Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Morning Edge

When he's not inspiring columns about the SI swimsuit edition and sexy string theorists, my son likes to talk to me about video games. A lot.

So to exact revenge, I make him watch vids of my fave songs. "Oh, is this gonn
a be another 'powerful' rock ballad?" he'll ask dripping sarcasm and impatience. The other day, he showed me this vid, the theme from his new fave Xbox game, "Mirror's Edge." How old am I? So old that it amazes me the ME lead is a young woman -- a strong, funky Asian chick -- whose digital skin boy- and guy gamers apparently have no prob slipping into. But then again, I didn't meet a female doctor til I was six.

You a gamer? What're your faves? Or are you a gamer from back in the day? What were your faves? Frogger? Pac Man? Uh, Pong?
Carolyn Jewel WINNER: Virginia! Congratulazione! Please send me your snail mail @


ev said...


Anonymous said...

I myself am not a gamer, but my kids are into something different all of them... My oldest does Pokemon, and my boy does Bakugan. So between them both I get quite an education!!!

orannia said...

I'm not a gamer...I'm still using dial-up (dark ages girl, that's me :) One day I will 'upgrade :) I do remember Pac-Man...oh, and Donkey Kong!

Unknown said...

I am not a gammer myself but my son is.

I sent in my info for Carolyn Jewel, I hope you got it.

Monica Burns said...

I'm a gamer from way back Michelle, I was playing RPGs when video games were in their infancy. I was on Bulletin boards fighting demons, mages, and hunting for treasure as a kick-ass Assassin, a fighter and sometimes a mage myself.

I also play VGs with Baby. We've been playing, sporadically, an old PS2 game called Alon Dar. We pair up and kill all the bad guys. It's VERY cathartic. *grin*

It's also inspiring in some ways. I'll see a scene and BAM I'm thinking well they could have gone a little further with that. But then it wouldn't be a game my kid could play. ROFL

Of course, I also love Rollercoaster Tycoon, PacMan, BurgerChef and all the oldies, EVEN *gasp* pinball.

Monica Burns said...

oops, forgot to explain RPGs for those who aren't familiar with the term. Stand for role playing games, like Dungeons and Dragons. I was a Dungeon master in college. LOVED messing with people's heads and their characters. Bwwwwaaahahahahaha

Playground Monitor said...

Not a gamer at all. Never even conquered PacMan. But I do like to play solitaire on my laptop. I especially like the Vista version that automates lots of the game.

My boys, however, are another matter. #1 son and his wife got a Wii for Christmas, so I was the good mother/mother-in-law and got them Mario Kart to go along with it. #2 son plays World of Warfare (I think that's the name) and when he was home from grad school for spring break, he spent a lot time holed up with that.

The husband? He plays online bridge.


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

buona sera, Bellas! I so stink at video games, but like to read about them. My son's addicted to them and we totally have to reign him in and pay attention to the content.

Mon, I can so see how these games could inspire para romance, etc. The graphics can be sensual or hyper sexualized. I'm always fascinated by how characters are created and what it takes not to make them too sexy, which is why this mirror's edge character kind of interests me, with guys liking it so much. She's so strong. I guess it;s about the mythology, too. (and, mon, my son is interested in D&D. We were totally shocked. Not.)

Play! Are you coming above ground for a little fresh air? Good to see you. :) My son's dying for those warfare games, but we just cain't do it. I told him we'll rent Band of Brothers and Henry V if he wants to see war. Hey! YOu're a good mom to buy the Wii games...

Hi, Orannia! I think Pacman was the only one I could do marginally well. And by that I mean fairly miserably. Oh, I remember when everyone was DK crazed!

congrats, virginia!

ames, if it weren't for video, we'd have to hire babysitters.

I was so jealous of my friends who had pong, ev. Of course, I don't think we even had cable at that point...