Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Midnight Cravings" GuestBlog: The (Sexy) Beast Within

CONTEST TODAY!!! One Lucky Commenting Bella (LCB) wins a copy of "Midnight Cravings" courtesy of the Ladies of Midnight!

From Michelle:
Please welcome with your wildest Bella buongiorno Bella friends "old," Michele, Vivi and Lori, and new! I love this anthology. If'n you're thinkin' on trying on some paras for size, this is a good place to start. Ladies? Please take the stage...

From the Ladies of Midnight: In the mood for sexy, paranormal heroes? For the first time in print, six Nocturne Bites stories have been gathered into the "Midnight Cravings" anthology. We’ve got werewolves, garms, shapeshifters, and more to fascinate and titillate you. Here’s a bit on each of the stories:

Racing The Moon” by Michele Hauf: I had a weird dream one night, about a werewolf stranded in the middle of nowhere, who is rescued by a cat-shifting familiar. The only thing weird about that dream is that, at the time, I did not like werewolves. But to pair a wolf with a cat? Fun, right? And sexy, and decidedly dangerous if the only way to keep the werewolf at bay is through sexual healing. But what's that I hear about familiars? When a familiar has sex she brings demons to this realm? Ok, so that makes sex a little...risky. But if the hero doesn't have sex before the full moon, he's going to wolf out, and in that form, let me tell you, he does not like cats one bit. I fell in love with werewolves writing this short interlude. Go, hairy dudes!

Mate of the Wolf” by Karen Whiddon. I always swore I'd never write a vampire. No, I told my agent. Definitely not, I swore to my friends. Then, when I was working on the synopsis for Mate of the Wolf, and wrote the scene where the heroine meets the hero, turned out he was a vampire. And so sexy, I didn't resist writing him at all. In my shape-shifter, Pack world, I never thought about that kind of inter-species relationship. Human and shifter, definitely. I'd had vamps for minor characters before, walk-ons, mostly. But this was different. I'd love to hear what readers think.

Captured” by Lori Devoti: When I first heard about the Nocturne Bites, I knew immediately whosestory I wanted to tell. In my first Nocturne, "Unbound," the hero, Risk, had a son that he hadn't known about. Both Risk and his son, Venge, thought the mother was dead, but I knew she wasn't. I knew the witch, Lusse, who had owned her had seen her as expendable and sold her off. I'd had this in my mind all along, but her story didn't seem to fit for a full length novel. So, the Bite was perfect. In "Captured," we meet Leve and see what happened to her. We also see that she is much stronger than the witch who sold her gave her credit, but understandably Leve's view of the world is not a trusting one. She needed a very special hero, and I think Gray is perfect for her. He is strong and alpha, like all my hellhound heros, but he also has an almost mystical side. He has learned to control the basic hellhound urges that people like Lusse and Leve's new owners use against hellhounds. Together they find a new strength and manage to escape a hell no one before them has.

Dreamcatcher” by Anna Leonard. "And then the prince saved the princess...and she saved him right back."
It's one of my favorite endings, and I knew when I started to write my story for Nocturne that even though my hero was the one with the supernatural background, my heroine was going to be the strong one, the moving force of the story. A woman who doesn't know the depths of her own ability, matched with a man who needs sex, and yet fears it... oh yes. That had definite possibilities. The idea that sex would be both strength and weakness intrigued me, and once I had the folklore that explained it, the story took a life of its own....

Mahina’s Storm” by Vivi Anna: When asked to write a short for the BITE program, a story from my Valorian Chronicles, the first character I thought of was police captain Mahina Garner. She’s a tough as nails lycan and I really wanted to explore her character. At first I had no idea who to match her up with. Who in the OCU could keep up with her? No one came to mind, not immediately anyway. Then I thought about a very minor character in "Blood Secrets," a cop named Ren Calder. It comes out that he and Mahina had worked together and I knew then that I found my hero. Two lycans, both cops, both hard-headed and tough—perfect situation for a lot of chemistry.

Broken Souls” by Bonnie Vanak: Destined mates are common as fangs in paranormal romance. But what happens to those who lose their destined mates? Are they doomed to live without love? That’s why I wrote Broken Souls. Baylor and Katia's destined mates were killed in childhood. I tossed in the pack loyalty of werewolves, evil Morphs that can shapeshift into any animal or insect form, and gave Baylor and Katia obstacles to keep them apart. Yet in the end, they find true happiness, because nothing, not even the forces of evil, can separate those determined to make their own destiny by sharing their lives and their love.

So let’s talk paranormal heroes and heroines! What’s your favorite? Werewolves? Dragons? Wild slinky cats? Vampires? Incubuses? And which sexy silver screen hero is your fav? Hugh as Wolverine? Michael Sheen as Lucien? Gary Oldman as Dracula?


Portia Da Costa said...

I've read Racing the Moon as an ebook and I loved it! Very sexy and compelling... I don't usually care for werewolf stories, but this one was absolutely super! :)

Of all the supernatural heroes, I think I have to pick vampires. And I love both Gary Oldman and Frank Langella as Drac... and ooh, Spike on the small screen. Who can ever forget him? The bad boy who ended up sacrificing himself to save the world... now that's heroic! And James Marsters is such a gorgeous bloke in real life too!

Stacy~ said...

I'm with Portia on Gary Oldman as young Dracula. There was just something so compelling about him in that movie. Spike & Angel also make my list ;)

I would say vamps are my favorite, though it took Sherrilyn Kenyon to convince me they were hot. Some demons are also pretty irresistible. I prefer my paranormals to have human characters with special abilities (strength, fighting skill, psychic abilities, etc) versus being a werewolf or a seal (selkie) or a dragon (I've seen someone's idea for dragon "heroes" and trust me, it ain't pretty). Plus, it's easier on the upholstery.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Trust you to be practical, Stace. :)

Buongiorno, Bellas, and welcome "Midnight Cravings" ladies!

You know, Portia, I always had a tough time w/ the were stories, too. One story had the hero as a were who also could be a dog, and he accompanied the heroine as one. A dog. And then they had sex later. Not while he was a dog, but it was a close thing. And, well, it creeped me out a little. The whole Fido thing, ya know?

But I must say that Michele's story's hawt, and this anthology's a real treat. :) I've been pleasantly well educated over the last few years about paranormals, even though I don't come from a para background. Emma Holly totally got me turned onto the vamp thing with her Upyrs and their damn elongating fangs and enlarging-impossibly at-will members.

ev said...

I'll be getting the book just for Vivi's story, but the rest all look good too. Soemtimes I buy an anthology just for one author and might not be bothered to read the rest.

MMM. James Marsters. He got me through my loooong road trip. He narrates the Dresden Files audios and is bloody amazing!!

Michele Hauf said...

Hey, Bellas! I vote for James Marsters too! I read somewhere that he would do a Spike series if presented the chance, but I'm thinking they'd better make that show like, yesterday, or he might be getting a bit to old to play an unaging vampire.

Michelle, guess what? I'm reading Holly's Kissing Midnight right now! Nummers. This is going to be a great series.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Hey, Michele!!! I LOVE "Racing the Moon!" Now, I don't think you've ever made fun of me to my face -- not about my being para-challenged, anywayz -- but I totally had no learning curve to catch up on w/ RTM, which was cool to me. I thought the heroine, yes, heroine was really awesome, and would have liked to have been her in many ways. I also liked the total Americana setting. And I always dig the 'they absolutely MUST have sex' theme. Funny; Vanessa Kelly was writing about themes in romance the other day at romance vagabonds and I totally forgot about the 'they MUST have sex' theme. It's a good'n. :)

Now, 'chele, "Kissing Midnight?" It's frikkin unbelievable. Isn't it absurd to look at EH and know that that mild-mannered little thing writes those books? I'm DYIN for the rest of 'em. and it's cool that's she's writing in another great period, London in the 30s.

ev! I can't remember if you're the one who likes to keep the anthologies in the glove box for emergencies???

And, I, once again, must say I've, well, never seen Buffy. But why couldn't Marsters do a kind of Karate Kid where he trains a younger version of himself, a kind of hybrid buffy/twilight. Would that work? [she says, knowing nothing about either, but, as usual, not letting that stop her from offering an opinion]

Lori Devoti said...

Hi, everybody! I think my fav paranormal hero would have to be a demon. I loved Kol in Charmed. Or maybe go back to Dara Joy's cat-shifters. :)
Lori Devoti

Fedora said...

Hi, Michele, Karen, Lori, Ana, Vivi, and Bonnie! I've been a little slow to start reading paranormals on account of being a scaredy cat, but I'm a fan now :) I think my favorites for now are shifters--either cats or dragons--all that muscled power... And uh, yum on Hugh's Wolverine!

Leslie said...

All of these stories sound great. Something for everyone. :)

My favorite hero would be Curran, shape shifter, from Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels series. But I do like those demon brothers from Larissa Ione's demon series.

My favorite heroine would be the vampire Selene from the Underworld movies.

Bonnie Vanak said...

Hi everyone! I'm partial to werewolves, but oooh, Frank Langella as Dracula! Loved that movie. And Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000. Gary Oldman, too.

Thanks for having us, Michelle!

Manda Collins said...

Hi Bellas! I do love me some paranormal heroes. But I don't really have a preference. I like weres and vamps and if you write it well pretty much any old kind of paranormal being.

Though I do admit that I think Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is about the sexiest thing around. Mmmmm.... And I was also a fan of Spike on BTVS. Marsters just isn't the same without the Billy Idol hair.

Portia Da Costa said...

Manda, I thought that about James's hair. I was devastated when he had his blond curls shaved off on that TV show... until I met him at a con with his natural barnet, and realised he was just as gorgeous as ever!!!

Oooh, my word verification is 'shaken' LOL

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Portia, you lucky girl, on both the meet and the word ver. :)

Manda, I had NO ideer you were a paranormal girl! When did this happen? I thought you were a total historical chick. It's so cool to learn something new.

Welcome, Bonnie! Loved Frank, too. Had total crush on him in that movie. I went w/ a girlfriend who thought the movie was dumb, and I kept trying to tell her why it was hot. She so didn't git it. Thanks for being here. :)

Welcome, Leslie! Cutie Avie! Ah, you're in good company lovin Larissa's demons...

flchen, if you're a scaredy cat, I think that makes you a shapeshifter, doesn't it? :)

Hi, Lori! So great to have you here again! Just the other night, we were playing 'would you rather' w/ our kids and we did "Angels? or Demons?" And my 9 year old daughter said, "what's a demon?" And I said, 'trust me, go with the demon..."

Kati said...

::blows kisses at Vivi::

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry I've been missing all of the fun around here w/hot Fire fighters, I've got mad eventz going on next week. Don'tcha hate it when work gets in the way of your good time?? Me too!

Paranormal heroes? Well, I'm partial to Nalini Singh's changelings. All alpha and bossy and animalistic. Although I love, love, love her angels too. And I love me some Rhage, he's a vampire. So, um, I guess I'm a paranormal hero ho.

I think I'm OK w/that.

If we're going for actors who play paranormal heroes, I'll echo Ev that James Marsden as Spike is among the best, although I'm totally intrigued by my underage boyfriend Taylor Kitsch, who will be playing Gambit in Wolverine this summer. I'd like to be the soft creamy filling in a Wolverine/Gambit sammich.

Playground Monitor said...

I'm the odd man out here. I'm not a huge paranormal fan (unless the paranormal element is being psychic or clairvoyant or such). HOWEVER, I do love me some Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. And now that you've invoked the name of Hugh, I must go Google him and ogle the results. ;-)


Michele Hauf said...

I'd go with the demon, too. ;-) I just sold a new series to Nocturne that's going to be about angels and demons. The angels are the bad guys and the demons the good guys. Should be fun!

What did you all think of Tom Cruise as the vampire Lestat? That is by far my fav vamp book, and I was a little worried for the movie. But you know, I think he did Lestat justice! And Antonio....oooooh.

Lori Devoti said...

I loved Underworld, but aside from that I realize I haven't watched a ton of shifter/vampire type movies. Van Helsing was too much about special effects for me.
I did like The Lost Boys. Remember that one?

Vivi Anna said...

Hello Bellas!!! I'm so happy to be back in Michelle's lovely blog.

Hi Ev!!!

*blows kisses back to Kati*

I'm all about Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. I think vampires are sexy. I loved Gerard Butler as one in Dracula 2000, also Alex O'Loughlin in Moonlight...YUMMY! I'm not a Buffy fan so James Marsters does absolutely nothing for me.

But there's something about werewolves and such that drive me nuts, in a good, completely sexual way. It must be the inner beast thing.

donnas said...

Vampires are my favorites. And I loved Michael Sheen as Lucien.

Jane said...

Welcome ladies,
I like big, sleek cats and vampires. Angel is my favorite vampire, but I also love Gerry Butler in "Dracula 2000." The movie sucked, but Gerry was hot.

Portia Da Costa said...

Michele, yeah, not normally as Tom Cruise fan lately, but I did like him as Lestat. I've never been able to finish an Anne Rice book, but from the part of Interview that I read, I think Tom interpreted Lestat well.

Ah, Lori, I loved the Lost Boys... with Kiefer as the *first* bleached blond vampire. Well hot! Even if cold... LOL

orannia said...

I'd like to be the soft creamy filling in a Wolverine/Gambit sammich.*fans self*

My favourite shifters have to be Nalini Singh's Changelings...I think as much for the individual characters as the Pack bonds :)

All the best for the release of Midnight Cravings!

Michelle - can I please be excused from the draw for Midnight Cravings please? As I won a copy of Under Fire yesterday I would feel incredibly cheeky being eligible for this draw too :) Thank you!

I ♥ Book Gossip said...

My fav's are vamps and shapeshifters.

Karen Whiddon said...

Hello! I'm actually at the day job, so can't stay long, but Hugh Jackman is my man. Mine. All mine.

So glad to see so many people have stopped by and left comments!

Kris said...

I am a shifter girl myself, I love werewolves the best.

Fedora said...

LOL! I hadn't thought of it that way, Michelle--meow!

Tiona said...

Hey, Bellas! Yes, tax season is officially over and I can rejoin the world of the living! And maybe not so living, necessarily, as we're discussing today.
Hmmm... Well, I'm totally addicted to Kresley Cole's paranormal series and just love all the characters. Though the vamps and the demons are hot, way hot, I must say there's just something about her werewolves, or Lykeas. They're just totally IT, if you know what I mean.
Hmm.. I loved Hugh Jackmann as a werewolf. Hmmm. Maybe that's why I find him so sexy.
Oh, and working for an accounting firm, there are hot mens that manage to show up, believe me. One came in the other day, hottie, and I was thinking, "I thought only Vin Diesel had a chest and muscles like that' hehe. This Bella was trying not to drool, hehe.

Tiona said...

Hey, Bellas! Yes, tax season is officially over and I can rejoin the world of the living! And maybe not so living, necessarily, as we're discussing today.
Hmmm... Well, I'm totally addicted to Kresley Cole's paranormal series and just love all the characters. Though the vamps and the demons are hot, way hot, I must say there's just something about her werewolves, or Lykeas. They're just totally IT, if you know what I mean.
Hmm.. I loved Hugh Jackmann as a werewolf. Hmmm. Maybe that's why I find him so sexy.
Oh, and working for an accounting firm, there are hot mens that manage to show up, believe me. One came in the other day, hottie, and I was thinking, "I thought only Vin Diesel had a chest and muscles like that' hehe. This Bella was trying not to drool, hehe.

Martha Eskuchen said...

Wow- sounds like lots of variety and fun - howlers, witches, tough police captains and more! I have recently started enjoying vampire, werewolve/shifter and witch stories. Too hard to pic a favorite out of those! I still need to read a dragon shifter story! My fav of the screen heroes would be Hugh as Wolverine.

Caffey said...

This was a wonderful idea to put all the Nocturne Bits into this anthology. Going to be a keeper with the six reads. Count me in! I missed them since I can't get Harlequin ebooks in my reader so I was thrilled when I heard they did this!

Its really hard to pick just one! I do love Selkies/Siren/Mermaids too and don't see much of that theme at all. I'm not sure of the exact words to us but that Selkie would be male and Mermaid female? See I didn't read much of these so It would be great to read more! But vamps like those from the Valorian Chronicles have such strong heroes! Too I love seeing all of you have so unique themes!

Can you believe I never seen a movie of werewolves like Hugh is in! I already told hubby that I wanted to rent that and he looked at me odd.

amy kennedy said...

Latelatelate--this sounds marvy. I love anthologies and I Michele and Vivi--so now I can loves me some other writers too--it's my fave way to find new (to me) authors.

Love Spike, Love Angel.

Vivi Anna said...

Hey Caffey. I haven't seen you in a while. Where you been girl?

Big smooches Amy!!!

I just another trailer for the Wolverine movie. Le sigh... how about a Wolverine/Gambit/Vivi/Deadpool sub sammich


Michele Hauf said...

Thanks for hosting us today, Michelle! It was fun!

Anonymous said...

woulod love to win a copy :)

Zita said...

Great post!


Vivi Anna said...


Thanks for playing with us today ladies.

And big wet sloppy kisses to Michelle for letting us come and play.

flip said...

I think that my favorite are Wizards, my favorites being Pritkin from the Cassie Palmer series by Karen Chance and Harry Dresden by Jim Butcher. Screen heroes are harder....for sexiness, it is Hugh Jackman as Wolverine...My favorite supernatural hero...he is not my hottie, but I do love Harry Potter

Estella said...

I don't watch movies or tv, so don't have any favorites on the silver screen.
My favorite paranormals in book form are werewolves and cat shifters.

Vivi Anna said...

OH flip, I do love Harry Potter as well. Can't wait for July for the next movie. The cougar in me thinks Daniel Radcliff is very cute. He's going to be drop dead gorgeous when he's older.

ev said...

Hi Vivi!!!

Yes, Michelle, I keep an anthology in the truck for reading emergencies, although with my Sony eReader, I haven't had too many of them lately. But there is one there behind the seat in the pocket! (Too much other crap in the glove compartment!)

I am really looking forward to Wolverine when it comes out. I have a feeling that, with all the new movies coming out, I will be spending a lot of hot afternoons in a cool theater.

Unknown said...

I like vampires and shifters myself! Also enjoy me some witches!