Sunday, February 05, 2006

Lexicon of Love (A - M)

New to romance fiction? Learn the language of love used at "Romance: B(u)y the Book!"

Advance reading copy (ARC):
Novels in bound but not final printed form, sent by publishers to reviewers and media for publicity purposes. These may not be sold or copied.

Exclusive written or on-camera interview with authors, industry personnel, pop-culture icons like Fabio and Joan Collins or persons of interest.

Any woman who hangs with us at RBTB, even once. Bellas reap the rewards of our community when they have fun, feel supported about their love of reading romance and generally feel better about themselves at the end of an RBTB visit than when they first land here! (Bello, m.)

BiMBaW: Big Man, Big in All Ways.
A hero who is as described by acronym. A favorite of the Bellas.

Buona sera:
Good afternoon; good evening.

Good morning; good day.

Fabio Cannavaro, Italian footballer, captian of Italy's 2007 Champion World Cup Team and the small, taught, vigorous Italian man of my fantasies.

Category or series romance:
These shorter novels are released monthly, in order, and often as numbered selections of a series of a similarly themed group.

Hip way to say goodbye, but also hello!

Clinch cover:
Novel cover depicting a man and woman clutching each other in a steamy embrace.


English Major's Dream. A hero or male protagonist from a work of literary fiction whom chicks who love literature generally dig. One doesn't have to possess a degree of any sort to crave an EMD.

Literally, again or once more. The 'Encore!' feauture at end of RBTB posts give extra bits of info. Also Encore due!, Encore tre!, Encore quattro!, and so on... (two, three, four, and so on...). Learn to count to ten in Italian!

Erotic romance:
Work of romance fiction in which sensuality intrinsic to the love story is explicit in imagery and content. Sex in erotic romance is driven by powerful, affirmative emotions, and moves forward the hero's and heroine's journey toward love and commitment.

Fox in the Henhouse – Male editor or author in the romance fiction industry. Also can be male author of other genre fiction who hangs at romance fiction conferences for crossover marketing.

Very special event in which author or person Bellas want to meet takes over RBTB for the day. GuestBlogger checks in throughout the day to swap comments with viewers and often holds contests. Wicked fun.

HEA: Happily ever after


Harlequin Presents

I'm OK/You're OK:
The maxim of RBTB. Women often fantasize about things they don't necessarily want to experience. But whatever a woman fantasizes about, ain't nobody's bi'ness but her own. If it works for you, Bella, don't let nobody tell you it ain't natural, or ain't OK. Your sisters here at RBTB got your back on that one.

Lucky Commenting Bella. A randomly chosen commenter who wins a prize at RBTB subject to official rules posted in sidebar.

Male Perspective Guy (MPG):
Michelle's husband, Dave B., who pops in from time to time to give one guy's opinion on whatever the Bellas are dishing.

Mass market fiction:

What are the RBTB-specific terms -- or other romance fiction terms --
you'd add to the Lexicon of Love?

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