Thursday, March 26, 2009

'Brary Guy Says: Books Is Good 4 U*

Well, ok. So I didn't exactly get those recession-busting book recs to you this week like I promised. But, hey, it's not like the market made some ginormous rebound and we're all swimmin' in dough and can't wait another minute to run to the bookstore to blow our windfall on the top 30 picks in our To Be Bought (When Things Are Lookin Brighter) (TBBwtalb) list.

Yeah. That was lame. But we've been getting ready for a family trip and I just didn't get everything done with the kids on spring break. What's with this "We wanna spend time with just us and you, Mom" crap? If I wanted to spend time with kids, I woulda become a Big Sister, not a mother.

Anywayz, we're heading back to freezing-cold Minnesota for a few days and I can't decide what books to bring along to read. I might actually have to buy one at Mall of America when I go there to visit my favorite Nordie girl, Jen.

What book have you read lately that I should get at MOA? What's it about? Or should I just treat myself to a nice new lip gloss at the Bobbie Brown counter? What's your advice?
*Encore! I've been thinking that since we're spending a little more time at the library borrowing romance these days until we've got more of the ready, we might want to front a few bucks to our local 'brary system to thank them for supporting romance authors, as well as literacy. Don't forget, you also can donate your old romances to library book sales. Find out when your local 'brary sale is the next time you go to browse. :)
Encore due! Jenna Petersen GuestBlogs Tuesday, March 31! Her new read, "Her Notorious Viscount" is a really fun, very sexy read with a rough hero and a hero-pal whose story I'm already dyin' for.
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Kati said...

*waving* Hi Michelle & hello Bellas! I hope you're feeling just the thing now, Michelle, what with your new x-ray vision and all.

Let's see, what am I reading? I've been going back and forth between books I need to review and books that have been in my TBR stack. I read the last two Robyn Carr's recently, which I really enjoyed although they're AWFULLY sweet, so I needed to temper that with some bad boys. So, of course, I reached for Sea Swept by Nora Roberts. Cameron Quinn is one of my all time faves!

Have you read the new Kristan Higgins? I loved it, and it had a bunch of laugh out loud parts. Oh! Or how 'bout Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James? Have you read that?! I have fallen completely for Julie. She writes hilariously fun books with delicious menz in them.

Hmm, other than that, I just finished the new Nora that's out in May, Vision in White. It was a ton of fun. Plus, it was all about wedding planning, which I was in heaven reading. Now I'm working on Pleasure Unleashed, the newest in Larissa Ione's Demonica series. It's all dark and moody, so I'm all in, of course.

Have a lovely mini-break vacation. Hope it's fun!

Jessa Slade said...

I'm planning in printing out the RWA RITA nominations list. There's a bunch on there that I missed, which always makes me want to run to the bookstore.

Have a great time in Minnesota. Bring a hat.

amy kennedy said...

Yay for the 'Brary--not only because that's where I work, but that's where I first met the beautiful and talented Queen Bella herself!

Donating your gently used books is a great way to give back, plus you can write it off as a non-cash donation!

I've been reading My Man Michael--Lori Foster--el-oh-vee-eeee it. It's sort of futuristic and sort of paranormal and all good.

Why do our children like us, Michelle?

Manda Collins said...

Not a lame blog at ALL, Michelle! Libraries are definitely in need of the donation books these days. Not least because a downturn in the economy also means a downturn in library funding. (And just when we're all rediscovering them!) So the donated books mean more money from book sales, which means more money to buy NEW books. It's a lovely cycle!

I just finished the latest Mary Balogh the other day and absolutely ADORED it. Jasper is such a jerk when the book opens but by the end he had totally redeemed himself.

Am about fifty pages from the end of Liz Carlyle's Tempted all night and am loving it. Again jerky hero who redeems himself. This might be one of my favorite Carlyles evah. Plus the heroine is a total bluestocking, and we all know that bluestocking+rake=delicious!

Have fun in Minnesota! Have some Hot Dish for us;)

orannia said...

I *heart* my library (and borrow from them like mad), so any library shout-out is all good by me :)

Hmmm...I just finished reading Flat-Out Sexy, which I loved. I can't wait to read Hard and Fast! Now I'm reading Salvation In Death (yes, I'm behind :)

Ohhh, I've read a snippet about Jenna Petersen's Her Notorious Viscount and it sounds good!

Unknown said...

I donated one time three huge bags, over 75 books to my library and was left so dissatisfied. I mean yes I was more than happy to donate to them but they were a little rude. I had never given books before and went to ask one clerk and she just blew me off and the other one just pointed to a room with a table and told me to leave them in there while looking at me like I was dumb and should’ve of know.

I think this time (I’m getting ready to do another huge clean out) I’m going to check with the convalescent home up the street. And if they don’t want them then I’ll take them over to the library.

I haven’t really read anything new lately I’ve just been playing a lot of catch up with my series.

Portia Da Costa said...

That Library Guy is cute! If Professor Hottie in IN TOO DEEP didn't look like Charlie Eppes, he might look like that. :)

Unknown said...

I have a whole load of books to donate to my library too-must do that during Spring break!
I sent you a copy of 'Simply Shameless" Michelle, so you might want to dig that out of your post office mountain? LOL

amy kennedy said...

Oh LeeAnn--some people...I would never treat anyone rude who wanted to do something nice. Actually, I would never treat anyone rude. Period.

Sorry you had such a bad experience, and I bet the home would love them.

Janga said...

My reading is the reverse of Manda's. I just finished Tempted All Night and thought it was Liz Carlyle at her best, which is very good indeed. I'm now reading Balogh's And Then Seduction and loving it. And I'm impatiently waiting for my book order to arrive with Jo Beverley's A Secret Wedding, Robyn Carr's Paradise Valley, Teresa Medeiros'Some Like It Wild, Lisa Kleypas' Smooth Talking Stranger, and Elizabeth Boyle's Confessions of a Little Black Gown. April's going to be a great reading month. :)

Playground Monitor said...

The only thing I've been reading lately is my own book so I can get it submitted to Silhouette. And I hope y'all can read it some day too. :-)

My sister sent me this and said to pay attention to #3.


Anonymous said...

I donated a lot of books to the library. It's a very worthy cause.
I am reading Mary Higgins Clark, I've heard That Song Before. Love her books.
Best of luck with the new book. Put me in the drawing. I am ready for another book to read.