness for poor neglected me... >:)

Jane said...

Hi Tommy,
It's so nice to finally meet you. Do you still fit into your football tights?

Tracy Garrett said...

Don't worry, Jo. They won't hear anything from me!

Suz, he's on his knees. Don't tell me you can't think of something... Oh, wait. You're married. Sorry. teehee

Tracy G.

Playground Monitor said...

Broadway Joe in pantyhose.

Ya gotta give the guy props for having the guts to do it.

But Tommy, dear, we don't expect you to do anything like this. Nuh uh. No siree. You could model boxer-briefs or Underarmor t-shirts. Or you could be the spokesman for men's body wash and show the lather on that awesome chest of yours.

Is it hot in here or is it just me?


Eve Marshall said...

Hey Jane!

Do I still fit into my fb tights? Well, some of me does. A boy does grow, after all... >:)

Eve Marshall said...

Oh, I like the body wash idea. Nothing like being hot, soapy and slick to make a guy's day...

Gram said...

Of course Tommy would fall for a nurse...being a retired RN I know what happens between the ER and the Paramedics! LOL I however chose an old high school classmate.

Just Me said...
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Laurie D. said...

Oh Tommy, honey, there's a slight problem. You see, I have a 23 year old daughter. I just couldn't know... with just wouldn't be right. But my daughter, now she's a sweetheart, she's beautiful (yes, I do say so myself!), and she is currently available. I guess that Shea might not be so appreciative, huh?

In any event, I can't wait for your story!!

Thanks, Michelle, as always, for bringing us all together!!

Eve Marshall said...

Hi Gram,
good to meetcha!

Laurie D, maybe some good old-fashioned jealousy will jump-start Shea's appreciation factor? I'm sure your daughter is lovely... :)

Fedora said...

Hi, Tommy! Great to have you visiting! And thanks for explaining the whole EMT/paramedic thing--I have friends who've done that and didn't even get the difference then! Best wishes for winning over the woman of your heart! Persistence is a good thing (uh, as long as you don't go the crazed stalker route ;)) Anyway, it worked for me :)

Eve Marshall said...

Hi Flchen1,
Thankx so much. I'm all about persistent--no crazy stalker stunts allow, tho, promise. :)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buona sera, Bellas! Hey, Jo! Oh, my, Tommy, so nice to see you on your knees, our Official RBTB Second Favorite Romance Hero Position.

Can you guess the #1, T?

I can barely write. I just wanna look at you and fantasize that when I was your age I'da had the nerve to actually speak to a guy like you.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

hi, flchen! Good to see ya. Good tip on the don't give up the ship vs stalker creep delineation.

You're welcome, Laurie! But, really, shame on you for trying to set up your daughter! [we're trying to lure Tommy our way, Laurie, don't spoil it for us, k?]

Oh, gram, i shoulda gone to nursing school! Seems it might work out great for Shea! btw, congrats, gram, on the hs sweetheart.

Tommy: hot, soapy and slick? Some parts do grow? You're killing me. I can't take much more. And it's only Monday.

oo, Kay, you rilin' up some ol' school rivalries, girl? You go!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Tracy, you've got a naughty streak in you. We like that around here.

Manda, you're a very dirty girl. Lengths? I'd never have seen a double entendre there. What do you take me for!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...



ev said...

They were BeautyMist Pantyhose.

And if you can't think of something to do with him while he is down on his knees, I can....

Mop the floor??

Eve Marshall said...

Ha! Michelle, you naughty girl. I can guess what position, and yeah--one part grows. My ego, what else? :)

Ev, I'd mop for you, baby...

Jo Davis said...

Hi Laurie D, Chris R, Kay, Jane, Gram, and Ev! Glad to see you all here!

Thanks for the congrats on the book deal, Michelle! I'm thrilled to be able to finish the series! :D

Ooh, our Tommy on his knees? Now there's a sight for sore eyes...

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

For sore everything,Jo. i ache,girlfriend.

Well, T, if you guessed our #1 position as UATW (Up Against The Wall), you guessed right!

Jo Davis said...

I hear you, Michelle! That's just a pic of our Tommy that will get the ole blood flowin'!

Thanks for having us here today, Bellas! We had a great time, as always! :)

Eve Marshall said...

UATW! Now, I didn't guess that one. Betcha don't want to know which one I did guess... >:)

Thanks, ladeez for inviting me. Like Jo said, I had a super time. Hope you'll have me back sometime. I feel luved.

Martha Eskuchen said...

Well hello Jo and Tommy and Michelle! Looks like you've had a busy day here!! I think I've been happily married for about as many years as Tommy is old! Soooo - I'll just say: if she is the right one, don't let her get away! But remember to allow her to be who she is (no masks!) and have a great time! BTW - sorry bought your brother and you not getting to stay at Alabama... (even if I am a Gator girl!)

Anonymous said...

hi all
tommy is my brother name
glad to see uhere
the cover looks great

wtg winner

what do u lik eto do in your spare time

Unknown said...

Gotta love a man that likes older women! Your books sound great Jo!

Unknown said...

Wow I’m so late!! I really did have good intentions to stop by today but I had so much to catch up on at work after being off for a week to do jury duty.

Jo I can’t wait for the next book to come out and I can’t wait for Tommy’s story too!

Wow this is so sad I’m actually older than the people in the stories I read now *sigh*

Ok I’m off to read all of the yummy comments by Tommy now ;op

Caffey said...

Hi Tommy, Jo and Michelle!
I remember meeting my hubby in college and he had to win me over! He was like the 'head' of the college cafe! He was humorous and I had saw him while sitting in the cafe and seemed he started to come the same time I did. Then with friends, we walked over there and started chatting with them and he asked me to join his table the next day and I was thinking I liked him but no way did I want to be at the center of attention at that table! It may sound weird, but at this college for the deaf, alot see more than anything, whats happening. After a few times of him asking I gave in to doing that at dinner and we haven't been apart since for 15+ years. So he won me over!

ev said...

tommy- Would you be willing to wear the pantyhose though???

Addison Fox said...


Soooo good to meet you here! I am so looking forward to your book...that naughty Jo won't share any details.

Guess I'll just have to put up with Zack and Julian as I wait for you...


ev said...

Yeah Addison, there's a hardship. LOL

spamword- ceman. ROFLMAO

Barbara said...

I am so looking forward to the next book in this series. Howard was a FABULOUS hero.....can't wait to read about the rest of the guys at the firehouse.

Anonymous said...

This series looks really great. I do love series books.

Pat L.

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading the series. I love these types of heroes!

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