Friday, March 13, 2009

Miranda Neville GuestBlog: Who'd You Rather?

CONTEST TODAY: One LCB wins a copy of Miranda's must-read debut, "Never Resist Temptation," (NRT) courtesy of Miranda!

From Michelle:
If'n you didn't already know I find Miranda Neville's debut, "Never Resist Temptation" witty and sensual, you do now. Add to that we can only expect more and better (if you can imagine) from whatever she dishes up next. Please buy her book, and welcome Miranda with your warmest "Oh, do I hafta choose?" Bella buongiorno...
From Miranda: Buon giorno, Bellas. I am thrilled to be hanging with you charmers today (and I love pretending I can speak Italian).

My debut historical, "Never Resist Temptation," has been out for two weeks now. It’s the most thrilling and scariest thing that ever happened to me. Thrilling I don’t have to explain.

Instead of using my headshot for this blog I chose the picture my daughter snapped in Borders on release day, insanely waving at my book on the shelf. Scary because finally people are going to read the book I slaved over for so long, and naturally I’m terrified people won’t like it.

Bellissima Michelle wrote a gorgeous feature review for which she wins my undying gratitude. What really struck me in her feature was:

“It's got that fab romance convention, the 'heroine whose virtue is wagered in a card game by her unseemly, scheming uncle’"

I love that plot line too! It sets up that wonderful shivery feeling of “she’s in his power and she’s really mad at him but she fancies him like crazy.”

Another favorite of mine is the bet: he bets he can seduce her and of course she’s going to be furious when she finds out. In fact my next book but one has this plot line, with the twist that it’s the heroine who makes the wager—with the hero’s worst enemy.

So that got me thinking, would I rather be lost in a card game or seduced on a bet? It goes without saying that the bettor/seducer looks more like, say, Hugh Jackman than Rush Limbaugh. If it’s Rush doing it all bets are off (and this is an aesthetic not a political judgment).

And that got me thinking about the hours I used to spend with my sister playing that old game WHO WOULD YOU RATHER? Who would you rather—Sean Connery or Roger Moore? (it was a long time ago and the answer is easy, Sean every time). These days I’m seriously torn between the aforementioned Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig.

Often the most fun was deciding between the really creepy ones. Snape or Lord Voldemort? (Nothing against Alan Rickman or Ralph Fiennes but they don’t look their best in the Harry Potter movies). Rush or Dick Cheney?

So who would you rather? Hugh or Daniel, Rush or Dick? Or any other pair you care to imagine. One comment will win a copy of NRT!
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ev said...

Snape. Everything's better with Alan Rickman in it.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ev, of course! EBWAR!

Buongiorno, Bellas, and welcome, Miranda! Thanks for sharing with us the excitement your 'Drop Day' photo!

I'm kinda embarrassed to say that the choice of Daniel over Hugh is a no-brainer for me. I think Jackman's wicked talented and remember the first time I saw him (it was in Oklahoma on PBS). He was just extraordinary. I dunno why, but he doesn't do it for me on the crush scale. what's wrong with me? Will they kick me out of Romance Writers of America for that? I think it's in a by-law that you have to like him. :)

My Who'd You Rather is easy: Alpha over Beta! Off to make the kids (off from school today) some breakfast they've become obsessed by: lox and bagels w/capers, etc. Bizarre.

amy kennedy said...

Ooh, you are wicked. And I have your book--I just haven't read it yet. D'oh. I love the lost in a card game though, especially when an evil uncle is involved.

Am I supposed to be deciding which guy or which way I'd be won?

Daniel Craig, won in a card game.
No, wait. Clive Owen, seduced on a bet. Daniel Craig AND Clive Owen lost to me in a card game...excellent.

Michelle, I so get the Jackman thing, I feel like he's my ridiculously talented brother. No sex appeal for me, but lots of appreciation for his talent.

amy kennedy said...

This is an aside--I won! That is so awesome. And thanks for the mention.

I so want capers now.

Miranda Neville said...

Michelle - will you bring *me* breakfast? Sounds sooo good.
Ev - I agree with you on Alan Rickman. He's one of those actors that always improves a movie. And that long melancholy face is sexy.
Amy - you don't ask for much, do you? Mmmm. Clive Owen. Another goodie.
And when it comes down to it I think I pick Daniel too. It's the blue eyes.

Kati said...

Mornin' Bellas! Welcome Miranda! I seem to be following you around the blogerverse. Congrats again on your release, I haven't read it yet, but it's on my TBB list!

Oh! We call that game "Him or Him?" And I usually play it with my girlfriends in a bar. We pick out the two ickiest guys in the bar and make them chose. Mean, bitchy and slightly tipsy fun.

After watching last night's ER, I've got to say that while I adore Patrick Dempsey on Grey's Anatomy, he hasn't got a damn thing on George Clooney as Doug Ross. Clooney came, he wore scrubs, and he kicked McDreamy's sensitive ass. Nobody does hot caring doctor like Clooney.

Perhaps I'm digressing. I do totally adhere to the Bella Adage that Everything Is Better With Alan Rickman, but I'll take him in Truly, Madly, Deeply or Sense and Sensibility, if I had my druthers.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Ah, amy, clive...I think he was the first hot, moist man celebrated here at RBTB, and how we met Bella Stacy...

oo, Clooney over McDreamy, kates. them's fightin words in some quarters...

Must give props to the originator of the EBWAR, though, cause I believe, but am not ab cert that the lovely phrase was coined by our pal, prep school dangerous doins exposer, Diana Peterfreund.

Anonymous said...

Well, there's always the classic question, Kirk or Picard. . . usually it's who is the better Captain, but doesn't just have to be that question. :)

Me, Sean, Hugh, don't know anything about Snape or Lord Voldemort to choose, and Rush or Dick, ugh, can't do that choice, sorry, want neither! :)


Oh, and Kirk v Picard - Kirk. :)

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Miranda, for you, I'd gladly slave over the bagels. For my urchins? They were all, "ohhh, I can't eat any more" halfway through. And now I smell like lox and capers and onions. Charming.

Miranda Neville said...

Can I be an honorary Bella and adopt EBWAR?
Clooney everytime.
Sorry Lois, I'm for Picard.
I just changed back from Daniel to Hugh.
Who thinks funny is sexy? Jon Stewart or Stepehn Colbert?

Kati said...

Um. Jon Stewart ALL THE WAY for me. He's totally sexy!

Manda Collins said...

Hi Miranda!!!! Love that pic of you with your on-the-shelf-soon-to-be-bought-book! So cute!

Now, down to business. I'm a Colbert girl all the way. He's so sexy with those glasses and he's got great hands;) Though Jon Stewart would be fun. Laughter is definitely a turn on.

Hmmm...Daniel Craig or Hugh Jackman? I'd have to go with Daniel Craig. Hugh is definitely a cutie and I wouldn't kick him out of bed, but there is something dangerous and Daniel Craig. And he's got those eyes. Mmmm...

Here's a toughie...a battle of the BBC...Colin Firth (Pride and Prejudice) or Richard Armitage (North and South)? Or a Love, Actually/Bridget Jones one: Hugh Grant or Colin Firth?

My word ver is CAVITY! LOL!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

I started crushing on jon stewart when he was the 'host' of the muppet's 25th anniversary video. I loved that my son was addicted to it. tmi?

Oh, manda: firth v armitage? how very smackdown!

Miranda, you already were a Bella the first time you joined us! The honorary titles fall to fictional characters. :)We love having you as one of us.

yeah, lois, the rush/dick is a little scary. I think Miranda has a bit of an evil sense of humor.

Monica Burns said...

Welcome Miranda. {{{{Bellas}}}

Hugh Jackman, hands down, all the way and plant his shoes under my bed any day. LOL

I saw Australia last night, and O-M-G, even scruffy the man is 2die4

I'm like you Miranda, I love Daniel Craig too. In fact, he's the physical inspiration for one of my upcoming characters. so I have to explain to the DH why Daniel's picture and/or Hugh's picture are posted on the side of my monitor like I was a dewey-eyed teenager. It's a fantasy pure and simple. *evil grin*

Monica Burns said...

Oh, and I meant to say congrats on your release! I understand your excitement.

Miranda Neville said...

Hi Manda. Jon or Stephen? Whichever I'm watching at the time. Adore them both.

The final train scene in North & South is one of my all time favorites (right up there with "the look" in P & P) but I'm an Everything's Better with Colin Firth girl. I was appalled when he turned out to be gay in Mamma Mia - Pierce Brosnan is just a pretty face. And he (along with AR) made Love Actually worth the price of admission.

Monica - I wonder if we have the same picture of Daniel taped to the monitor...

Now I have to speak sternly to you Bellas. You're not making the hard choice. C'mon now, Rush or Dick? I have an answer but I'm not saying till everyone else does. And yes, Michelle, I am evil and I have a surprise third option to be announced later.

Kati said...

Now I have to speak sternly to you Bellas. You're not making the hard choice. C'mon now, Rush or Dick?

Um, that would be a big NEITHER for me. I'd head to SmittenKitten dot com and find an electric friend to hook a girl up. :wicked grin:

Monica Burns said...

Miranda, Daniel Craig in a white shirt sitting in a boat with Venice behind him. Just this tortured hero look that makes me want to reach out and hold him.

Ummm, well that and a little bit more. *evil grin*

Say Michelle!! I can't remember, but aren't you a DC fan?

Monica Burns said...

Oh duh, Michelle, I didn't read your comment. *wall banging moment*

Per favore

Miranda Neville said...

OOOH Monica I want yours. Everything's Better with Venice. Mine is from People's Sexiest Man issue. The piercing blue eyes looking straight at you... Hugh is on the front cover and the two of them are having a three-days-of-beard-duel. Lovely in pics though I prefer the freshly shaved feel in real life.

Now Rush and Dick, you never see with a hint of a beard...

Unknown said...

Um, I'm also an 'everything is better with Colin Firth in it kind of girl'-and Love Actually with Colin, Hugh and Alan is probably one of my all time favorite pieces of casting evah.
Not keen on Hugh Jackman or Daniel Craig, would definitely do Clooney or McDreamy,I cold go on...
Congrats on the book, Miranda itlooks fabulous!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your new release!

I guess I would choose Hugh over Daniel, but would prefer Clooney or McDreamy. There is just something about these two that turn me on.

Anonymous said...

Oh geez, definitely Colin Firth. . . and Jon Stewart. And okay, I'll be brave and take the plunge on the Rush or Dick question. Here goes. . . by a long shot, (ugh, I didn't just commit a horrible pun did I? LOL) -- Dick. See, although the metaphor is totally wrong, I love Darth Vader, and well, you know. So, there, it's out there in cyberspace. Dick over Rush, any day of the week. :)


Portia Da Costa said...

From the blokes mentioned in this discussion, I'd definitely pick Daniel Craig... maybe with a side of Alan Rickman for variety.

I know I'm in a minority here, but I just don't get the Hugh Jackman thing. I suppose if I was on a desert island and there were no other chaps available, I'd force myself though... LOL

If we're talking Australian hunks, I think I'd prefer Guy Pearce.

As for dox, I've never seen Grey's, so Gorgeous George Clooney every time for me!

Monica Burns said...

I know I'm in a minority here, but I just don't get the Hugh Jackman thing.

Portia, it's his height and dark looks for me. He'd tower over me, and I'd LOVE that. I'm a little tall than my husband, so I always feel like an Amazon (ok, yeah I know I collect swords). But to have a guy tower over me would make me feel really feminine, something I don't usually feel. My wonderful DH is a Beta and I'm Alpha, so maybe that's why I write Alpha heroes who have really strong female counterparts.

amy kennedy said...

No, no Portia, Michelle and I agree with you--Jackman doesn't "do" it for us either.

Miranda...Dick or Rush, it depends on what I got to do with them. I think if I had to choose, and I do don't I because otherwise the world will explode...I'll go with Rush. AAAAAgh--I can't believe I even wrote that.

Stewart all the way baby.

Manda--you're evil too. Armitage. Sorrysorrysorry.

Wait, no I'm not.

amy kennedy said...

Monica, I'm tall too, and I always wanted someone to make me feel petite...I always ended up with someone my height or shorter. Weird, huh?

Miranda Neville said...

Good work Bellas. We have one vote for Dick and one for Rush. Now let's throw Newt Gingrich into the mix.

And no Amy, you don't have to specify what you'll actually "do" with either ... We don't want to cause unnecessary puking.

Portia - love Guy Pearce!

Manda Collins said...

Amy, I'm the same way--tall but ended up with guys my height or shorter. I think the really tall guys always end up with the short girls. Which is really unfair:( But, hey, Jon Stewart is short and I'm okay with that!

Well, Miranda, if you're going to throw in Newt then it's really no contest at all. He is infinitely the best choice of the three. If you hold my feet to the fire, between Rush and Dick I'd go with Dick.

amy kennedy said...

It just kinda makes me feel ewky.

Monica Burns said...

Monica, I'm tall too, and I always wanted someone to make me feel petite.

Ames, you need to see my boss. She's Indian and stands about five feet tall, VERY slender (not skinny), beautiful bone structure and gorgeous skin. She's like this petite, totally feminine heroine, and if I didn't like her so much I'd have to think about a mafia contract! LOL

Maureen said...

I remember playing that game when I was a kid. From your choices I would have to pick Hugh Jackman. My question would be Ginger or Marianne?

Anonymous said...

I think Hugh Jackman is hot! What is NOT to like.

I do not read a lot of historicals but this one looks really good. So count me in.

Pat L.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, Katie - just saw your comment on Clooney. Love him. Always have. He is handsome, funny and gives back to the world.

He is an actor who is not into himself. He has a wonderful sense of humor and couldn't seem to believe his getting the sexiest man alive awhile back. My kind of guy.

Pat L.

Estella said...

Daniel Craig, hands down!

Lori Ann said...

Miranda, Congrats on your release!

Hugh Jackman has it all: good looks, charm, personality, and talent.

Between Richard Armitage and Colin Firth, I choose Armitage. But between Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, I choose Firth.

The tough decision for me is between Clooney or McDreamy. I guess I prefer McDreamy because his hair gives him the edge. I love his thick dark hair.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the Hugh Jackman thing to a certain extent. . . if he looks like he did in the movie where he's the Duke from the 19th century, oh yeah baby do I want him. But as Wolverine or movies like that, to me he looses something. Crazy, I know. LOL

Clooney or McDreamy, easy for me - Clooney.

As for Rush/Dick/Newt, it just got so much easier - Newt! Still not a fan of any of them, but he's so less, ah, well, less. LOL :)


Miranda Neville said...

I just got back from a grocery store trip that took too long owing to car problems and I discover Hugh Jackman's been coming on strong with the afternoon crowd.
I agree about Newt. At least he's funny and smart. Dick comes second - smart and (once) powerful which makes him hero material except for ...well you know. Rush comes in last. In fact I can't think of anyone I wouldn't rather than Rush.

Maureen - is that a Gilligan's Island reference? I am ashamed to say I can still sing the entire theme song. Love that Professor.

Tiona said...

Hey, Bellas! Congrats, Miranda, on your new release! So exciting. I love those plot lines, too, hehe. Hmm, it would definately be Hugh over Daniel. Daniel just doesn't do it for me as well as Hugh. And I loved him as Wolverine. All rough and rugged. YUM!

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buona sera, Bellas!What fun!

gotta tell you that the whole dick/rush/newt thing's just givin me the squicks. you all have stronger constitutions than i

Miranda, sorry about your car troubles. nobody should have to take any more time in the groc3ry than necessary.

principessa, who'd you rather: Shia? or Hugh? or Shia?

so, looks like lois and mon and I are in the 'not sure about the sex appeal of Hugh' camp. But do you, like me, always feel that if you met him you'd get the idea really quick? I always think that about guys others think are hot and I don't...

raven, all that tossing around of armitage and firth is makin me hungry for a sammich. um, tmi?

and, um, tall girls? my heart bleeds for youz, ok?

Miranda Neville said...

Michelle and all Bellas. I've had a wonderful time with you. I've picked my winner and I'll let Michelle know so she can announce it. A signed copy of Never Resist Temptation will be in the mail ...
Ciao and hugs