Monday, March 02, 2009

Spanky and Our Gang

Crazy cool week here at RBTB with a wicked-special GuestBlogger Wednesday! Lisa Jackson visits to dish about her new novel and some creepy/freaky goings on that make you go hmmm/ew. And Bella Caroline Linden visits Friday instead of today, cause I asked her to.

Now, usually I only mention rear nether regions when chatting bout those cute little dimples 'bove a hero's low-slung Levis. But since Friday's the first Friday in March, that can only mean it's "Dress In Blue Day." I wanna give you a heads up, cause I know "our gang" of Bellas here likes to get involved with good projects. And DIB Day is all about reminding folks about colorectal cancer and how easy it is to get screened.

Now, my dad died of this kind of cancer, my mom, oldest bro and father-in-law survived it, and another bro had most of his colon removed to avoid it. So, you can imagine that, despite wanting to make tons of jokes about it, I love you and want you to think a little about colorectal cancer screening this week.

Thursday, our pal, Bella Emily Ryan, is gonna share a few words with you about her experience surviving colorectal cancer in the past months. And I'm hoping we all wear blue Friday and that you do the super easy test next time you see your doc. Ask if it's not offered.

But it's not gonna be gloom and doom. I mean, even the more advanced test, colonoscopy, doesn't have to be a trial! Just, well, don't expect him to send flowers the next day, or anything.

And, speaking of nether regions, how do you feel about a little hanky spanky? I just finished one of the smartest eroms I've read in ages, Monica Belle's, "The Choice." Bent, breathtaking and razor sharp in wit and edge, the first-person coming-of-age confessional takes place as our heroine enters Oxford, prepping for a career in politics.

Once there, she sets her mind to taking a first and her body to taking the hottest guy on the rowing team -- repeatedly, vigorously and so that she can avoid thinking about the sensual vixen next door.

That little treat's got an older don for a lover and his speciality is whipping lovely streaks on her firm buttocks until she's begging him, "Thank you, Sir, may I have another!"

But the sensuality and emotional connectivity that develops for our fair heroine within an ensuing love triangle is nearly overshadowed -- in a good way -- by the almost painful-to-read emotional interactions she explores with the most arrogant, sexually fluid, brilliant man-about-campus who, unfortunately, also can help her build the political career she's craving.

Not for the faint of heart in oh, so many ways, that is exactly why this novel should be read and savored.

What's your tolerance level for the lovely 'spanking' trend in erom? Why do you think women enjoy the fantasy? Have you any other spanky faves?
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Santa said...

Blues for Friday it is!

Colorectal cancer seems to run in my husband's family. We lost my father in law shortly after we got married. My dh and his brothers have gotten their screenings.

I don't read a lot of erotica, so I can't really say one way or the other about spanking. The triangle in The Choice is an interesting one. I may have to keep my eye out for this one.

Jessa Slade said...

There's a spanking scene in Whitney My Love that probably wasn't meant to be hawt, but sorta was. I heard that in a later edition, that scene was cut; I'll keep the original, thanks.

And thank YOU, Michelle, for the reminder that all our parts deserve our mindful care.

orannia said...

I'm not sure if we have 'Dress in Blue Day' here (although perhaps we should!), but I think I can find something blue on my Saturday (your Friday) to support you all even from all the way down here :)

And I have to confess, you mentioned low-slung Levis Michelle and my eyes got a little glazed. Only button fly Levis mind you :)

Portia Da Costa said...

I mostly wear baggy blue jeans, and will have a blue cardi and top lined up for Friday too!

Sounds like an important awareness day. I'll be paying attention and making notes. It's so crucial to be informed about health issues like this.

The Monica Belle book sounds very interesting. I enjoy reading spanking scenes, and obviously I enjoy writing them too. ;) But for me, it's always more about the psychological dance, and the emotional power exchange than the actual pain inflicted. Sounds like this book goes into that area... must look out for it!

Estella said...

I didn't like the colonoscopy, but the clean bill of health was worth it.

I enjoy reading spanking scenes once in a while.

ev said...

Next year I am sure I will get my first colonoscopy. Not looking forward to it since I know how much Hubby just loves his.

My dad (not my biological father) lost his battle with this 4 years ago. It sucks.

blue it is and I have to work on Friday too. (as opposed to blue jeans and thermal shirt)

Jane said...

I can appreciate a little light spanking and I have noticed that there are more spanking scenes in romances.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buona sera, Bellas! OK, can I just say that I got actual images after my last colonoscopy which inspired the much-heard line around our house from thence on, "It's so clean, you could eat off of it!"

As Bella Vivi Anna will tell you, there's not much I like better'n a sweet lil spankin scene. and I have this fantasy about Fabio Cannavaro and...TMI?

Anywayz, yes, Portia does indeed have soome lurvely hanky spanky on in her books, even her latest, "In Too Deep," which Male Perspective Guy recently finished. I wrote Portia a special thank you...

I think there are two schools of appreciation for the spanking scene, one more closely related to the erotica bdsm scenario or the give/take of pain for pleasure or to release various emotions. Also, there's the simple depiction of a little light spanking as fun and delightfully sensual because of how enervated the tush is and its delightful proximity to our splendid girl parts.

Have I gotten too graphic?

oh, and Jessa, so I wasn't the only one to find that scene a little hot!? I think that means we have to turn in our NOW cards

Stacy~ said...

Well since my work apparel is blue, I should think this won't be a problem. Not as sexy as low-slung jeans, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Like Jane, I don't mind a little spanking, but it's not my erotic theme of choice. That being said, Beth Kery's "Wicked Burn" had some sexy spanking in it that is totally believable and hot. QB, you need to read it and see what I'm talking about ;)

Manda Collins said...

Hmm, I know I've read some spanking scenes, but none is...uh...striking me right now;) I've been meaning to check out Beth Kery's Wicked Burn, Stacy! Thanks for the reminder.

I will definitely be wearing blue on Friday.

I remember when I lived in Toronto there was a PSA that ran on the television that showed cleavage...the voice over said "Every year, millions of women check their breasts for cancer..." and then the camera pans down to reveal that the cleavage is not of the breastage kind...the voice over continues,"But what about their bottoms?"

It was a great commercial, but alas, there is no way that would fly here in the States. Good suspenseful storytelling is an effective way to get the message across.

EmilyBryan said...

Michelle--They gave you still pics from your last colonoscopy? All I got to do was watch the monitor (without my specs!) during my procedure. I kept thinking, "Wow! I'm really pretty inside!"

Think that was the really good drugs talking? LOL!