Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Carolyn Jewel GuestBlog: The Shape Of Swoons To Come

CONTEST TODAY!!! One randomly chosen commenter (LCB) wins an ARC of Carolyn's June paranormal romance, "My Forbidden Desire" which she'll send off as soon as the ARCs arrive!

From Michelle: Carolyn Jewel's "Scandal" is taking romance fans by storm, but Carolyn's no newbie to the scene; her sensuous, beautifully written romances have wowed readers for quite some time -- and this reader is happily gathering Carolyn's 'backlist' for upcoming read-feasts. Today, Carolyn's got a twist on a question we can't seem to answer oft 'nuff round here, so please welcome her with a warm, "Oh, those Italian footballers are hawt" Bella buongiorno...
From Carolyn: Hello everyone, with a heartfelt buongiorno to the Bellas, of course.
I have an Italian connection to this blog, you know. I once submitted a photo of Italian footballer Gianluca Zambrotta to Bella-In-Chief Michelle as an example of a swooningly lovely man in sports. At the time, he played for the Italian team Juventus (and the World Cup champion Italian team). Now he kicks it for A.C. Milan. I was thrilled to bits when my soccer heartthrob submission showed up on this blog.

Now I’m actually GuestBlogging here. Wow. I hope you all realize this puts me on the same website as Gianluca. Is that fate or what? I’m getting all tingly just thinking about it. (Focus, Carolyn! snapping fingers. Oh, Gianluca! Sound of water splashing in Carolyn’s face.)
Right. Thank you Michelle.

Anyway, I thought I’d guest blog about swoon-worthy heroes in the books I love to read. Forexample, I seriously worried I wasn’t going to last until Sherrilyn Kenyon got around to telling Acheron’s story. My favorite Black Dagger brother: Zsadist. (No, wait, it’s Vishous)! There are two more Brothers I’m dying to read about: John Matthew and Torhment. And I’ve developed a fairly serious thing for Michael in Meljean Brook’s Guardian series. She says she’s going to write his story. She better! I drop by her blog every now and then to make sure she’s keeping on track. So far so good. There’s also Lee Child’s Jack Reacher. Not a Romance hero, I know, but come on. He’s swoonie, too.

Now, I’m always looking for a good hero. Who isn’t? I tend to like them a bit bad … like that’s any big secret from the woman who says Zsadist is her favorite Brother. For me, there’s nothing better than a hero in need of redemption. Lord Banallt, the hero of "Scandal," my February historical from Berkley is a hero who used to be bad and has to prove he isn’t. Xia, the hero of "My Forbidden Desire," my June pararnormal from Grand Central, was a very bad boy in "My Wicked Enemy," the book before Xia's story.

Here’s what I want to know. Who’s a swoon-worthy hero for you? Whose story are you looking forward to? And for a possibly trick question: why?

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Anonymous said...

A swoon worthy hero for me would be handsome, VERY intellegent and and although he generally plays by the rules, he does harbour a wicked bad boy side. I can't really say I'm looking forward to any story that depicts that sort of hero though. Or, atleast I don't know of any ;)

Jane said...

Hi Carolyn,
Congrats on the recent release of "Scandal." I just got a copy of "My Wicked Enemy" and I can't wait to start it. One of my recent swoon-worthy heroes is Gabe Jones from Cindy Gerard's "Show No Mercy." I have a thing for alpha heroes. I like the take charge attitude, but he's not overbearing. The link for Gianluca didn't work, but I Googled him. He's definitely hawt.

Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Buongiorno, Bellas and welcome,Carolyn! I love how you've asked this question. It reminds me that I need to keep better notes at the ends of books about who's stories I'm dying for. I never remember til I get the ARCs and I'm all, "Oh! Oh! I forgot I was, well, dying for his story!" Because I'm miserable at remembering character name3s, I have these vague images of books (teaser pages, actually) I'm looking forward to. There's this one brooding guy in Scotland and this, maybe fallen widow?, whose showing up on his doorstep in the wilds, that seems to be haunting me.

How's that for specificity?

I'll talk to youz later today to see if your swoons2B jog my memory or get me psyched. have fun!

amy kennedy said...

Carolyn, I too am waiting for John Matthew's and Torhment's stories...But I guess what I'm really waiting for is my hero's story. If he'd just give it up to me.

I love men who seem so irredeemable, the worse the better.

pjpuppymom said...

Michelle, that sounds like Elizabeth Hoyt's TO BEGUILE A BEAST that's due out in May - a book I've been panting to read for months now!

pjpuppymom said...

Hi Carolyn! Great to have you with us today. I haven't read SCANDAL yet though it is in my tbr stash and I've heard fabulous things about it. I'm saving it for a reward that I can savor once I've completed the books in my "read and review" stack.

I'm definitely looking forward to Sir Alistair Munroe of the afore-mentioned Hoyt book. I adore "wounded beast" heroes. On the contemporary side, I'm chomping at the bit to get to Jack Travis from Lisa Kleypas's upcoming Smooth Talking Stranger. A hero who surpasses both Gage Travis and Hardy Cates in the eyes of our bella Kati is going to be well worth the wait. I love the alpha male but I like him to have a core of vulnerability when it comes to his heroine.

ev said...

I have been reminded on this road trip of how much I love Harry Blackthorne Copperfield Dresden and what a great hero he is. I decided to re-read the books on audio while I am driving. I mean, really, who wouldn't want to when James Marsters is the narrator. And an awesome one at that. Right up there with the guy doing harry potter. (My mind has left me on this trip. I think it is somewhere on the east coast.)
I have always liked how he walks that fine line of not doing what the white counsel is just waiting for him to do, and helping Murphy when she needs him, even if she is always arresting him. I like that everything electrical blows up around him. We would get along just fine on that.
And he's hot to boot. With a rod and a staff. And a cool duster.
I love Harry.

Stacy~ said...

Hi Carolyn! Wonderful to have you here. I read "Scandal" and enjoyed it very much. I know a lot of readers just loved it.

PJ, I have to agree that Jack Travis has become one of my all-time favorite swoonies, and I don't blame Kati one bit for falling under his spell. He's just THAT good ;)

I always went for Sam Starrett & his buddy Wildcard (talk about a sammich!!!) from Brockmann's Troubleshooters series. They are essentially good men yet tend to get a little crazy when they are in love. And Sam has given me a new appreciation for chocolate syrup ;) Gotta love a man with a sweet tooth *g*

Playground Monitor said...

Roxanne St. Claire's Bullet Catchers are must-reads for me and I can't wait for Dan Gallagher's story. We've been teased with Dan throughout 6 books, and we all thought he was going to get his HEA in the last one. But the must thought differently and had Roxanne take Dan in an entirely different direction, which I think's gonna be even more fabulous.

Congrats on your release!


Kati said...


Hi Carolyn! You know how much I truly adored Scandal (an A+ read for me!). What captivated me most was the emotion that seemed to infuse every single interaction between Banallt and Sophie. Delicious, delicious emotion. It was a divine read, for sure!

**Michelle, please don't enter me in the contest, I'm lucky enough to already be receiving a copy of the book**

Well, as PJ said, I'm ALL ABOUT Jack Travis from Lisa Kleypas's April release, Smooth Talking Stranger. He's an alpha, playboy male who is also a caregiver. I don't think it gets any headier than a man who adores his woman and only wants to take care of her. I loved every moment of the book and have already re-read it three times.

pjpuppymom said...

Marilyn, I totally agree with you on Rocki's Bullet Catchers. Every single one of them is a keeper but, like you, I'm so anxious to read Dan's story. I just know it's going to be special.

Unknown said...

Hi everyone! I'm busy taking notes about more heroes to read so hang on a sec while I get that last one down....

Stacy: Brockmann does a great job building her characters up to their HEA story, and yes, I was dying for Sam Starrett, too.

Ev: Drive safely, please. Did I mention that I'm a Spike fan, too? And anybody with a rod AND and staff, that's Ahem. Right. Fanning self.

PJ: Jack Travis! Oh, yes. I thought Kleypas set up his story wonderfully. I'm looking forward to reading about him and the love of his life.

amy*skf: Best of luck with your hero. May he be a bad boy!

Jane, Barbara: Yes, that bad boy side is fun to read about. I think there have only been a couple that I decided crossed over into overbearing and lost me.

I'm not sure if I can get a link into here but here's trying:Gianluca Zambrotta on Wikipedia

And Michelle: Good luck with your surgery!

Thanks you all for the kind words, too.

pjpuppymom said...

Michelle, sending you love, hugs and prayers for successful surgery.

amy kennedy said...

I didn't know James Marsten narrated the dresden books--I adore Harry Dresden. Really liked the series too, hated it when the sci-fi channel took it off.

I forgot about Jack Travis--can't wait for that!

Still have to read the bullet catchers--IknowIknow. I will.

Megan Frampton said...

I love bad boy heroes, too, Carolyn, probably why I like your writing so much.

I love Anne Stuart's 'is he a serial killer or a hero?' heroes, like in Nightfall, or the "is he a killer or a hero, or both?" in Black Ice.

I like Lord Ragsdale in Carla Kelly's Reforming Lord Ragsdale.

And I cannot wait for Rehvenge's story. Not as interested in John Whathisname's.

Keira Gillett said...

I love scarred heroes... not just wounded emotionally but also physically. I <3 when heroines see past the flaws [most] everyone else can't get beyond. I like them to be strong, tough as nails with a melting core of sweet morally upright goodness, and deeply passionate. Give me a hero like that and I drool.

Unknown said...

Congrats on your new release! I love a flawed hero myself because no one is perfect and it makes the story more real if someone is flawed.

amy kennedy said...

Aah Megan, give John a chance.

Lis said...

Hey Carolyn, good to "see" you here! Well, Stacy and and Marilyn have already mentioned some of my fave heros, but there are so many! Sin MacAllistair in Kinley McGregor's books comes to mind for "tortured" heroes. Janet Chapman's time-traveled highlanders for true alpha heroes. I too am looking forward to John Matthew's story (my very fave brother is Wrath, but they're all definitely swoon-worthy!)

orannia said...

Morning Michelle, Bellas & welcome Carolyn!

But I guess what I'm really waiting for is my hero's story.

Hmmm, what amy*skf said :)

I've only just started reading Meljean Brooks' books, but I agree with you Carolyn on Michael :) Other swoon-worthy heroes include Linda Howard's Mackenzies...and Nalini Singh's Changelings (particular Lucas :) Lis - I completely agree with you on Sin MacAllistair! And special mention to Stryder’s half-brother Kit :) And just to fence sit, I am looking forward to reading BOTH Rhevenge's and JM's books :)

Carolyn - congrats on the recent release of Scandal! I've heard some fabulous things about it and am keeping my fingers crossed it appears on my library's catalogue :)

Unknown said...

Ooh, more good heroes mentioned. My list is growing!

Orianana: I can't believe I forgot about Rhevenge! Yes, that's a hero I'm looking forward to reading about. Michael is mine, by the way. Just saying.

Kiera: I really like a hero with some emotional baggage. If he's broody and perhaps a bit damaged, then there needs to be a good, satisfying reason for that condition. Personally, I kind of despise stories where the hero had one bad relationship (lover or mother) and now hates all women. Nuh-uh!

MeganF: Please give John M a chance. I have faith that he will turn out to be worthy of Sexx. He's the reincarnation of Darius, if I'm recalling correctly.

Tiona said...

Hey, Bellas! Welcome Carolyn. Congrats on the release!
Hmmm.. to-die-for-heroes. Well, I just love Ethan in "If You Decieve', which I'm currently rereading. I just love Kresley Cole novels! He's so very bad, but so very good. Just to die for! He's a perfect blend of both. Arrogant and domineering, but protective and caring. Ok, I'll stop gushing now!

Unknown said...

Handsome, smart, and has a sense of humor. I like a flawed hero.

Caffey said...

Hi Carolyn!
I so loved LORD HORNY. LOL. Remember that from LORD RUIN? I remember being on a Historical Chat group and that book was our book we picked and we loved it and called him that, LOL.

So that in mind, I love them having lots of endurance!, one too that has a 'tortured soul' that grows through the story. Alot like what your heroes are! Love your bad boys and so can't wait for Zia!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Carolyn!
I really fell in love with Lord Banallt, I felt he was such a swoon-worthy hero because he did something many people don't even see they could or can do "change" he had a past and we was a bad boy, but he proved to everyone he could be better and change and that's what I find makes a hero

ev said...

Taking a driving break today and spending it with Silver James here in OK City, OK. Can't wait to see something besides roads.

I have to dl the next two books before I head out tomorrow!

Unknown said...

Oh, rats! Blogger just ate my whole, brilliant, best comment ever in the whole universe. Sob. Starting over. Carefully.

Princess Bumblebee: Kresley Cole is Teh Awesome. No doubt about it.

Amy S: Yes, a sense of humor is good in a hero. Hard to write, though. I wish I were a better comedic writer.

Caffey: omg. Lord Horny, that is too funny! Xia will be coming your way in June, so you don't have to wait too long. And, hey, if you win the contest, you'll have hardly any wait at all!

Ranearia: Lord Banallt (from Scandal) does indeed change, and it's not because is love is so great that he'll never cheat again, it's because she's shown him he can be something more, whether he wins her or not. Thanks for the kind words!

ev: You're on quite a road trip! Stay safe and happy downloading.

VampFanGirl said...

Hi Carolyn!

My current swoon-worthy hero is Raphael from Nalini Singh's 'Angels' Blood'. The man has wings how can any woman resist that? :)

I'm really excited for J.R. Ward's 'Lover Avenged'. I've loved Rehv since he was first introduced in 'Lover Awakened'. I can't wait for him to get his HEA.


orannia said...

Michelle - I just wanted to say that I hope the surgery went well and that you are recovering nicely :) Take care!

Jessa Slade said...

Yay, another bad boy! I love the alpha brought to his knees by love. I just finished Kushiel's Mercy from Jacqueline Carey, which is the third book in the second trilogy (the books are more fantasy, but there's a strong paranormal element in this last one). We watched a rather whiny boy grow up to be a powerful, dedicated, loving man. The hero in the first trilogy was a warrior priest who fell for a holy prostitute. Oh yeah, swoon away!

Looking forward to your new bad boy, Carolyn.

Fedora said...

Hi, Carolyn,
Swoonworthy hero? Strong, smart, funny. It's especially fun when an alpha meets his match--a woman who can bring him to his knees and who's every way his equal or his perfect complement in the areas where it matters.

I'm looking forward to Monica McCarty's next Highlander :D

ev said...

Thanks Carolyn. Have safely made it to NM. Staying put for the day. Weather is finally beautiful.

Unknown said...

VampFanGirl: I haven't read Singh's Angel's Blood yet, but it's in my TBR. I hear you on Lover Avenged. It's pre-ordered.

Jessica: I've been having a Fantasy jones lately, I think I'll check out the Carey books. The heroes sound fab!

flchen: Monica McCarty's books are great. I know she's recently sold more books so yay! I love Scottish heroes.

ev: New Mexico is beautiful. I went to a conference in Santa Fe, and was just in awe of the beauty. Glad to know you made it safe!